Saint André Bessette: Montreal’s Miracle Worker

[This article was formerly titled “Blessed Brother André of Saint Joseph.” With the canonization of Frere André on October 17, 2010, we have changed the name to something more fitting. The author is grateful that he had the grace to be present in St. Peter’s Square when the Holy Father solemnly declared his patron a saint.]

In the city of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada, on a rise of earth known as Mount Royal, there stands a religious edifice of staggering proportions. It is three hundred and sixty-one feet high, taller than either Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York or the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

Its girth is so massive that it could hold within itself any one of most of the world’s great shrines, including Saint Anne de Beaupré and Saint Paul of London. The cross atop its domed roof can be seen for miles around, guiding the millions of pilgrims who come there each year. It is the Oratory of Saint Joseph, a worthy tribute to him who is the head of the Holy Family and the Patron of the Universal Church.

If one were to ask any Canadian for the name of the person who built this magnificent House of God, he would be told, “Brother André.” Yet, this little lay brother’s name does not appear on any of the official records of the building of the Oratory. He was only a porter — a doorman — at a college owned and operated by his religious congregation. He was a little man, both in size and, if one were to judge by appearance, in importance. He was not a priest; therefore he could neither offer Mass nor preach. Because of poor education, he did not know how to read or write until he reached the age of twenty-five.

How is it, then, that this little brother is known and venerated all over the world as the little saint who built the Oratory of Saint Joseph in Montreal? It is our privilege within the following pages to provide you an answer to that question.

The Early Years.

On August 9, 1845, Alfred Bessette was born to Isaac and Clothilde Bessette, the eighth in what would become a family of twelve children. The Bessettes were a poor French Canadian family who lived in the farming village of St. Gregoire, thirty miles from Montreal, and about the same distance from the border of the United States. Isaac and Clothilde were devout Catholics who, by their own example, taught their children the virtuous habits of prayer and hard work, habits which were to become for little Alfred the key to his ultimate sanctity as Brother André.

Alfred was born a very sick baby; so sick, in fact, that his father baptized him shortly after birth, fearing he would not survive. This lack of physical health and strength stayed with him throughout his entire life, yet he lived to the incredible age of ninety-one.

Recalling what he could of those early years, Brother André later told of how happy they were for him, of how great was his love for his parents, especially his mother, who had special affection for her frail child. But that happiness was soon tempered by tragedy. When he was six years old, his father was killed in a lumbering accident near the town of Farnham. Four years later, his mother, trying to raise twelve children single-handedly, contracted tuberculosis and was forced to put the children up for adoption. Keeping with her only the feeblest one, Alfred, she went to live with her sister, Mrs. Timothée Nadeau, in St. Cesaire. Two years later, in 1857, she died. Brother André later recalled, with great love and affection, her last days. Knowing her end was near, she summoned her children to her bedside and addressed them sweetly:

“My dear little ones, it has been six years since your papa left us to go to Heaven. The good God is coming to look for me in my turn. Pray for me. Do not forget the tomb of your father. My body will repose beside his in the cemetery at Farnham. From the height of Heaven I will watch over you.”

New Book about St. André Bessette

These parting words from his devout mother left a lasting impression on the frail youth. Years later, he would say of her, “I rarely pray for her, but very often I pray to her.”

Alfred was but twelve years old when his mother died. He was now an orphan, separated from his brothers and sisters. But the next ten years of his life would see the accelerated formation of a saint.

After the death of his mother, he remained with the Nadeau family. Timothée put him to work on the family farm, but, try as he may, little Alfred could not cope with strenuous farm labor. He simply did not have the physical stamina required to perform the chores asked of him. Then his uncle sent him to a cobbler to learn the shoemaking trade, but this didn’t work either. The poor lad was so clumsy that he was constantly pricking his fingers with the sharp cobbler’s awl. This scenario was repeated over and over again: He would take a job and work at it as hard as he could, but always his poor health made it impossible for him to continue. Here are Brother André’s own words describing these years of his life:

“I was never very strong. From the time when I was a little boy, ten years old, I have suffered from dyspepsia [indigestion]. It seems as if I was always sick from it. I have had it all during my life, and it still annoys me.

“When I was living with my uncle and was very young, I could not go to school much because I was always sick. Once I tried to become a shoemaker, but I could not stand bending over and being inside the place so much, and my health made me give it up. Then, after a little while, when I thought I was strong enough, I tried to become a baker, but again I found that my health would not let me do inside work. It seems that I was never very strong.”

So much for the physical deficiencies of little Alfred Bessette. Now let us tell of the one great strength which made this peasant weakling such an exceptional boy — his astonishing holiness.

Father André Provençal

During the canonical proceedings for his cause, Father Henri Bergeron, C.S.C., related a comment made to him by Brother André’s sister: “Ah, if you only knew my brother in his youth! On Sunday he passed the greater part of the afternoon in the church.”

We should not quickly pass over this statement without reflection. Sunday was probably the only day of the week on which the boy had no assigned chores. It was most likely the only time he had to play with other children in the village, but Alfred chose to stay in prayer for “the greater part of the afternoon.” This is truly heroic in a child.

It was during this time that he came into contact with the priest who proved to be the worthy spiritual tutor of a saint, Father André Provençal, the Curé of Saint Césaire. It was Father Provençal who instructed little Alfred for his first Holy Communion. It was Father Provençal who inspired devotion to Saint Joseph. And it was also this holy parish priest who put Brother André on that road which, for him, would end in perfection — the road to a religious vocation.

Even in his youth, Brother André practiced severe penances. His aunt, Madame Nadeau, several times had to take away instruments of mortification from the boy. A leather belt pierced with tacks and worn around the waist, an iron chain, and sleeping on the floor were all penances that his poor aunt had to forbid for fear of his health. Little Alfred never disobeyed; when he was told not to practice one penance, he simply adopted another. Some may think these penances were just childish excess which would fade away with maturity, but they continued throughout his lifetime, making him a truly mortified religious.

Penance is nothing without prayer, though. And here was the true sign of the lad’s holiness: He relished being united with God in prayer. His spare time was spent either in the presbytery of the parish, talking to Father Provençal, or in the church itself in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, absorbed in prayer for hours at a time. It was during these years that he started what was to be his lifelong habit — long, deep conversations with Saint Joseph. In his Epistle to the Philippians (3:20), Saint Paul said, “Our conversation is in Heaven.” For our little French Canadian pauper, these words were not a pious platitude, but a beautiful reality.

To the U.S. and Back

About the year 1863, when he was eighteen years old, he emigrated to the United States, thinking that the milder climate of New England and the opportunities for better employment would benefit his frail health. He settled in Connecticut and worked in various towns including Hartford, alternating higher paying, but more strenuous, factory labor with less difficult, lower paying, farm work. Not much is known about this period except that his vagabond existence never changed; it seemed he would always be a wanderer.

Many years later, Brother André related an incident from his laboring years: One day, while working in a field, he stopped momentarily to rest. As he leaned on his rake for support, he asked Saint Joseph where he would die. At that moment, he had not exactly a vision, but a vivid daydream in which he saw a large stone building with a cross on top. He had never seen this building before, but received a definite mental impression of its size, proportion, color and windows, all of which suggested a barracks. Years later, the vision was confirmed when he became the brother porter of that very building — the College of Notre Dame in Côte-des-Neiges.

Biographers have assumed that, since Brother André actually died in a hospital in Saint Laurent and not the College of Notre Dame, he misinterpreted his dream. But this is not so, for the word “death” can have many meanings, naturally as well as supernaturally. Just as in the case of the Old Testament Joseph, it was in the mystical sense that this dream was fulfilled. Alfred did die at the College of Notre Dame. When a priest stood over him and pronounced, “Alfred Bessette, henceforth thy name will be Brother André,” Alfred Bessette died, cloaked in the black pall of the religious habit, and Brother André, a religious of the of the Holy Cross Congregation was born.

We will discuss his religious vocation soon enough. For now, let us continue with his travels: After three years in the United States, the young wayfarer returned to his native country, still a vagabond and, by worldly standards, still a failure. But he came back weary of the world, for it had nothing to offer him but distractions from the things of God.

While in New England, his associates used to marvel at the fact that almost all of his spare time was spent in prayer. Little did they know that this was only the beginning, for Alfred wanted to give himself completely. Though as yet he had no plans for the religious life, he knew that he would have to take leave of worldly affairs to enter a greater union with his Beloved. It must have been a wondrous thing to see the pious young man begging for guidance, storming Heaven with petition after petition, and offering up his many trials and sufferings in an effort to discern what his true vocation was.

His prayers and supplications were answered. Not long after his return to Canada, Alfred went to see his spiritual Father with whom he had kept contact during his travels, Father Provençal. The same loving, paternal hand which guided Alfred to Saint Joseph while still a child, also brought him to his vocation. He didn’t have to take his little one far. Across the street from Father Provençal’s parish Church was a new building that had been built during the time Alfred was away from Saint Césaire. The building was a school where some eighty pupils were taught by six brothers, members of a fledgling religious congregation known as the Congregation of the Holy Cross. To fully appreciate the next phase of Brother André’s life, we must learn a little about this noble institution.

Congregation of the Holy Cross

The religious whom Alfred met were the spiritual children of two fathers.

In 1820, Father Jacques François Dujarie founded an association meant to provide sacristans and teachers for the parish priests of France. Such men were sorely needed, for the Masonic French Revolution had suppressed the religious orders in France, depriving the faithful of teachers and the parish priests of the assistance they needed from brothers and nuns. Many religious were martyred for the Faith during the Reign of Terror.

Father Dujarie was a parish priest in a village near Le Mans, France, and founded his association there. He called these men the Brothers of Saint Joseph. Fifteen years later, he put his brothers under the care of Canon Basile Moreau, who had just founded a group of priests called the Auxiliary Priests. Two years after that, in 1837, the Congregation of the Holy Cross was formed. In 1857, Venerable Pope Pius IX made Holy Cross an official Congregation of the Church.

