Synod Update: Cardinal Pell’s Assurances, ‘Blue Thursday’

In the interview below, Cardinal Pell completely contradicts Cardinal Kasper’s estimate that “a growing majority” are taking his own heterodox view on Holy Communion for habitual adulterers. He also makes an excellent point about the sexual chaos of the Roman world that the early Church evangelized. Catholic morality is profoundly liberating: it was for the Roman pagans of the early centuries, and it is for the neo-pagans of our day.

The video is quite worth watching.

Worth reading are the comments of Rorate Caeli about “Blue Thursday,” named in part because of the color of the Australian flag. It was the Aussie, Cardinal Pell, who led the charge against keeping secret the (mostly negative) relationes of the circuli minores — i.e., the comments of the small groups of Synod Fathers, organized according to language, on the problematic Relatio post disceptationem that has caused such a media storm.

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Those who are familiar with the antics of the progressivists at Vatican II will not be surprised by the “cassock and dagger” machinations going on to manipulate the Synod. This methodology was in force at Vatican II, as is very well documented. What did not exist at Vatican II, however, were an organized resistance … and iPhones.

Hopefully, the resistance to the progressivist agenda will be total, and not merely superficial. There are major doctrinal errors underlying the wicked praxis the Kasperite party is attempting to foist on the Synod. Those errors need to be eliminated from the theological lexicon root and branch.