The Fast Path and the Slow Path of Subversion: Roberto de Mattei’s Recent Strategic Insights

To understand how faithful Islam still tries, by faster and slower means, to instil and instal itself in Europe today — and in the secular West in general — will enhance the weakened Cultural Immune System of the Catholic Faith; and also assist our fitting and loyally obliging Strategic and Tactical Resistance to some of Islam’s actual or externally manipulated cultural and religious subversions. For, “false-flag operations,” though always important, are often very difficult to detect, even after we have considered the “who benefits?question: “Cui prodest? Cui bono?” In all of these matters, moreover, language itself is decisively important: to include manipulated euphemistic language; deliberately deceitful and sophistically equivocal language; thus, also, the moral importance of straightforward and honest “plain language” which does not attempt to conceal, but only to reveal reality.

Therefore, after first recently reading in English translation Professor Roberto de Mattei’s incisive and lucid article on the website Rorate Caeli, entitled “Christ Crucified: Scandal to the Muslims, Foolishness to the Secularists” (14 January 2015), I came to think of another eloquent and honest man who was himself classically educated and intimately familiar with Greek and Latin; and who, with an abiding attentiveness to language, also took a longer view of history and of the comparative quality of civilizations, even though he was a poignant and largely skeptical man who may well have irrecoverably lost his earlier Christian faith, even while he was still a practicing Episcopalian minister.

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