Saint John Vianney, the Curé of Ars, said of the institute, “The Congregation of Holy Cross is destined after many trials, to perform great works.” Indeed the Congregation did perform many great works all over the world. Missionary work, teaching, and writing are all part of the Holy Cross apostolate. It is impossible to go to a theological library and not find several scholarly books written by Holy Cross priests and brothers. Many were great poets too. But they were best known for the Catholicity and academic excellence of their schools. In addition to countless high schools, the Congregation founded, and still operates, Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. We do not know just what the particular work is that the Curé of Ars was referring to, but it is not too unlikely a guess that he meant the great work of Brother André. For, though this Order has accomplished much (the early days in Indiana are replete with edifying stories of astounding zeal and piety), its only candidate for canonization to date is Brother André.

In 1847, a small group of religious was sent to Canada to open a foundation in the diocese of Montreal. The group was led by a Holy Cross priest and included six brothers and two nuns. They came at the request of the bishop of Montreal, Bishop Bourget, who went to France to ask Father Moreau for their assistance. These pioneer religious founded a college in Saint Laurent, in the diocese of Montreal.

Acceptance and Profession

Alfred’s meeting with these brothers was an event of singular importance. He was impressed by them; their black habit with Roman collar, cincture and medal of Saint Joseph, their manly bearing and devotion all attracted him. Nevertheless, he was nervous. These men were educated; they ran a school — just the six of them — with eighty children. Alfred was still an illiterate. But Father Provençal soon relieved him of that worry, assuring his young friend there was a need in the order for janitors and manual laborers. His fears allayed, Alfred soon came fully to desire the life which he saw before him in these six men.

On the brothers’ part, however, there was reservation. Could this frail little one actually live up to the great rigor of religious life? Could he take the formation that they had all been through? Was his apparent piety enough to overcome such deficiencies? These were real concerns for the brothers, though they did not express them to the lad. They simply answered the questions Alfred asked about their rule, their history, and their devotion to the Holy Patriarch, Saint Joseph. Without discouraging him, they said nothing to indicate any desire that he join them.

Alfred was not at all put off by the brothers’ lack of enthusiasm. As was already his common practice, he sought Divine Assistance to overcome this challenge and prayed all the more. Then, in 1870, he made up his mind that, if they would have him, he would join the Congregation. They accepted him into the novitiate in Côte-des-Neiges, and he took the habit of the order. The novice master, Father Gastineau, gave him a great welcome. Perhaps he was expecting much of the new arrival, because before Brother André got to the novitiate, the novice master received a letter from Father Provençal which said, “I am sending a saint to your Congregation.”

Brother André was a good novice, well liked by his superiors and respected by the brothers. During the novitiate he progressed in the spiritual life under his spiritual director, Father Hupier, and in the religious life under his novice master, Father Gastineau. He also learned to read, a skill which he applied with great fervor to the Holy Scriptures and the Imitation of Christ, as well as to the lives of the saints. As part of the Holy Cross religious formation, novices were required to memorize the entire Sermon on the Mount. But Brother André didn’t stop there. In later years, he memorized the Passion of Our Lord as it is contained in each of the four Gospels, being able to recite the entire Passion word for word according to whichever Evangelist he wished. In addition to this, he had whole sections of many spiritual books memorized.

As it would happen, one area of his life which did not improve during the novitiate was Brother André’s miserable health. It was so bad that he was not allowed to make his temporary vows as a Holy Cross brother. There was even talk of dismissing him from the community. Naturally, this upset the frail little servant of God, who wanted to work out his salvation as a religious. Desperate to save his vocation, he took advantage of a visit by Bishop Bourget, the bishop of Montreal, to the college. Overcoming his timidity, the novice knocked on the door of the prelate’s room and, once admitted inside, threw himself at the feet of his Excellency. In tears, he explained the situation. Towards the end of the conversation, the young brother humbly declared, “My only ambition is to serve God in the most obscure tasks.” The bishop, having heard all he needed, said, “Don’t be afraid, child. You will be admitted to the religious profession.” He was true to his word; Brother André made his profession on August 22, 1872.

Our Lady’s Porter

His first assignment was as porter of the College of Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur in Côte-des-Neiges, the same college where he spent much of his novitiate. This was the position he held for nearly forty years. As is common in the lives of all of the saints — and, indeed, in the lives of all men — there was never a time when he was without crosses, some of them serious. His superior at the College, Father Louage, was not particularly impressed by Brother André and oftentimes disciplined him in what seemed to be an unfair manner. Because of this, Brother André was given the name “the lightning rod of the college” by the other religious, who said, “He receives the bolts of Father Louage.” In all of this, the pious religious persevered without the slightest protest, wishing to unite his sufferings to Christ’s instead of wasting them by complaining.

It was soon after his assignment at the college that those supernatural phenomena which marked the rest of his life started to happen.


God, knowing that men do not think often enough of their final end, nor of Him, nor of the truths of religion, gives human nature external signs of His presence and the truth of His religion. Our Lord Himself, when the disciples of Saint John the Baptist approached him, asking if He were the Messias, said, Go and relate to John what you have heard and seen. The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead rise again, the poor have the gospel preached to them. Culminating with His own miraculously prolonged passion and His glorious Resurrection, Our Lord gave ample proof of His Divinity. In addition to His own miracles, He promised His Apostles that signs would follow their preaching. He was true to this promise: But they going forth preached every where: the Lord working withal, and confirming the word with signs that followed. (Mark 16:20) As is plain from Church History and the lives of the saints, the divine foundation of the Church was proved by miracles in every age.

Since Our Lord’s time, then, there have been sufficient — and oftentimes more than sufficient — extraordinary proofs for all to know the One True God and His One True Religion. And so, in this age of great intellectual pride, God manifests his mercy again to an unbelieving people to give them more than ample opportunity to save their souls.

As for Brother André, the public nature and frequency of the miracles he worked make them impossible to dispute. He cured many of the students at the college, so many that he developed a reputation as a great miracle worker.

One day, as the pious porter was scrubbing the floor in the parlor of the college, a lady came to see him, having heard of his reputation. She was so afflicted with rheumatism that she could only walk with the assistance of two men supporting her by holding each arm. Her request to Brother André was simple enough: “I am suffering from rheumatism. I want you to heal me.” Not looking up from the floor he was still busily scrubbing, Brother André said to the men assisting her, “Let her walk.” The woman walked out unassisted.

As the school’s doorkeeper, Frère André saluted and bid farewell to the many guests who came to the college. Having a keen interest in their spiritual welfare and a symphetic ear for their problems, the little doorman could often tell who was in need of his prayers or counsel. One day he noticed on the face of a guest — the father of a boarding student — a preoccupied, strained expression. When Brother André learned that the man was worried about his sick wife, he told him, “But she is not so sick as you think. At this very moment she became better.” The man was quite cynical, for he knew that his wife had been ill for many years. Yet upon arriving home, his wife greeted him at the door, perfectly healthy, in good spirits, and inquiring about the couple’s children. The man later learned, upon speaking with his wife’s nurse, that she had asked to be taken out of bed exactly when Brother André pronounced the words, “At this very moment, she became better.”

Father Henri-Paul Bergeron, a Holy Cross Priest who knew Frère André, gives an account in his book, The Wonder Man of Mount Royal, of an event that recalls some of those recorded in the Gospels:

“One day as he was going along Bienville Street in Montreal, a sick woman was brought to him. Immediately all of the sick of the neighborhood, children, men and women, were brought out until the whole street was filled with the sick and the infirm. Brother André attended to all with kindness, and his chauffeur. . . making his way through the crowd, remarked:

‘How wonderful; it is like a scene from the life of Our Lord: everyone rushed forth to beg for favors and cures.’

‘Perhaps so’ replied the Brother, ‘but God is surely making use of a very vile instrument.'”

On another occasion, when the porter was in the infirmary, he saw a student sick in bed. He told the boy, who had been ordered to rest by the school doctor, to get up. “You’re not sick, you lazy bones! Go and play with the others.” This the boy did, in perfect health and good cheer. The story of the incident soon spread around the college. Teachers, the doctor, students and parents alike marveled at the miracles wrought by the confident prayer of the young brother.

We say that the miracles were wrought by the prayers of the brother. Perhaps, if he were here, he would rebuke us for saying this. He never claimed that he worked a single miracle. In his humility he gave all the credit to Saint Joseph, in whose power Brother André had infinite confidence. In fact, any attempt to credit him with miracles brought a stern reprimand from the normally kind religious. One day a visitor said to him, “You are better than Saint Joseph. We pray to him and nothing happens, but when we come to see you we are cured.” The brother was so incensed at the slander of the Holy Patriarch that he screamed, “Get out of here. It is Saint Joseph who cured you, not I. Get out! Throw him out!” The incident shook the frail constitution of the holy man so much that he spent three days sick in bed.

If miracles are proof of the True God and His True Religion, then the miracle workers chosen by God are going to have enemies, just as God Himself did when He dwelt amongst us. It didn’t take long, then, for Brother André to acquire enemies of his own.

Many parents who sent their boys to the school were alarmed at the activities of its brother porter. Large numbers of sick were coming to the school where their children not only went to classes, but boarded as well. These pathetic masses — many of whom had contagious diseases — crowded about the train station across from the college. In their quest to see Frère André they constantly filed in and out of the very building where the students were housed. The just concerns of the parents, coupled with ill feelings (perhaps jealousy) of many at the college, spelled trouble for the porter. And worse yet, many physicians, whose hatred of religion was deposited upon the little man they styled a “fake healer,” added their venom to the rising fury. Soon Brother André had a mob of hostile enemies complaining to his superiors, the bishop, and even the public health officials.

