Wars and (Ecclesiastical) Rumors of Wars

By OnePeterFive.com contributor, Oakes Spalding, we are told…

All sorts of rumors are now swirling about current events in the Church:

    • Cardinal Burke has been cancelling engagements. Why?
    • Cardinal Muller has resigned from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Was he forced or was it voluntary?
    • A formal correction of the Pope has already been made in private and is about to become public.
    • The Pope and his allies are intending to radically revamp the Novus Ordo Mass to make it even more amenable to Protestants and others.

Other claims are there, and they are set against the background of established facts. The article also summarizes Dr. John Lamont’s essay on the formal correction of Pope Francis, which gives some helpful perspective to the ongoing events.

We agree with the axiom Mr. Spalding cites: Motus in fine velocior (“motion accelerates when the end is near”). But where is it all going?

Hold onto your seats. The Catholic Roller Coaster is coming up to the really bumpy part.

Read the whole article here.