The Contradictions Inherent in the War against Tradition

At the Catholic Culture site, Phil Lawler has penned an excellent piece called, “Understanding the Vatican crusade against traditionalism.” It is an artfully written bullet-point synopsis of the contradictions implicit in collegiality, ecumenism, “reaching out to the margins,” “synodality,” the interest in drawing and keeping the young, and canonical circular logic — all in the context of the recently issued rescript on the Traditional Latin Mass.

I cannot recommend the piece highly enough. It spells out loudly and clearly the contradictions implicit in this war on Catholic tradition. It also helps to illustrate how the much ballyhooed buzzwords and underlying pseudo-principles of neo-Modernism are essentially incompatible with that tradition.

OK, I think I understand now.

The Vatican “carried out a detailed consultation of the bishops in 2020” regarding the use of the traditional Latin Mass. Although we’ve never seen the results of that consultation, Pope Francis determined that “the wishes expressed by the episcopate” called for a crackdown on traditionalism. But the bishops who wanted that crackdown can’t be trusted to do it themselves.

Read the entire piece here.