The Bishop of Montreal — at this time, Bishop Bruchesi — dismissed the multitudes who came to complain to him. But this did not mean he was unconcerned. He scheduled an appointment with Brother André’s superiors, many of whom were not convinced of the divine origin of the miracles. During the meeting, the bishop asked whether Brother André would cease his activities if told under obedience. The reply came, “He would obey blindly.” To this the bishop said, ” Then let him alone. If this work is from God, it will live; if not, it will crumble away.”

Not only was the Bishop won over by the porter’s virtue; even the public health officials, who were forced to investigate the goings on at the college, came back from their meeting with him impressed at his common sense and stability. The enemies of Brother André failed, and Bishop Bruchesi’s statement was proven true: the work was from God and it did live.

The Oratory of Saint Joseph

In the midst of all of the excitement, the brother’s heart became fixed on one holy ambition: the erection in Montreal of a shrine to Saint Joseph.

Brother André was not the first to conceive such an idea. Years before, in 1855, the saintly Bishop Bourget had written in the decrees of the Second Plenary Council of Quebec:

St. Joseph, then, must have a church which will in a certain sense supply the service of all the others, and in which he may receive every day the public honors due to his eminent virtues . . . We wish to consecrate whatever is left to us of strength and life in the task of having him honored in such a church and of making that church a place of pilgrimage whither the faithful will come to visit him. . .

This is the same bishop whom we reported earlier saved Brother André’s vocation nearly twenty years after writing these words. Perhaps he knew that the holy little novice who pleaded with him was the humble instrument through which the Patron of Canada would finally have a worthy shrine built. But even Bishop Bourget was not the first to express the desire that such a shrine be built. Father Moreau had dreamt of a place of pilgrimage to Saint Joseph in the very early years of the Holy Cross Congregation in France. He thought of using the novitiate at Charbonnière, near Le Mans, for such a site. Both men were dead and buried before the Oratory was started, but both had a hand in its foundation all the same.

The shrine was in the thoughts and prayers of the porter for quite some time before he dared ask permission to build such a thing. He let only a handful of privileged friends know of his holy aspiration. Every once in a while he would let out a stray remark impressing on the hearer the need for a chapel to Saint Joseph. Some of these occasions came with certain signs of the divine origin of the brother’s dream. One of his confreres told him of a strange phenomenon in his cell: It seemed that every time this religious put his statue of Saint Joseph facing his bed, he came back to find the statue turned around, facing the Mount Royal. Laughing, Frère André told his confrere, “It is not strange at all; it simply means that Saint Joseph wants to be honored on the mountain.”

Certainly Brother André wanted Saint Joseph honored on the mountain. In 1890, he took a young student with him on one of his regular Thursday meditation walks. Taking the student up to the mountainside across the street from the school, he told him, “I have hidden a medal of Saint Joseph here. We will pray that he will arrange the purchase of this land for us.” For six years he persevered in prayer for that intention, and in 1896, his prayers were rewarded. The Holy Cross Congregation purchased the land, fearing that such a prime piece of real estate would attract a club or resort which would be an unwholesome distraction so near the students. After the land was purchased, Brother André put a statue of Saint Joseph in a little cave on his chosen site. Placing a bowl in front of the statue, he planned on collecting alms from Saint Joseph’s petitioners, alms which would be used to build a chapel.

The building of the shrine was a complex thing. It would be a distraction in this short biography to go into all of the details of what was completed and when. Indeed, at times the biographies of the Blessed read more like architectural manuals than the life of a saint. This is because the life of the little brother was so intimately connected with the building of this shrine that one cannot be discussed without the other. To put it simply, what started out as a fifteen-by eighteen foot chapel in 1904 became a minor basilica in 1955, and was completed — interior and all — in 1966. In his lifetime, the shrine became big enough to warrant having a full-time guardian, a job to which Brother André was appointed in 1909. For the present, however, we would rather discuss the life of the holy builder than the building itself.

From the moment that he conceived the idea to the day he died, the Oratory of Saint Joseph was a sacred task which Blessed André pursued with burning zeal. Everything that he could do in the confines of religious obedience to make the shrine a reality, he did immediately.

In his days as porter in the college, he also became the school’s barber, a position which gave him opportunity to give holy counsel to the boys. When the students paid him the small fee for their haircuts, Brother André would set the money aside for the shrine.

Miracles in the U.S.A.

The determination that our brother had to build the shrine to Saint Joseph took him well beyond the confines of Montreal to find the money needed for the project. He toured many cities in the United States and Canada in this holy pursuit. Many of the French-Canadian towns around Boston, including the industrial cities of Lowell and Fitchburg, were on his itinerary. In these forays, he made the rounds of factories to beg contributions from their workers.

Even today can be found residents of these areas who vividly recall the visits of the saint. A religious in our own order once met such a privileged resident, who related the story of a young couple with an infant diagnosed as having a brain tumor. Upon learning of the child’s malady, Blessed André took the baby into his arms, gently rubbing the afflicted infant’s head. The moving scene of the aged Brother caressing the infirm baby was more than just a tender moment; the child, it was later discovered, was completely cured.

Another episode in his American travels saw the conversion of a young non-Catholic named Henry Paine. Mr. Paine had pierced his hand with ice tongs and it was so infected that the doctors talked of amputating the affected member. The young man promised his Canadian visitor that that he would convert if he was healed. At the touch of Frère André’s hand, the pain left. Almost immediately, the hand was completely cured. Mr.Paine kept his promise: he did indeed convert; and soon after, he married a Catholic young lady.

The miracles wrought at the Oratory were many and spectacular. Still there were critics. Many cynics doubted the efficacy of St. Joseph’s oil, medals and novenas for healing bodily illnesses. Others took the cures for granted, thinking that it was the good work of the kindly brother, who, like any other humanitarian, had no other aim in mind than taking away people’s suffering. But for Blessed André, the working of miracles had one end and one end only: Faith.

Zeal for Souls

Many of the people who sought cures from Frère André were good Catholics; but others were heretics and unbelievers of all kinds. One of the witnesses at his cause for beatification said, “As to heretics, schismatics and also unbelievers, Brother André treated them with more kindness and sympathy than the Catholics. He wanted to gain the confidence of such people. When the right time came he talked to them of the goodness of God and of religion. . . He profited by the visits of Protestants and unbelievers to slide in a good word to them, an evangelical word.”

It was by this kind of work that the guardian of the Oratory wrought thousands of conversions, many among lapsed and lukewarm Catholics, but also among Protestants, Freemasons and Jews. Brother André looked upon the humility of the non-Catholic, in coming to a Catholic brother for a cure, as the beginning of faith. In this he was imitating Our Lord Himself. When the father of the possessed boy in Saint Mark’s Gospel begged for a cure, Jesus told him that all things were possible to those who had faith. And immediately the father of the boy crying out, with tears said: I do believe, Lord. Help my unbelief. Like Our Lord, Blessed André took every opportunity to give the gift of faith to the unbeliever. About this, the Blessed said, “Those who are cured quickly often are people who have no faith or little faith. On the other hand, those who have solid faith are not cured so quickly, for the good God prefers to allow them to suffer that they will be sanctified even more.”

Devotional Life

In early life, our diminutive porter acquired the habit of frequent, long, and devout prayer. As he advanced in years, this habit never waned. During the daytime, which he typically spent cleaning and doing other chores, Frère André received many visitors. At night he frequently visited hospitals, oftentimes returning with crutches to add to the growing collection in the Oratory. After such a day, he would spend much of the night in prayer. One of his intimates said about this, “Frequently, after his sick calls, he invited me to sleep in his cell over the primitive chapel. More than once I struggled against sleep in order to watch him. Towards morning I fell asleep while he remained in prayer. When I awoke, about five o’clock, I often noticed his bed had not been touched.”

Though he is known for his tremendous devotion to Saint Joseph, all those who knew him said that Blessed André’s central devotion was to the Passion of Our Lord. Many times, he would turn a worldly conversation into an emotional narration of Our Lord’s sufferings, often bringing those present, including himself, to tears. Because of this devotion, the good brother led Friday Stations of the Cross every week at the Oratory, hoping one day to construct a large set of stations around the Basilica’s exterior.

His devotion to Our Lady was quite conspicuous too. Logically, with such a love of the Passion, he often invoked Mary as Our Lady of Sorrows, the title under which she is the Patroness of the Holy Cross Congregation. Frequently he walked around with Our Lady’s Rosary in his hand; and in visiting the sick or raising funds for the Oratory, he would take advantage of the car ride to recite not one but several Rosaries. In his simplicity, he spoke of the Virgin as a child would: “If you consider all the saints, you will see that all of them had a devotion to the Blessed Virgin; Her intercession is most powerful, she is the Mother of God and the Mother of men.”

The piety that he had toward the Patron of the Universal Church was simple and childlike too: “When you invoke Saint Joseph, you don’t have to speak much. You know your Father in heaven knows what you need; well, so does His friend Saint Joseph.” “Tell him, ‘If you were in my place, Saint Joseph, what would you do? Well, pray for this in my behalf.'” To the people who came to him with their troubles — and thousands did — the friend of Saint Joseph recommended the use of sacramentals, like Saint Joseph’s oil or a Saint Joseph medal. Most of all, he recommended persevering and confident prayer, usually prescribing a novena to his powerful benefactor.

A typical example of the favors wrought through the intercession of Saint Joseph is this one: A girl at a convent school not far from Quebec was severely injured when another child struck her in the right eye with an oar. The doctors tried to save the eye, but paralysis of the optic nerve set in, causing the girl to lose her sight. The sisters at the school had heard of the cures at the Oratory and procured a medal of Saint Joseph which had been blessed there. They decided to make a novena. For nine days, all the Sisters and students received Holy Communion and prayed to the foster-father of Jesus, applying the medal to the child’s eye. There was no progress at all during the course of the novena, but they remained confident. On the ninth day, after everyone had received Holy Communion, the child opened her eye to see the chapel’s statue of Blessed Joseph. Before the cure, the seriousness and permanence of the damage had been verified in writing by two competent ophthalmologists. Later, these two declared that the eye was perfectly cured, with no trace of injury. Neither could explain the cure.

