The Catholic Strategic Response to “Undo 1492!”

The following essay by Dr. Robert Hickson appeared in APROPOS magazine in the Christmas issue 2004 # 23. The publisher of APROPOS was the late Anthony Fraser, son of Hamish Fraser. Dr. Hickson gave us permission to publish it on our website.


We will get Granada back!

It was some time between late 1966 and mid-1967 — but before the Israeli Six-Day War in June of 1967 — that I first heard a Mohammedan say: “We will get Granada back!” It was in Turkey that these words were spoken.

The same Mohammedan was speaking about the “Re-Reconquista” of Spain and the recovery of the beautiful city of Cordoba, where the Caliphs, especially Abd el Rahman, had wisely made it their enchanted capital and which was reported to have been more luxurious even than Baghdad itself. But, I regret to say, I did not know any of this at the time.


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