Two Boston Area Churches Vandalized: Desecration of Mary Statues Shows Diabolism

First a Catholic Church in Norwood, then a Catholic Church in Burlington, Massachusetts, have had property vandalized. A sign of the diabolical influence on the perpetrators is the desecration of statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary in both locations.

Parishioners at Norwood’s Saint Catherine of Siena Church witnessed a statue of Our Lady splashed with black paint. The Faithful who worship at Burlington’s Saint Margaret’s Church saw three of their statues desecrated, including at least two statutes of the Blessed Mother. One of these statues was decapitated and had its hands broken off.

Cutting off the head of the Holy Virgin is diabolical. She it is who will crush the head of the infernal serpent. Before that happens definitively, he will use his willing minions to strike at Our Lady.