Though Brother André was given the grace to heal others, he was constantly sick himself. He suffered from stomach illness all of his life. As a result, he could eat little more than a mixture of flour and watered-down milk, or sometimes bread soaked in the same. To him, these sufferings were an opportunity for reaching greater sanctity. As we shall see, his final sickness provided him with many such opportunities. When asked if he was in great pain, he said, “Indeed I am, but I thank God for giving me the grace to suffer; I need it so much!”

The Death of a Saint

In the ninety-first year of a life dedicated to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the miracle man sensed his imminent departure from this vale of tears. Late in 1936, he told one of the priests in his order that Christmas of that year would be his last in this life. Once, when he passed the tiny hospital of Saint-Laurent, he commented, “What a fine place for patients to prepare for death.” At 8:30 in the evening of December 31, the wonder worker who cured so many was himself admitted to that very hospital for what the physician thought was a mild heart attack, but was later diagnosed as acute gastritis.

He spent his dying days as he had spent his whole life, unconcerned with his own sufferings — which were great, considering that he refused any pain medication — and constantly praying for others. He offered up his prayers and mortifications for Catholic Spain, then being torn asunder by civil war, prior to General Franco’s defeat of the Communists. He also prayed for the Holy Father, Pope Pius XI, who was sick and near to death. With friends at the side of his own deathbed telling him how much he was still needed, the good brother said, “There is one who is far more necessary than Brother André in this world: that is the Pope. If the Holy Father passed away, it would be disaster; he still has much to accomplish.”

The Pontiff lived for two more years, years in which he did accomplish much, addressing problems all over the globe: the Germans losing their faith to Nazism, the Mexicans being oppressed by an evil Masonic government, and the even more horrible menace of Communism. On March 19, 1937 — the Feast of Saint Joseph — the Holy Pontiff published Divini Redemptoris, an encyclical letter condemning Communism. As if in gratitude for his own recovery and with great confidence in the mighty Patriarch, towards the end of the encylical Pius wrote,

. . .We place the vast campaign of the Church against world Communism under the standard of Saint Joseph, her mighty Protector.

Like Our Blessed Lord on the Cross, his faithful imitator spoke many words of piety and holy resignation to God’s will during his final agony: “My God how I suffer. . . Heaven is so beautiful that it is worth all the trouble with which one prepares for it.. . . How good God is. . . How beautiful. . . How powerful. . . Mary, Sweet mother, mother of my sweet Savior, be merciful to me and help me . . . Saint Joseph. . . ”

The name of his holy patron was the last intelligible word issued from the holy lips of Blessed André.


So Brother André died as he had lived, suffering heroically, praying fervently, and even working great cures. The purely spiritual mission of his life became more evident when, during the exposition of his body — which lasted a week — confessionals were filled with repentant sinners who had been away from God’s grace too long. Not only at the Oratory, but all over Montreal sinners were returning to God in great numbers as more than one million people streamed past his poor little coffin. Some of these people had been sworn enemies who had spurned the miracle worker as a fake, having dubbed him, “the old fool on the mountain.” The “old fool’s” prayers very well may have saved many of these from an eternity without God, just as they may have saved Canada from the clutches of Communism.

Today, the mortal remains of Blessed Brother André lie in a black marble sepulcher in the back of the Oratory, the shrine he dedicated his life to erecting for Saint Joseph. In front of the Basilica towers a statue of Saint Joseph holding the Child Jesus. The millions who file past it every year see on its stone pedestal the words which the saintly old guardian calls out from heaven: ITE AD JOSEPH — GO TO JOSEPH!


  • Jayne

    Good Bl. Brother Andre pray for all my family members and for me!! Thank you and praise be to the Trinity and the Holy Family!

  • Jim Fabyan

    Please help my son and his family get reunited again.

  • Mary Rebmann

    I had never heard of Bl. Andre until two days ago, when I was at Mass on his feast day. Hearing father’s sermon about Bl Andre and his healings, I asked Bl Andre for healing for my daughter-in-law who has severe nerve damage that is to take 12 – 18 months to heal, if at all. Just an hour ago, she called me to tell me that her doctors just found positive evidence that her damaged nerves are regenerating, and that her body is healing itself! Thank you Blessed Andre…I and my family will pray for your canonization! Thank you St,. Joseph.

  • Dorothy Mason

    During my pilgrimage to Lourdes and Fatima many years ago, my Brother Andre medal turned copper. My dear friend who was with me on this trip had given me this medal. When I showed her, she immediately gave me another one. This one is also turning copper, only this time slowly. My birthday is March 19, l930. A few years after the pilgrimage I went to Montreal to thank St. Joseph for his blessings. And he continues to bless me.

  • Kelli Fitzgerald

    Please heal my father’s legs so he doesn’t have to have any amputations. We’re praying for healing of his lungs and heart as well and removal of any depression. Thank you, Bro. Andre’. I will pray for your canonization!

  • Sister Emily Demuth, C.S.C.

    Please bring healing to my ears and my varicose veins in both legs. Please bring healing to Maria’s Ears. I pray that through your intercession I will find healing as well as Maria. Sister Emily

  • jenny garofalo

    on this feast of st. joseph pray for a healing of my ms.

  • Joan Burke

    Please pray that my very ill brother has a happy death. The Feast of St. Joseph was the birth date of my late husband. I beg for intercession that I receive the graces necessary for peace of mind and to provide the means to pay my debts. Sincerely in Christ.

  • Jane Smith

    Brother Andre is a relative of my grandmother.He is a very special person in my family. My mothers uncles have seen him cure.I am still learning about his life. A very special person!!!! May he always rest in peace and look over all of us.

  • Anthony MacMillan

    Brother Andre please pray a finacial healing in my family and that my wife’s business and my business prosper. We will pray for your canonization. Thank you St Joseph and Brother Andre.

  • Canito

    Ora por mi, Blessed Bother Andre, para mi salvacion y de mi familia. Y por la paz en mi vida. Amen. San Jose-ruega por nosotros.

  • Bill Hopwood

    One day on a visit to our Adoration Chapel I picke up a small card with Bl. Br. Andre’s image and the prayers for his canonization and a healing request. I have been saying these almost daily for over a year now, asking for the healing of my son’d hearing loss (deaf in one ear and significant loss in the pther). He has other disabilities that have also made it difficult in his dealing with people and situations and for this reason I recently modified my request for his Healing with Faith, Family and Hearing. I appreciate you article and am learing more about Bl. Br. Andre and St. Joseph and would love to visit Mt. Royal someday. We live in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

  • I never knew who Brother Andre was. My friend Louis Rodriguez told me who he is. He said years ago that if you need to really believe in someone turn to Brother Andre. He will listen to your prayers. My son and his family live in San Antonio, Texas. I pray for financial freedom so I will be able to return to San Antonio and live out the rest of my life and try to make a positive influence in the lives of my grandchildren and my son. I pray that he always believes in our Lord. Please help me so I may help my family. I will pray for your canonization and publicly annouce your intercession. Thank you Saint Joseph and Brother Andre. I ask for your forgiveness for I am a sinner. Thank you Lord for all your blessings. Amen

  • anand noronha

    Bro Andre, Please help me and my family to get my immigration clearence and get settled in Canada very soon. I will pray for your canonization and promise to visit your shrine to offer you thanksgiving along with my family. Thank you Saint Joseph and Brother Andre

  • Lynn Bessette-Davis

    Brother Andre, Please help Pat today with his surgery and with his battle against this cancer that is ravishing his body. I pray that you Brother Andre & Saint Joseph with the help & guidance of God will bring forth a miracle for young Pat today. I will pray for your canonization Brother Andre and promise to publicly announce your intercession.
    Thank you Brother Andre and Saint Joseph. Thank you Lord for all your blessings. Amen

  • Samantha

    I wish to be help concerning this black cloud over me that is constantly there. I eem to not have much luck in my life and need brother Andre to help me find my path, thank you.

  • T. Loftin

    Brother Andre,

    Please pray for my sister. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has two little girls and a husband who really need her. She is a pediatric oncology nurse and the children she cares for and their families need her as well. Her faith is strong while mine is not–I ask your help and guidance as I have always believed in good work of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Thank you.

  • Douglas K. Brown

    When we prayed to St Joseph through Brother Andre, my addopted daughter , who had cancer and went to the doctor to see what he could do. he found no cancer and that was 3 years ago.
    I would like to trun this in as a mericle but do not know where to do it.
    There is much more to this story and proof.
    I might be related to Jane Smith as Brothrer Andre is my 2nd cousin.

  • R. Simmonds

    Please pray for my friend Tiffiny and her healing.

  • Debbie Wells

    I have often turned to Brother Andre in times of need. Many times after praying to him my children’s ailments or problems were resolved. I am turning to Brother Andre again to ask that my daughter, Kristyn’s female problems are resolved. She has been battling an infection since June and medication cannot seem to resolve the problem. Brother Andre, thank you for all your blessings. Could you please resolve my daughter’s infection.
    Thank you for all your blessings.

  • Maureen Stetina

    Dear Brother André I have a severe colon infection that will not heal. I ask you to intercede on my behalf and heal my colon quickly before other problems arise. You cured my mother as a child and ensured my sister Sandra walked after her accident. I do not have any of the oil my mother always had and am too far away from Montréal to obtain it. I hope this sincere prayer will find you. I pray for your canonization, and am sure I will see it in my lifetime.

  • Maureen Stetina

    Thank you Brother Andre for starting to heal me today.

  • Paul LaValla

    Dear Brother André, my dearest mother, Felicia LaValla has pain in her legs and a bad knee, and one leg is not straight when she walks. She is in her eighties and needs to walk. Please pray to St. Joseph for her cure.

