Writing A New Narrative: Something We Catholics Should Attend to!

I’m giving some thought to the ideas that James Corbett presents here to see how they might be “baptized” for use by Catholic culture warriors — which should describe you if you are one of Christ’s faithful! You have been baptized, confirmed, catechized, confessed, and communicated so that you might give glory to God and fight our common enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil.

When the world’s narratives oppose the inspired narrative of divine revelation, you must fight it. This means that you should combat “the Great Narrative” formulated by those who want to rob you and your children (if you have those) of your precious faith, morals, culture, and freedoms. You combat that false narratives, among other things, by formulating your own narrative which supports all you hold to be holy and precioius.

For us Catholics, Supernatural Revelation gives us the “Grand Narrative,” that is, the all-encompassing outlook that gives meaning to our lives. That inspired Grand Narrative will put our own storytelling in its larger context. 

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