Bishop Barron Says Luther Was a ‘Mystic of Grace,’ His ‘Movement’ Was a ‘Love Affair’

The great blasphemer, Luther, accused Christ Himself of adultery in his Table Talk. His ‘love affair’ was with the devil. And this diabolical malarkey cited above is coming from a bishop who is considered by many on the right as  a ‘conservative.’

Word on Fire, Bishop Barron: With great profit and pleasure I’m currently reading Alec Ryrie’s new book Protestants: The Faith That Made the Modern World. Among the many texts appearing in this year of the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, Ryrie’s stands out for its verve, clarity, and historical sweep. In some ways, it is an answer to Brad Gregory’s The Unintended Reformation, though it lacks the intellectual depth and thoroughness of Gregory’s magisterial study. Full article is here.

  • Eva Marie Betts

    This is HERESY. Martin Luther was a HERETIC! I don’t know why this bishop is such a people-pleaser. This video SHOULD be about St. Thomas More, but NO. Bishop Barron wants to be everybody’s friend instead of risking ridicule, hatred and condemnation for standing up for the TRUE teachings of the Catholic Church and for Christ himself. Martin Luther was never able to master sexual purity because he did not have the GRACE which comes from sacramental confession. Here is what Martin Luther says about masturbation: Martin Luther singled out masturbation as one of the gravest offences likely to be committed by those who were celibate.”Nature never lets up,” Luther warned, “we are all driven to the secret sin. To say it crudely but honestly, if it doesn’t go into a woman, it goes into your shirt.” WAKE UP PEOPLE. HE WAS NEVER IN A STATE OF GRACE BECAUSE OF HIS PERPETUAL MASTURBATION. He admits this himself!! A GOOD bishop stands up for the truth, regardless if it might mean offending someone. Bishop Barron is not this person. Archbishop Naumann in Kansas CIty IS. He angered many people for standing up for what the Church REALLY teaches regarding homosexuality, gay marriage, transgenderism , etc… Bishop Barron is a bad bishop from the Church of Nice. Martin Luther was a HERETIC. PERIOD.

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  • UkonFrancisBenSebastianMiko

    I used to watch a good amount of Bshp Barron’s videos before he became a bishop. It was mostly his movie reviews, I enjoyed how he picked them apart on, what I saw at that time as, a philosophical point of view. That said, he seems like he cannot accept any critique- His review on The Last Days in the Desert, for example, he mainly talked about how dull the whole thing was, and nearly nothing to do with actual theology, just that they missed their chance to make Jesus’ life all the more exciting. When asked about the blasphemies, and heresies (straight from the syllabus of errors), and told he was too soft, his only response was “re-watch the video, I don’t think I was soft at all”.
    It is quite evident to me that he has fallen into a circular logic fallacy lately. ‘Quite possible that everyone can/does make it to heaven= there is a lot of grace involved to get “us” there’ which seems to have turned into ‘I will read protestant heresies which say Jesus’ death and resurrection effectively work like “snow piling on top of a S*&^ pile that we all are” in order to help me justify my claim at that.’
    All this rather than looking back, once again if need be, to true theology. He has almost seemed to step away from theology as a whole (including whilst talking to and about atheists) to try to “logic” his way out of things.

    Where is Fr. Larry Richards when you need him? He may not be the most conservative of clergy members, but at least he wasn’t afraid to call, out even himself, Pagans when needed.