  • Robin Kerr

    Dearest St. Joseph, and Blessed Brother Andre,

    I ask your help for I have many needs, concerns, and illnesses. Please, i pray for healing for my Son (Emphysema, Addiction, BP), My Mother (MS), my Sister (Cancer, Diabetes Insipidous), my Father (High Blood Pressure, Heart and Lung disease, Prostate), my Brother (Chrohn’s Disease, Addiciton), and my Ex Husband (Emphysema, AsPD). I also humbly ask that I be healed of all of my illnesses. I pray that our lives be restored, and our sins be forgiven. I ask that you bring Faith to those who have none, and strengthen my Faith. I wish to work as you have worked, and heal as you have healed. Please show to me the path you have chosen for me, and help me to walk it in your name. Please send The Shekina Glory to help me in word and deed.
    I ask it in Jeshua’s Holy name, and ask that the Holy Mother Mary, and St. Joseph intercede on my behalf with Our Most Holy Father, Creator of All Things and Lord God (YHWH).

    and Amen.

  • Denis

    Please help me to understand God’s will in my life. Just know, however, that I have always feared hard or difficult tasks and things…… and I can’t appreciate suffering either for myself or others, so I need some understanding and ecouragement as well….. But please know that I love the humility and sanctity of your life….

  • Phyllis

    Here is a quotation that may help Denis, who posted above. “Christ does not explain in the abstract the reasons for suffering but before all else he says: ‘Follow me!” Take part through your suffering in this work of saving the world….Gradually, as the individual takes up his cross, spiritually uniting himself to the Cross of Christ, the salvific meaning of suffering is revealed before him.” John Paul II

  • Phyllis

    There is a lovely lady by the name of Lorraine who has stage 4 cancer and has just broken her wrist. She well understands the efficacy of suffering and has bourn hers with great heroism. When she recently put out a call for prayers, we understood it as a signal that things are becoming tough in this battle. So, please include her and the needs of her family, in your good prayers. Also, Helen Duggan Groves died just before Christmas. She has supported the faith of St. Benedict Center for most of her adult life. Please add her to your list as well. Thank You!

  • mpurcell

    Ave Maria!

    I have an urgent request and update for my cousin Tina (special needs) who has diabetes. She has been going daily for an antibiotic infusion and wound check since her small toe amputation and the wound is NOT healing. She is scheduled for a Femoral Artery bypass of the left leg for Wednesday, January 6th @ 7:00 am to try and preserve her Leg! I saw her this weekend and I sincerely don’t think that she appreciates what is happening to her. I’m praying for a miracle!

    Secondly, Kelly with Mantle Cell Lymphoma (aggressive) was in the hospital over Christmas in a lot of pain and I’m told that her treatment wasn’t helping.

    Lastly, here is an update on Paul (suffering from metastatic skin cancer) from his father. “Looks like Paul has run out of treatment options and things are getting tough for him. We are flying up at the end of Jan. for his daughter Katie,s wedding and will stay about a week and will decide how soon we will go back up to stay after we see how he,s doing. All we can do now is pray for a miracle and hope the Lord doesn’t want him too soon!”

    Many thanks to all. Pax Christi, mp

  • Marilyn Marcelli

    That I may be a better third-order sister.
    For my son to be a good priest for Christ through Mary Immaculate and St. Joseph and Brother Andre.
    That all of our family saves their souls.

  • Gary Velder

    Wonderful article! Saint Andre’ pray for us!

  • Mark Chabot

    Blessed Brother Andre’ pray to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for Debbie and I that our marriage might be saved.

  • Geri

    Brother Andre,
    Please pray for the healing of Leo who has Lou Gehrig’s Disease

  • Dolores

    Blessed Andre, Please pray for an excellent job for my niece’s husband, a resolution to their marriage problems, enlightenment about their faith and a Catholic Home life for their chidren, very soon. Help me to deal with my illness with humility, acceptance and patience and to share those benefits with those who care for me. Help me to find the means to be financially secure without becoming a burden to my family. Most gratefully and humbly, Dolores

  • Deborah

    Saint Andre and Saint Joseph,

    Please intercede on my behalf that I may find suitable employment and may be blessed with marriage and a family of my own. With much gratitude, DS

  • Jack

    St Andre

    please interced for me that I would be delivered from the rationalism that threatens my soul, that I would be able to find a good Catholic women to marry and be a good husband to her.

  • In thanksgiving, for the canonization of Bro Andre. For coming to know the intercession and devotion to St. Joseph much more closely. I will always honor the Patriach of the Holy Family and help spread this devotion and call to the intercession of both St. Andre and St. Joseph.

  • george

    Blessed Andre, please pray to St Joseph for my son that he would find a job and come back to the sacraments, that a daughter would find a good catholic man to marry her and give her lots of children and souls for God and maybe a saint or two, that another daughter would come back to us and live with us as a family and that the rest of my children would come back to the faith for those that have left and remain in it for those who struggle.

  • Kimberly

    One of my mom’s friend’s got some of Brother Andre’s healing oil & it healed a whole in her heart…the doctor even admitted it was a miracle!!!! I’m in need of some of this oil for our dear priest Father Everett;he is a true servant of God & is in desperate need of a miracle.This wonderful man has a way of touching the most lost of souls(me being one)and I desperatly want to help him.If you could please let me know how to get some of the healing oil I would be eternally greatful!!!God bless & thank you for your time.

    Many Blessings,

  • Dear Kimberly,

    Christ Jesus be praised! I suggest you contact the Oratory in Montreal:

    We do not have the oil here, but they have it there. I’m happy to hear of your miracle.

  • Dale Barry

    I have read the article on Father Andre.
    Truly the Lord has said it and Father Andre has lived. Matt 19-30. But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first

  • Dale Barry

    I have read the article on Father Andre’.
    Truly the Lord has said it and Father Andre’ has lived it. Matt 19-30. But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first

  • Dale Barry

    Father Andrea’ Pray for my wife, family, children, there husbands and my grand children, I am sure our Lord will give you the words.
    In God’s Grace, Dale

  • Joby Joseph

    Saint Andrea please pray for my wife and family to have good health.

    Saint Andrea pray for us.

  • Wil

    Thank you Blessed Brother André of St Joseph for the intercessions on behalf of my family and me. Continue to guide us in your footsteps.

  • Blessed Brother Andre…please help me and take away the pain in my right arm…I promise to be a better Catholic and attend Church regularly…thankyou

  • I have read the life story of this remarkable man and he so deserves to be canonized a Saint….Bless everyone Brother Andre and St Joseph

  • kim gerami

    Blessed brother Andre, Please pray for my 18year old daughter who is spiraling down the wrong path into immorality…pray that she may be guided by the Holy Ghost to consecrate her life to God.

  • Luciana Salvador

    Bro Andre, please pray for my husband Victor – he was diagnozed with cancer. Please pray that the cancer cells will be disappear and replaced with healthy cells.

    Thank you Saint Joseph and Bro. Andre

  • Dale Barry

    I believe that Brother Andre became a Father of nations and the Church at the time of his death. In no disrespect to the Church, being of Catholic origin brother Andre”s canonization is long over do and I am delighted to see this recognition as a true Christian saint being revealed. Father Andre, pray to the Good Father for the faith and safety of my family. Him that knows all things will give you the words. Dale

  • Sarah

    I thank God for all the many blessing I have and will receive in my life but I pray that perhaps the hearing of both my sons, Spencer and Gabriel, could be restored or improved. Spencer’s hearing is so severe in his one ear that he is close to being deaf. Gabriel’s eyesite has also declined since infancy. Glory be to God and to Brother Andre if my sons could receive a healing miracle. Amen

