The Opiate of the Catholic Internet

A funny thing happened on the way to the Knox Translation.

I wanted to compare how the famous English priest’s translation of the Canticle of Canticles read as compared with the Douay version. This brought me to one of the online resources I use frequently, New Advent.

Aside from providing many useful references, such as a trilingual Bible, many patristic works, the old Catholic Encyclopedia, and the complete Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas, the very popular website also has a Drudge-like front page with regularly updated links to news and views all across the Catholic Internet.

As my eyes scanned the main page (I should have gone right to the Bible!), I spotted an irony, which I have highlighted in the graphic, below:

Did you catch it? (You can click on the graphic to expand it.) The link I highlighted in the upper right, “Dare we hope that all men be saved? No. Universalism is the opiate of the theologians…,” directs the browser to an article against universal salvation in First Things magazine: “Opiate of the Theologians,” by Michael McClymond. The other link I highlighted, with a picture of the author, takes the reader to a piece by the famous Bishop Robert Barron, one of the most popular purveyors of… that very opiate of universal salvation!

This is the same Bishop Barron who committed a supreme act of hatred against Ben Shapiro by leaving him comfortable in his rejection of Jesus Christ, and who is even squishy on the moral abomination of sodomy.

Bishop Barron is quite famous for his universalism; it’s no secret sin. Why then, does New Advent promote him regularly if they agree with the author of “Opiate of the Theologians”?

“Diabolical disorientation,” anybody?