The Devil Went Up to New York

Pro-Life country star, Charlie Daniels, takes on Andrew Cuomo on abortion and gun control.

(Politicker) Governor Andrew Cuomo may have sky-high approval ratings in the Empire State, but one particular Tennessean is very unenthused with his policy positions on guns and abortion. To wit, Charlie Daniels, known for his fiddle-fueled number one country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” took his frustrations to Twitter today, unleashing a barrage of complaints against New York’s top executive.

“Since the passing of Rowe v Wade [sic] America has aborted 55 million unborn human beings,why is President Obama and Governor Cuomo not concerned?” Mr. Daniels asked, for example, referring to the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision today.

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Daniels tweeted his pro-life convictions elsewhere on his Twitter account: