Steve Wood’s Warning on Degenerate Proselytism in the Wake of Obergefell

A friend just sent me a newsletter he gets from Steve Wood. It concerns Obergefell v. Hodges and the terrible prospects that wicked bit of judicial activism holds out for our youth. My correspondent is of the opinion that Mr. Wood is one of the few conservative Catholic writers saying correctly that the homosexual movement is a very real threat to our children and grandchildren, who are all potential targets of recruitment because the aberrosexualists militantly spread their vice.

It stands to reason. They cannot reproduce, so they recruit. And while many aberosexualists claim that homosexual recruitment is a right-wing “conspiracy theory,” others openly admit that they recruit, “AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.”

They are a small percentage of humanity, yes. But that percentage can go up, especially if sexual “experimentation” is encouraged — as it is — via such means as “gay-straight” alliances in public schools. Let’s face it, homosexuality is becoming respectable; they’ve been working very hard at “Making Gay Okay,” and their work is paying dividends.

I recall hearing Terry Gross interviewing a flamboyant homosexual activist, who said that he was not so enthusiastic about “gay marriage” (calling marriage a “quaint heterosexual institution”); what he was all about was — his words — “sexual anarchy.” Perhaps we could call it “sexual fluidity.”

Pardon my directness in the matter, but this brings up a very disturbing point: the activists are less concerned about getting boys to sleep with boys and girls to sleep with girls than they are encouraging anybody to sleep with anybody — and making everybody say that it’s OK.

Remember, it’s not just LG: it’s LGBT, and sometimes, Q — oh, and check that last link: it’s from a website for children.

The defenses are down in too many places.

Anyway, here are a few pertinent paragraphs from Steve Wood’s piece:

The sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage are the twin pillars necessary for the support of any Christian nation. That’s why the purpose of the Family Life Center is to support these two pillars.

Tragically, both have been shattered in America by judicial fiat. January 22, 1973 and June 26, 2015 are the two infamous dates when our government made supposed constitutional rights out of sins which cry out to heaven for judgment.

Unwisely, some commentators are trying to put a happy face on our country’s situation by claiming that the reversal of the Supreme Court’s ruling is inevitable. This isn’t going to happen – at least not any time in the near future. Denial of the depth of our cultural and political condition is an imprudent reaction. Proverbs warns, “A prudent man sees danger and hides himself; but the simple go on, and suffer for it” (22:3). We need to honestly and realistically face the dismal state that we find ourselves in.

Our cultural slide into darkness over the past fifteen years has been fast and furious. There are many more unthinkable changes in the decade ahead that will come upon us with increasing speed and intensity. Make no mistake; it is going to be a challenging time for Catholic families.

A particular focus of homosexual activists working towards America’s transition to a homosexual culture is children and youth. Public schools will become indoctrination centers. Catholic parents should pay close attention to what’s already happening in California schools. It’s sure to spread to the rest of the country.

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