  • Nina

    Brother Andre, please pray for my husband that he gets a job. He is 63 and just lost a job that he had for 3 months…he is very weiry to look for work at this age….he lost his job of 20 yrs. because of age …please ask God to look after him and guide and help him to find work…please ask God to bless my support group….and to hear my long family pttitions…thank you Brother Andre….
    Dear Jesus & Mary & Joseph…I pray these petitions for the (9) Memorare prayers…and bind them in my Rosary…
    and the Divine Mercy Chaplet… and The Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel
    I pray for the salvation of my family, Me (Nina), Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary and Joshua and for all future spouses and grandchildren and consecrate each one of them to your Sacred Heart Dear Jesus and Mary’s Immaculate Heart. I pray that my children come back to the church and the sacraments. I pray that they see their sinfulness and know that they can be forgiven. Please Lord, don’t let their shame become self-righteous to the point that they don’t believe that God would forgive them…so, that when they all meet God face to face, not one of them turns away in shame, but stands before Him and acknowledges their sinfulness, and then accepts His Endless Love and Mercy for all of Eternity in Heaven! God’s Mercy is far BIGGER then all of our sins, so please Dear Jesus don’t let any of us sign our own death warrant, into hell, because we don’t believe that God will forgive us…
    I pray for the salvation and conversion of each one of my family members…Me, Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary and Joshua and for all future spouses and grandchildren, and all of the people in each one of my family members lives., including our enemies. I pray for all of our bosses, Denny’s boss Glen ( & the new people), my boss, John’s boss, Zac’s boss, and Joshua’s boss “new” boss (hopefully Tim Dipple/and maybe partner) that God will be placing in his life shortly, & his old boss Kent, all of our co-workers, friends, neighbors, enemies, all of the people we have hurt and for all of the people who have hurt us; for all of the people that we serve and for all of the people who serve us; for all of our extended family members, especially, Leif and his family, Kim and Mili, Grechen and her family and Sara and her family ….I pray for our 5 godsons….John Eric Malm, George Matthews, Nick Elsmo, Zachary Sayles and Collin Hall….and for all of the people in each one of all of these peoples lives, including their enemies. Also, for Chrissy and Rebecca, my confirmation girls, and all of the people in their lives, including their enemies.
    I also pray that none of my family members, Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary, Joshua, all future spouses, grandchildren or me, hurt or kill anyone by accident or in any manner…or are hurt or killed by accident or in any manner….And I pray for the repose of Robert Quinn’s soul and for his sister and family…(Joshua’s older neighbor…)
    I pray that my family, Me, Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary and Joshua and for all future spouses and grandchildren to all get along and constantly, and daily, work on loving and respecting each other. Help us all to always work very hard on our family unity and harmony and for the welfare of the whole family, so, that the chain of the past sins can be broken with the blessing of Christ. I bind all of our jobs, (and Joshua’s new employer) homes and all that you have given, to each of us, in this Chaplet of St. Michael, Rosary, Chaplet and Memorare to your Scared Heart Dear Jesus and Mary’s Immaculate Heart and to God Our Father…We are all in different states, so, Dear Jesus please protect our family unity and keep us close…(Joshua may be moving home, to Maryland, to work-please anoint his way & bless his discernment & watch over Dina when he leaves…she will be broken hearted and so will Josh…it just wasn’t working out for them…)
    I pray and bind this Rosary, tightly, around my heart, and consecrate my heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I tightly bind Denny’s heart in this Rosary, and consecrate his heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I tightly bind Holly’s heart in this Rosary, and consecrate her heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I tightly bind Lucy’s heart in this Rosary, and consecrate her heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I tightly bind Henry’s heart in this Rosary, and consecrate his heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I tightly bind John’s heart in this Rosary, and consecrate his heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I tightly bind Zachary’s heart in this Rosary, and consecrate his heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I tightly bind Joshua’s heart in this Rosary, and consecrate his heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…and I tightly bind all future holy Roman Catholic spouses and grandchildren’s hearts and consecrate all of their heart’s to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary for protection, in the Will of God, from all evil and harm…
    I pray for the health and well being in body, mind and spirit for each one of my family members Me, Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary and Joshua and for all future holy Roman Catholic spouses and grandchildren, and for Joshua to stay in remission from his cancer and live a healthy and productive life..may he forgive himself for all past errors of his ways and believe in his heart that people do trust him.….and for all of us to be free from any addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, mental illness, obesity, depression or pornography…and hopefully if it is God’s Will to be disease free…and for Joshua’s total healing of his tattooed arm and keep it free from all infection…he has put St. Peregrine, St. Michael and Mary’s head from the Pieta on his arm to forever be grateful and to help him continue to move forward…Please Lord make him a powerful witness to you when asked about these tattoos…they are very powerful…
    I pray for the spiritual healing in body, mind and spirit for each one of my family members Me, Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary and pray Joshua and for all future holy Roman Catholic spouses and grandchildren. Dear Jesus you know what each one of us needs to be in Heaven and I pray that the Holy Spirit comes down and pierces each one of my family member’s hearts and instills in each of us the desire to know, love, serve and adore you, until we are all in your loving arms in Heaven. Help each of us to be strong enough to pay the price for our sinfulness. Take away all of our fears, hardness of hearts and feelings of low self-esteem, lack of self worth, self-righteousness, pride, selfishness and greed, that any of us might/do have, and replace it with your strength and virtuous love, so, that each of us will have the courage to love and forgive each other and fulfill the purpose for which we were created, here on earth, for Your Greater Glory and for the Salvation of the World. Dear Jesus please do not let my children, grandchildren or future holy Roman Catholic spouses turn away from you in fear and trepidation …may they (and me and Denny) all have the strength, fortitude and love in their hearts, for you, when they see “the truth” standing before them…may they then ask for your forgiveness, bow before you and praise your Holy Name…And may we NOT EVER take our focus off of you Dear Jesus…
    I pray, Dear Jesus, that you send someone, something or some thought, each day, to each one of my family members, to remind them of you, Dear Jesus, so, as to bring us all closer to you and for you, Dear Jesus, to become the Treasure of each of our Hearts…I pray, Dear Jesus, that you hear all of our prayers, even if/when my children and grandchildren do not know how to pray, please Dear Jesus hear the cry in their hearts and guide them, anoint them and direct them in the way that You want them to go. I send my guardian angel to help their guardian angels…Help them to see that Your Way is the best and only way for their well-being and Salvation. Help them to come to realize that everyone on earth has the same destiny and that all of us have only two places to chose when we die…Heaven or Hell. I pray that my family members, and all of the people on earth, chose HEAVEN! Father you always know what is best for each of us, because you see the whole picture…we only see the small snap shot. I pray that you help Zachary and Joshua to be the strong and loving men that you created them to be, in their relationships, with each other, and become strong Christian leaders in their households (single or married) or become strong, faithful and wonderful priests. Dear Jesus PLEASE release Joshua from the chains of alcohol, drugs, despair, pornography (?), and thinking that he can drink at all…also, give him the peace and acceptance that he needs to except having had cancer. I pray for Joshua’s sobriety and continued remission from cancer. Heal his body, and all of his infirmities especially his foot/heal and hand, from chemo nerve damage, and keep him from despair…Help him to see, in time, that his cancer was a gift, from you, (got at 18yrs.-now 30yrs.) for him to lift it up to the suffering cross of Christ, for the salvation of souls, help him to be a strong powerful witness for Christ to all who meet him…You have created him to be a tall (6’9”), strong young man, full of empathy and love, but he lives in fear Father…PLEASE help him… he is so good and tender…help him to see and feel your love for him, so that he can love himself, surround himself with strong healthy minded Christian people who will mentor him in the right way for his success and also help him to denounce satan so as to have eternal life. Dear J.M.J. help Joshua to fight the demons around him…his lack of faith …his not forgiving himself…or believing that people trust him……so that he can break free and live his life. Heal me, Den and Josh….Bring Josh back to the Roman Catholic Church and the Sacraments. Please Dear Jesus send Josh the job that you have created for him..he needs a job…please help him and may this job build him up and help him to make wise decisions. Help him JMJ to pray and discern about his decision about Dina and his whole life change that will be ahead of him, and please console dear precious Dina if he leaves her… Also, dear Jesus I pray that Zachary opens his heart to the words of truth. Move him away from relativism and instill in him the desire to seek the truth in Jesus Christ Our Precious Lord and Savior. Bring him back to the Roman Catholic Church and the Sacraments. He seems to block faith out in a polite manner…and lives by the “I’m okay you’re okay” method and has become lukewarm and politically correct in his thinking. He is also young, 32…please Lord do not let him deceive himself into thinking that relationships mean living together, etc. Help each to know in his heart, and act on, not living together before you get married. Zachary is so moldable and I feel that we failed him as parents…One of the virtues that you gave him was kindness and he is so kind that it hurts…do not let him fall prey to satan and fall into the trap of apathy and foolishness allowing others to steal his eternal life… I pray that Holly and John continue to be the wonderful parents that they are but also become strong Christian parents for the salvation of their family. Please Dear Jesus remove the scales from their eyes and help them to clearly see that they need you, dear Jesus, in their lives and the lives of their children. Open their hearts to your truth and pull them out of their “highly” material world…and bring them back to the Roman Catholic Church and the Sacraments. I pray that if it is your will that Lucy and Henry get into the school, in New York, of your will…hopefully, it will be a school that has some Christian religion because it will be the only Christian religion that they will have or experience away from us. Holly and John do not practice their Catholic faith, and do not take their children to church, or teach them about you, dear Jesus, at all. Lucy is 5 and goes to church with me…she likes church and thank goodness thru the grace of God both grandchildren are baptized…Unfortunately, Henry, who is now 2, might never get to a church during his young life…Oh Lord, may their parents come back to you in a passionate way thru Lucy’s “little love” for you. Also, I pray for a deep healing between me and Holly…only you alone can heal us dear JMJ. I pray that you pour your Mercy down upon all of us and cover each one of us in your powerful, protective and precious Blood…keeping us all safe from all evil and harm…
    Dear Jesus you see my families’ future and what each one of our futures holds. You see the whole picture and know what we each need to be faithful Christians in Heaven. Please, Dear Jesus, anoint and lead each one of my family members to the people, the places and the resources that will help each of us to fulfill our purpose here on earth for the kingdom of God, and instill in all of us the desire to do only Your Will and not ours. Help us all to decrease so that You might increase. Dear Jesus, please instill in each of my children’s hearts & all future holy Roman Catholic spouses a sense of sin especially of their sinfulness so that they will desire to come back to the church and the sacraments. Dear Lord I know that each of my children believe in you in some small way, and I pray that you get into the depth of their hearts and open them up to your love… We all believe Lord…Help our unbelief! I pray that your Holy Fiery Angels of Protection and Mercy come down around each one of my family members, and me, and surrounds each of us, and keeps us all safe from all evil and harm. I pray, Mary, that you wrap your Mantle around me Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary and Joshua and all future holy Roman Catholic spouses and grandchildren…..and keep all of us close, to you, until the end of time….Mary, help each of us to know, love and be like you….humble and faithful…Help us all to fall madly in love with you, Mary, and honor and respect you as the most loving mother of Christ, and to pass this love on to others…I also pray for Dina Fox and her loving heart, and everyone in her life….please bring Dina back to the Roman Catholic Church and the Sacraments and protect her from all evil and harm…Mary wrap her in your mantel and keep her safe during this breakup time, with Josh….and if they are meant to be together don’t let it go to long & if not heal them both quickly…I also pray for Zach’s new girlfriend Lauren and all of the people in her life…
