The Real Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and James Corbett

James Corbett interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci. If what Mr. Kennedy says here is true, then Dr. Fauci belongs behind bars for crimes against humanity, not directing matters of public health.

I am not a fan of liberal democracy as Mr. Kennedy is. He is a liberal democrat and I am not. I say this only so that people do not think that I am endorsing the man’s political philosophy. What I am promoting is what he says about Dr. Fauci, which at least deserves further exploration.

Watch the video for ten minutes and see if you don’t find what is said to be compelling. Send it to your liberal democrat friends who think that Dr. Fauci walks on water. Here is one of their own exposing the clay feet of this profiteering medical deep-state bureaucrat who has undeservedly been given hero status.

Let’s see if Dr. Fauci chooses to sue Mr. Kennedy. If he does, Kennedy’s discovery process would indeed be very interesting. I’m not holding my breath for such a lawsuit to be filed.