About Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly has been the editor-in-chief of From the Housetops magazine and Saint Benedict Center’s monthly Mancipia newsletter since January 2006. He writes the “Kelly Forum” for the latter monogram. Brian was born in 1952 in West Orange, New Jersey. He received his primary education there from the Sisters of Charity at Our Lady of Lourdes school. He graduated in 1970 from the Irish Christian Brother’s Essex Catholic High School in Newark. He spent one year at Kilgore Jr. College in Texas, transferring to Saddleback Jr. College in Mission Viejo, California, in 1972. Prompted by his valiant mother’s insistence, he first visited Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts, in the summer of 1973, where he met Father Feeney and the philosopher who was to be his mentor ever since, Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. Brian spent that two-semester year in Rome studying philosophy at the Pontifical University of the Angelicum. With years of experience in teaching catechetics, including a full course on the Gospels of St. Mark and St. Matthew given to interested adults, Mr. Kelly has been a student/teacher of the Faith for most of his adult life. Having studied theology, New Testament Greek and Latin, and philosophy under the tutelage of Brother Francis, Brian was able to edit many books, including: Father Feeney and the Truth About Salvation by Brother Robert Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert., Brother Francis’ two philosophy books, Introduction to Philosophy (for which he also compiled the Glossary) and Cosmology. He has also edited Brother’s Logic, which has not yet been published. These latter projects were performed around the time that he was editor-in-chief of Loreto Publications (1999-2005). Over the years, Mr. Kelly has spoken many times at the Saint Joseph Forum in Indiana and at two of the Saint Benedict Center Conferences. He has also contributed and will be contributing articles for From the Housetops.

Ella Logan Angel of the Stage

Church Militant: Ella Logan (1913–1969) was a Scottish-born singer and actress who was famous in American pictures and early television. When she performed for the GIs in Italy, she kept one rule with iron-clad resolve: There would never be anything … Continue reading

Who Am I?

My name is mentioned only once in the Bible. I was called a “savior” to Israel . . . with a small “s”. I defeated the Moabites and brought 80 years of peace to Israel. I was not a king … Continue reading

Archbishop Arthur Roche Denounces Novus Ordo

New Liturgical Movement, Gregory Dipippo:  Via CatholicCulture.org, I read today on the website of the Spanish Catholic magazine Omnes an interview which it published on Monday with Abp Arthur Roche, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, which contains this rather surprising statement. Read … Continue reading

The Ice Saints

National Catholic Register, Shaun McAfee:  Ever heard of the Ice Saints? Their name provokes many thoughts for Catholics and others throughout the world for their attachment to weather phenomena, scientific discovery and general folklore. Read here,

God’s Mercy and Deathbed Conversions

Catholic Stand, Anrhony S. Layne: Does God forgive deathbed converts? Of course. This shouldn’t even be a head-scratcher. However, some people don’t take kindly to the notion that God might allow Johnny-come-latelies into the kingdom. Grumbled @barth_bro on Twitter, “I just … Continue reading