Would You Like to Give Alms, Memorialize a Loved One, AND Beautify the Mass with These Lovely Vestments?

Would you like to help beautify the liturgy here at Saint Benedict Center?

Our sacristy is in need of some “everyday” vestments to give us a chance to repair our aging items. We are able to get the vestments shown below for an unbelievable deal from skilled vestment makers in Catholic Poland, so the memorialization of each set of vestments (one set per color) is only $300.

If you are interested in memorializing yourself or a loved one while, at the same time, beautifying the Holy Mass here, please contact Sister Maria Philomena by telephone (603-239-6495) or email (smph {at} catholicism.org).

Don’t be afraid to leave a phone message; we check and return them!

Note that the colors of these images are not quite right — especially the purple and the red. The fabric is really lovely.

redchasuble whitechasuble

greenchasuble purplechasuble