What is the Trans Agenda?

In reply to a question about why the “trans agenda” is being so ubiquitously propagandized all accross the popular culture, James Corbett connects various progressive and oligarchic dots involving virtual reality, aberrosexualism, and transhumanism. It is a very informative presentation.

Again, I don’t accept Mr. Corbett’s anarchism, a fact I mention here only because he mentions it in this video. Another disclaimer: given some of the subject matter covered here, this is not material suitable for children.

One thing Mr. Corbett does not mention in this video, but which I think must be included in any discussion of the “trans agenda” is this: As it was succinctly put by a commentator on the video, “Trans and gay [sic] people don’t breed.” Although there is much more to the agenda, one aspect of it is clearly contraceptive. The liars who are promoting the overpopulation myth — the folks Corbett elsewhere calls the “Anti-Human Death Cult” —  are happy to promote any aberrant sexual behavior so long as it doesn’t pollute the planet with more humans.

Go here for his show notes.