    I pray that you bless the time that Denny and I have left on earth. Dear Jesus may we have some precious time during these ending years, together, especially during our, up and coming, retirement years. Bless Denny’s last years at Aecom and please bless his time and allow hi to have a job position until he does retire in 5 years. Please Lord let him leave with honor, integrity, ethical standards and on terrific terms and comfort in knowing that he can take care of us until we die…Anoint his time there and send Denny lots of work that will show his validity and assure him of a position. Send your holy fiery angels of protection and mercy to come down and protect Denny every single day he is working, from the corporate vipers. Be with him in all matters of business and help him to do a “stellar” job for the company and get recognized for all of his hard and great work. Give him the strength in Christ that he needs to finish this race, and help me to lift up my fears from being alone in the house etc and please charge your holy fiery angels of protection and mercy to come down and protect me during these years, and always, until he is back home….and the years afterwards. Guide us Father in all of our affairs in finances, and we pray in thanksgiving for your help in helping us to get our credit back in good standing. Dear Jesus don’t ever take your hand from our finances and decision making for the future. Guide us in what we should do to the house for improvements and help us to make the right decisions, thru prayer, always listening and being obedient to you, and guide us in all of our preparation for our retirement. Please bless and protect, with your Blood Dear Jesus, our retirement funds, our home, our last days, our surroundings, our health and our last years on earth. Father may these last years be somewhat stress free of monetary, health and family problems…but then again, we want Your Will to be done so give us what we need to live these days….Help us focus on Your Love and Mercy and to bring others to Christ through our lives and all that you have given us….Denny and I need to be able to enjoy each other, for the first time in our lives, and pray that it is Your Will for this to happen. Dear Jesus, as you already know (silly me) we started our marriage with a child, from my first marriage, and after 2 more children have never been alone in our marriage. We are still separated…Den was transferred to Boston, without any counsel, so, we are living apart until he comes home…You know all of this dear Jesus and we lift up all of our sorrows and sufferings, in this time frame of our lives, for your greater glory and pray that you continue to pour you Grace and Mercy down upon us to help us get thru these years….Help us to be strong faithful parents and grandparents so that we can help in the salvation of our children, grandchildren and their spouses. Keep us faithful to you Dear Jesus until the end and may neither Denny nor I… nor the rest of our family die alone….May each of us be surrounded by family and friends to pray us into Heaven. Dear JMJ please make sure that each of us has a blessed Rosary, in our hands, and that we are all buried by a Roman Catholic priest at a Roman Catholic Mass.
    I pray that St. Michael goes before Joshua, that St. Raphael is on his left and St. Gabriel on his right….with Jesus, Mary and Joseph behind him and his Guardian Angel behind them all…keeping him safe from all evil and harm until the end of time….I pray that St. Michael goes before Zachary, that St. Raphael is on his left and St. Gabriel on his right….with Jesus, Mary and Joseph behind him and his Guardian Angel behind them all…keeping him safe from all evil and harm until the end of time….I pray that St. Michael goes before Holly, Lucy, Henry and John that St. Raphael is on their left and St. Gabriel on their right….with Jesus, Mary and Joseph behind them and their Guardian Angels behind them all…keeping them all safe from all evil and harm until the end of time…. I pray that St. Michael goes before Lauren, Zachary’s present girlfriend, that St. Raphael is on her left and St. Gabriel on her right….with Jesus, Mary and Joseph behind her and her Guardian Angel behind them all…keeping her safe from all evil and harm until the end of time….and that they get married soon and stop the living together… I pray that St. Michael goes before Denny, that St. Raphael is on his left and St. Gabriel on his right….with Jesus, Mary and Joseph behind him and his Guardian Angel behind them all…keeping him safe from all evil and harm until the end of time….I pray that St. Michael goes before me (Nina), that St. Raphael is on my left and St. Gabriel on my right….with Jesus, Mary and Joseph behind me and my Guardian Angel behind them all…keeping me safe from all evil and harm until the end of time….I also pray that my family puts on the “Armor of God.” May each of us “put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all [the] flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Ephesians 6:13-17) I bind my whole family and pray that if I should die, that these prayers continue to cover each one of my family members and protect them, along with the Blood of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, until all of us are in Heaven, together, in the arms of God… Our Precious Lord and Savior…and I pray… Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host – by the Divine Power of God – cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls….Especially, those in my very own family….Amen.
    I pray for all of the souls in purgatory, especially those who have no one to pray for them, the forgotten dead, my parents and al of all relatives…and I pray that all of the souls pray for me and my family to be in Heaven.
    I pray for my Guardian Angel and the Guardian Angels of each one of my family members…(Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary and Joshua and for all future holy Roman Catholic spouses and grandchildren – Please, dear Jesus, lead Joshua to the good job, the one that you have created for him…and if it is your will that he come back home please dear Jesus may he be sober and free from all of his infirmities that keep him in despair and be ready to finally live his life and not run from it anymore so as to be a powerful witness to you, especially in telling the stories behind his tattoos…keep them from all infections and harm. I pray for Joshua’s strong and faithful sobriety!
    Dear Jesus he is looking for work…may you guide him, Lord, to a stable job that will bring him peace and fulfillment…and heal ALL of his infirmities…and allow him to live his life as you intended for him to live….Also, for his possible job with Tim Dipple
    And I pray that he forgives me and Denny..and that Denny opens and pierces Joshua’s heart with abundant love, forgiveness and trust..I pray for God’s Will to be done….and ask you dear Jesus to allow Joshua to be able to start his own business with wisdom, strength , common sense, God’s leadership, open to guidance, walking the steps, all the while having a grateful heart putting God first in all that he does…and becomes successful and content in full-filling a dream that he has had…and hopefully god has for him…but to always be open to the Will of God…
    I pray for all those who are going to die today, especially those who are on their way to Hell, and for all of the souls who are dying at this very moment… I pray for Pope Benedict the Sixteenth…and for all world leaders…protect our country and all of the world from all terrorists, and especially the USA from Obama’s communistic beliefs and the abominational thinking, of the President Obama, about signing the FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) which will cause more deaths of millions of children all over the world and in any month of pregnancy. I pray for an end to the Obama Presidency and all of his cabinet.members.
    I pray for an end to abortion all over the world and a change of hearts for Obama and all pro-choice people, especially those in my own family…Holly, John, Zach, Dina, and any future and extended family members…and me and Den (we participated in birth control…)
    I pray for all holy priests and religious, all over the world, & especially for Fr. Paul Henry, Fr. John Corapi, Fr. Ron Barker, Fr. Sy and Fr. Abel, Fr. Hilton, Fr. Jude, Fr. Noche and Fr. Collin and all of the priests at St. Ignatius and Loyola College and all of the priests that have been in my families lives in the past, present and all priests who will come into our futures…I also pray for vocations to the priesthood…and Dear Jesus if I had converted earlier, and known earlier in my life, I would have consecrated my sons, Zachary and Joshua, to the priesthood in my womb, so Dear Lord if it is your Will I am doing this now, because with you all things are possible…
    I pray for all of the souls involved with abortion, all over the world, and for all aborted babies throughout time, especially those who are in my very own family…and I pray for an end to all abortion all over the world.
    I pray for all of the people who have turned away from God, all atheists, communists, terrorists, lukewarm, prideful, materialist & harden hearts and for the Salvation of every soul that you have created since the beginning of time-throughout all of the ages – to the present time and until the end of time and for the salvation of the whole world and every living soul in it…especially all those who make me fall out of grace…Please dear Jesus “guard my heart and my tongue,” and all of my family members, and help me to use them only for your greater glory…so, that I do not become bitter , depressed, lost and full of despair.
    I pray for all of the prayers that are on the hearts of each one of my extended family members. I pray for a true and beautiful forgiving healing of my brothers and sisters…my parents left a legacy of dysfunction….please heal us so that we can all break the chain of their sinfulness and most of all forgive them, and each other, and I pray for the repose of my parents, Ione and Ralph Elsmo, souls. Help me to forgive them…
    I pray in thanksgiving for ALL of the prayers that you have answered…and will be answering for me and my family.
    I pray, Dear Jesus, that you bring forgiveness and love to the hearts of Holly and Denny…and me and Holly, Holly and Josh and Josh and Zachary….help us dear Jesus to forgive each other and see the depth of each persons struggle. Only you know what is needed to heal our relationships from past negligence and hurt. Help us Jesus to humbly forgive and love unconditionally and expect nothing in return…help Holly to forgive me , and anyone else who has hurt her, especially her natural father Jack, and soften her heart it is so hard.
    I pray J.M.J. that you totally protect Joshua, guide him and send him wise Christian people to mentor him in finding what he needs to do what he wants in his life for his life work…you know what it is, dear Jesus, Please direct him in the right direction and most importantly bring him back to church so that he can talk this all out with you….and I pray this for all of my children.
    I pray Dear JMJ that you bless Joshua’s eight AA meetings and help him to open his heart for more recovery. Open his heart to knowing that he can do nothing without you and that he needs to stop drinking completely. Let him not ever forget what happened to him to that he stays close to you, and Mary, and does nothing without your love and consent. Protect him and all of the people in his meetings and all of the people involved in his horrible incident. May all of the people in his AA class wake up and get sober…
    I pray for all of the people who have asked for my prayers, especially the Bible Study petitions, choir and prison ministries…
    I pray that the national health bill does not pass in it’s present form and that wise, reasonable, faithful, healthy God fearing men create a new bill for the well being of the USA.
    I pray for healing between Holly and me and the family.
    I pray for the root of my eating disorder to be revealed and healed so that I can desire, and stick with it, to lose weight…and everyone else who struggles with the addiction to food..
    I pray for peace in the world and the salvation of the world…
    I pray for the protection of Zachary in his new home and in thanksgiving for all that you have given him…please bring him back to you dear Jesus and if it is your Will that Lauren and Zachary get married as to get out of their sinfulness in living together…
    I pray for John (at Loyola) that Jesus totally heals his eye disease….and thank you for not letting me have Glaucoma…
    I pray for the salvation of people in each one of my family members lives Denny, Holly, Lucy, Henry, John, Zachary, Joshua and for all future holy Roman Catholic spouses and all people in each of our lives including our enemies.
    I pray that you find Joshua a good job maybe Chuck will approach him and sell his business to him…May Josh have a easy and calm time getting his license change in Maryland. And getting health insurance…Thank you for the letter from Kent the Cobra insurance…and Dear Jesus please send to Josh the holy Roman Catholic woman that you have created for him….and May you PLEASE heal Joshua with me and Denny…immediately! Bless Denny tonight when he talks and please open Joshua’s heart to him and open Dennys’ hear to Josh….Lord please send a miracle for Josh to receive his medical insurance from MHIP…You know how important it is for him to have and he has to start to be on his own….
    I pray Dear Jesus that you anoint, and watch over Tim Dipple and Joshua, and bless their work together with your precious blood and protect both of them from evil and harm… and if it is your Will allow them to work beautifully together complimenting each other and becoming very good friends, strong Christian and ethical men which would lead into a strong and healthy working partnership for a long time. Bless their work and the jobs and people that they encounter. May Joshua finally get back on his feet and become the man that you have created him to be….thank you for his liscense/tax number and I pray that it is your will for him to fulfill his dream of having his own successful business…
    I pray thank you for Denny’s new job that you found for him in one month! May he do a wonderful and stellar job for them thru your name….Jesus…thank you ..thank you Jesus! The job is God’s Will for him…he lost his job of 23 years on July 3rd, 2009….Thank you for finding him this job with Hess Construction Co…bless everyone in the company and give Denny what he needs to do the 150mile drive each day…hank you dear Jesus for all that you have given him in this ordeal…xoxo He lost this job, after 3 months, they did not need him- dear Jesus PLEASE find him another job! Thank you Father…
    I pray- that if your will be done…you bless my support groups and book for the wives whose husbnds have lost their jobs…thank you dear Jesus xoxo
    I pray that my children come to know that they can do nothing without the Holy Eucharist…and then knowing you deeply dear Jesus, and make you the “treasure” of their hearts..I pray this for my grandchildren and also for all future spouses and me and Den…
    I pray for you to send to Joshua the woman that you have created for him….please Lord may it be soon….
    I pray Dear Jesus that you instill, in me, the desire to pray these prayers tomorrow, and every day, for the rest of my life. I love you deeply dear Jesus…don’t ever let me go and always help me, and my family, to forever desire and stay close to you. Amen!

