The Feckless Fathers

As feckless fathers watch the game
Their wives attempt to be the men.
But woman’s heart and woman’s frame
Cannot be truly masculine.

As feckless fathers say the Mass,
From ministers in mini-skirts
Epistle sounds, Communions pass
To hapless boys in concert shirts.

The feckless fathers like TV
Where Family Guy and Homer S,
Their patrons, show them how to be
And school them well in fecklessness.

The matrons of these families
Are oft content their men don’t bark.
Their gelded little Pekinese
Will let them play the matriarch.

The feckless fathers in the Church
Give certain jobs to dames to do
Their rootless minds are on the search
For bossy ladies in the pew.

Committees, councils, and the rest
Are wonderful to hide behind
Their feckless papas taught them best
“Son, leadership’s not for our kind.”

What chaos have we in the Church
And state and family are a mess.
The devil’s got us in this lurch
But we’ve been good accomplices.

O Father of the Word made Man
We pray for girls and young boys, too.
The former, be they feminine,
And may the latter mirror you.