Things to Know Now and After the Great Coronavirus Scam

Before reading what I say, it would be good to watch this video, which is also covered in a news story here:

(In case you’d like to see the entire press conference and in case the above video gets pulled from YouTube, below is the complete presser on another platform…)

What these docs are saying corroborates what Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai told Mike Church about the absurd nature of the COVID lockdowns almost one month ago — and Dr. Ayyadurai was at it before that. Moreover, the doctors in this news item have identified the true nature of what this is really about: CONTROL. (More on that later.)

There is a growing awareness, along with a growing discontent, that this whole fiasco was unnecessary:

And when the New York Times allows this OP-ED, you know the jig is up:

Hopefully, this growing consciousness will help bring this global nuisance to a rapid end.

But the hysterical overreaction to the Wuhan virus is worse than just a nuisance; it’s a stage-managed oligarchic field-day that has been planned for a long time. No, I’m not saying that this particular virus was deliberately released into the population by the oligarchs, but that they had a plan for managing a scenario very much like this. Knowing that bioweapons accidentally get out of the lab occasionally (especially in China), they could simply avail themselves of such a crisis to implement a previously hatched plan.

“Previously hatched plan,” did I say?


In 2014, leftist investigative journalist Harry Vox spoke about a Rockefeller Foundation plan that they openly published in 2010:

Why believe Harry Vox? Because the Rockefeller Foundation’s slime trail is there to be seen in the form of this PDF. Yes, the Rockefellers are indeed the enemy. Their role in attempting to change Catholic teaching regarding birth control was ultimately unsuccessful, but they did succeed in colonizing the Catholic mind with the help of Judas priest Theodore Hesburgh, of Notre Dame fame. This is not even a controversial claim, having been documented by a wide array of researchers and press outlets, not all of them Catholic, including E. Michael Jones, CNA, the National Catholic Register, The New American, and Michael Voris.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I said that this is all about control. Here is a partial summary of control elements imposed upon us: There is a crisis, Global Citizens! So, by order of your benevolent government, you must (check what applies to you):

  • Close the family business that you worked so hard to build for an unspecified amount of time. You may never open it again due to the financial hardship this will impose upon you, but sacrifices must be made, citizen!
  • Suspend the gainful employment that assures you and your family food, shelter, and clothing. The government will take care of you, for It is compassionate and merciful: longsuffering and plenteous in mercy (cf. Ps. 102:8).
  • Stop gathering with friends and family members whose social bonds are important to you; instead, spend most or all of your time indoors, subjecting your body to indoor air and your mind to hysterical media coverage all day — a wonderful recipe for impairing your general health and, specifically, for harming your immune system.
  • Wear ineffective and silly-looking medical masks in public.
  • Keep six feet away from other people, even when that is physically impossible.
  • Close your meat-packing, egg-packing, or dairy processing facilities.
  • Close your food distribution facilities.
  • Euthanize thousands of head of cattle, or pigs, or chickens you and your employees depend upon for income because the above mentioned processing plants are unable to process them and you’ll lose money feeding beasts you can’t sell.
  • Pour tens of thousands of gallons of milk down drains, and throw a commensurate number of eggs in landfills for the same reason.
  • Change constantly your personal schedule and habits — in short, your life and the life of your family — based on shifting standards dictated by means of daily updates from deep-state “federal health officials,” governors, and mayors.
  • Reject as conspiracy theories the idea that healthy, immune-system building diets and non-pharmaceutical dietary supplements can help you at all because we need drugs, citizen (see below).
  • Believe Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the WHO when they tell you that only a vaccine can help you now.
  • Trust that Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the WHO — all of whom are deranged Malthusian population-control ideologues with a record of iatrogenic homicide — actually have your best interest at heart when they proceed to inject their much anticipated wonder drug into you and your children.
  • Lastly, above all… ABOVE ALL!!!!REFRAIN FROM adoring the Holy Trinity with your fellow Christians in solemn acts of public worship!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Last week, I received some useful information from a long-time friend and SBC-supporter who lives in northern New Jersey. This good gentleman is a vitamin C, D, and Zinc enthusiast, who has been generously supplying our brothers and sisters with these supplements:

Brother, hope all is well. Just to fill you in on COVID-19. My son ****** is a nurse at a hospital here. The word among the hospitals is that COVID is not a respiratory illness, it is a blood illness. The virus attacks the hemoglobin forcing the iron to separate. This leaves little oxygen left in the blood. Thus the respiratory symptoms. The iron goes to the lungs without the hemoglobin. It is still transmitted by the mucous.

In order to treat it they are giving massive doses of vitamin C and zinc. One of the doctors said to [my son], “that’s great now all the hippies will be saying we were right all along.” After looking at the dosage [my son] said it may be high for a hospital but his father takes that every day. Thought you would find this interesting and helpful. If you need any more vitamins, please let me know.

This anecdote from a hospital confirms other claims we heard nearly a month ago from Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. But you won’t hear Dr. Fauci saying it because he wants you to get vaccinated. What’s going to be in his vaccine? Maybe it will have what the World Health Organization gave to poor Kenyans getting tetanus shots: birth control. And don’t forget, population control guru and multi-billionaire Bill Gates has pledged $100 million to assist in the project of developing a vaccine. Here’s why that is a cause for concern. 

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And as if confirming our worst fears, nonagenarian plutocrat and population control enthusiast, Henry Kissinger, has assured us that globalism is quite necessary to solve this problem:

Don’t take the vaccine when it comes out if you want to have offspring. I don’t, and I won’t take the thing on principle. Were I a betting man, all my chips would be on this particular pharmacological stew being a stealth contraceptive.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It is my hope that the oligarchs have overplayed their hand. In the information age, many people are simply not buying their malarkey. This lady humorously lampooned the entire thing in a video that went viral on Facebook and YouTube:

Hopefully, decent people will have the last laugh, not those behind the globalist, statist, population-control agenda that has made itself fairly obvious.

When this fake pandemic is over, remember who it was that lied to us, caused mass hysteria, endangered people’s livelihoods (and therefore their lives), caused grandma’s surgery to get indefinitely put off, told you you couldn’t go to Mass, and generally made your life hell for over a month.

Oppose them. Never believe them again in such matters. Reject their lies.

And what can we say of our own hierarchy, many of whom have been shamefully complicit to a greater or lesser degree in the shutdown of the social worship and sacramental life of the Church — the most essential service there is for mankind?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Readers are invited to post informative videos on the Wuhan virus hysteria in the comments section below. God bless and Mary keep you all.