Yet Another Defense of Pius XII

When the enemies of the Church, the enemies of Christianity in general, and those who want to “hold” the Catholic hierarchy’s “feet to the fire” constantly jabber about Pius XII’s supposed complicity in the Nazi murder of Jews, it becomes necessary to defend the truth as well as the honor of the Holy Father. He was, after all, not only innocent of the crime of which he stands accused by an angry mob, but was also proactive in the protection of innocent Jews. That’s history. Catholics have a particular duty to defend the Church’s honor, but even secular historians of the era ought to vindicate Pius XII, if only to protect the integrity of their science.

So, kudos to the secular New American for coming out with yet another defense, not religiously motivated, but motivated by justice, fairness, and historical integrity.

Brother Francis spoke of his and Father Feeney’s “disappointment” when Pope Pius XII allowed an unjust persecution against Father Feeney and the Center to continue, both at the hands of the Society of Jesus, and at the hands of Archbishop (later Cardinal) Cushing. Given the historical revelations about the disastrous regime of Cardinal Cushing in Boston, Pius XII’s complicity in this injustice looks all the worse.

However, it would be terribly unjust to allow the enemies of our holy religion to continue to defame him for a crime he did not commit.