The New Law

I speak not now ‘midst awesome clouds
Nor give my law on stones,
For now I’ve come to be your Child
In flesh and blood and bones.

From the highest throne of majesty
Where Powers and Thrones adore me
I leapt to the pure immaculate bosom
And the virginal womb that bore me.

Eager to run your course of life
To become the Son of Man,
To regain for the world the pristine grace
Of My Father’s original plan.

To bear your burden and share your grief
To join you in your strife
To bring to mortal man the gift
Of everlasting life.

I promised to be to the end of time
With you and ever abide,
Hiding myself in the tabernacles
Of my faithful spotless Bride.

And there I wait in the white of bread,
I wait in the red of wine,
I wait for loving hearts to come
To give them all of mine.

Not eye for eye, nor tooth for tooth
The law that was of old,
But heart for heart is my new law
Which prophets have foretold.

– From Divine Alchemy