  • Fabiola

    Blessed Father Andre please heal me from my disease with the intercession of St. Joseph.

    In God’s Grace I thank you.

  • Terri

    Dear Blessed Brother Andre’ through the intercession of St. Joseph please pray for my health issues especially the arthritis in my hands.

  • Louise Porter

    Please Brother Andre help our family. My husband and I have lost our jobs and he was able to find work but it is 6 hours away, for $6,000 less than he was making and the cost of housing is eating up his salary. I cannot move until I sell the house and we have rescued animals relying on us. Today I have someone who may be interested in the house, please pray that he makes me an offer and one I can accept and get us moved. We are not asking for a lot of money, just enough to buy us a simple property and house for all of us. We don’t mind fixing it up, and not afraid of work, but I am afraid of our family being apart and not seeing any other remedy or we will lose the house for non payment of mortgage. Please Brother Andre and St. Joseph hear our prayers and ask Jesus for his help and allow the man to buy the house today. Amen

  • Janet Winter

    Dear Brother Andre,
    I have found that you are my great great great great uncle.
    I ask that you pray for my sipritual health as well as my general health. I am amazed at the miracles that you preformed through St Joseph. Amen

  • Tom

    Blessed Br. Andre,

    Please prayer and intercede for my wife, Vicki, for healing of many aliments that she is suffering from.

    Thank you and all praise be to God

  • alfonso tolosa

    My dear Saint Bro. Andre,

    I have read your story, we’re almost the same fate, i just finish my high school, work hard, pray hard, I believed God is with me, God blessed me a good job, i do pray rosary too every night while im on my way to home praying the passion of our Lord, Bro. Andre, please pray for my my grand mother for her health and i am asking to for my spiritual health too. I am amazed in your miracles through Saint Joseph, Saint Joseph please pray for us too. Amen!
    I wish i can have your Holy relic for my Holy Altar in our oratorio.


  • Tom

    Bro. Andre,

    Please pray for the healing of my daughter’s hip.

    God bless you.

  • Linda

    I request for the intercession of Br. Andre for the healings in my family in the body, mind and spirit. I pray that through this intercession in Jesus name I get a job quickly.
    Thank you Br. Andre – thank you St. Joseph – thank you Mother Mary.
    Thank you Jesus Christ for your abundant mercy, grace and healings in my family.

  • Kathee

    I pray for help for my husband’s work situaation. He is a team player and has helped others make and exceed their goals through his inteligents and many hours of hard work. Please may he also. Prays for my marriage to be healthy. For our famly, love ,joy, oportunity, “fath” and love of God. Guiding us in the right direction. Many “thank you” for the blessing from him.
    My dad said he was lucky to have know him because he would visit my grandfather [they were cousins]. Dad said what a humble man he was and how he did believe in St Joseph, Mother Mary and prayer. My dad and mom also believes in the power of praying.

  • Rita Bessette

    Please Brother Andre hear my petitions My husbands depression and my head and neck infirmatities Your cannonization will happen in our life time which we have been praying for and have had others doing the same for over ten year You cannonization is to happen on our 68 wedding anniversay

  • Brother Andre Here again asking for help for my husband and all his afflictions. He met you several times when he was young You came to his grandfathers house You and he are cousins. He came to his fathers house too and you cured him and had him get out of bed. Bless my family and give them health happiness and holiness and please keep the storms away from our shores.

  • catherine

    I remember visiting St. Joseph’s Oratory many times with my cousins and grandparents. The small chapel with the braces and crutches…beyond words.
    Please Br. Andre, in this year of your cannonization, heal my husband of his COPD, he needs high levels of oxygen all the time, and gets so tired so easy. He has to take prednisone every day, but that makes him jittery and irritable, and even so, he’s still gotten allergic to 2 different inhalers. The FDA put a hold on a new medication that might have stablized his lungs, and the stem cell medication hasn’t made it out of first level trials. The doctors all praise his persistence and patience, and have all done so much, but a simple cold could kill him, or put him on a ventilator. I would bring him to Montreal, but he can’t take that much travel. Please, if you can, do something to make him better.

  • Maria Nigam

    Dear Brother Andre, please intercede for the DOshi and Mehta family as Mita doshi has a renal transplant today form her mother Sarla Mehta for a safe and successful renal transplant surgery today, Praise and Thank you Jesus for your mercy

  • Maureen Stetina

    Blessed Brother Andre please watch over Sharon today as she undergoes surgery.

  • Dear Brother Andre

    please intercede for 15 year old Audra B., who has been suffering from an inoperable brain tumor for 9 months. May she be completely healed.

  • Patrick Lam

    Dear Brother Andre’,

    I cannot get over how much you had accomplished over your life time. I admire your strength and your determination clearly are great examples for me to follow.

    Please, Brother Andre, bless my sister, Shirley, for she is fighting breast cancer. I sincerely pray that you would be by her side to give her physical, emotional and spiritual strength to overcome this sickness.

    Thank you.

  • Carolina

    Querido Hermano Andre
    desde que oí de tu vida y amor por San Jose, he sentido un especial amor hacia los dos.
    Me ha parecido maravillosa la noticia de que lo van a canonizar y rezare desde ya por ese gran dia.
    Sabes lo mal que estoy y lo mucho que nececito de tu ayuda y la de San Jose, te lo pido con todo mi corazón.Es una interceción para que se me quite el dolor y pueda caminar mejor. Confio con gran amor en mi recuperación.
    Gracias y la bendición

  • Loyal Servant

    Dear Brother Andre,
    I had never heard about you until I bought a book about you from a Dominican Thrift Shop. It was written in 1938. I believe that you are a Saint and that you will be willing to help me.
    I need to have our house sell as soon as possible. Also, Please help to send the Grace of Conversion to my family and to America.
    Thank you for hearing my plea.

  • Mary Anne

    Dear Brother Andre, please intercede for me that the arthritis that is afflicting me be cured. It has come on me suddennly and it is making walking almost impossible. I was at your shrine two years ago and remember how you helped so many people walk againg. Please pray for healing for me. I know that your prayer is very powerful. Also please bless and keep Bianca healed from cancer. I just learned about her today and I feel so sad for her and her mother. Thank you!

  • Paulo Goncalves

    Blessed Br. Andre

    I ask you and St. Joseph for your intercession to help my oldest son Adam,please heal him of his Autisim. With all my heart and prayers I beg for your intercession Bl. Andre.

    Through the merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary
    Thank you
    Paulo G.

  • Brother Andre,
    You are an inspiration to my sister, help her in this time of need to overcome her sudden illness

  • HortonEdward

    Brother Andre, I ask that you will pray for my wife,children,grandchildren and great grandchildren, and keep them all together in a loving family relation, loving and respecting each other with the peace of our lord JESUS CHRIST, and the prayers of ST Joseph, and all of the Saints, especially the prayers of our blessed lady whom I personally pray to each day,

  • Ann Vinet

    The night before my husband entered Sloan Kettering for a Stem Cell Transplant to cure his brain cancer, he was blessed with St Joseph oil and prayed over. Today is Day 5 of what is expected to be a 30 day treatment. I ask Blessed Andre and St Joseph to intercede for George and cure his disease and give him salvation. In Jesus name, we pray.
    And for Tom,who also has brain cancer,and for his family, esp. Zach who needs multiple surgeries for his bone disease, Blessed Andre, pray for us. St Joseph, pray for us. n Jesus name,we pray.
    Thank you, God fr giving us Your Son and all the saints.

  • Tiffany

    I just found out that Brother Andre is my Great-Great-Great Uncle. I am truly humbled by reading this story and so proud of everyone he has helped. God truly works in mysterious ways. I am looking forward to his canonization this fall.

  • Maureen

    Brother Andre,
    Please help my children & I find happiness again. We are going through a very stressful time in our lives. Please watch over them and keep them safe and healthy. I will be praying to you for strength. Maureen

  • Barbara Burns

    Brother Andre; I ask today for two families in need, A family today that just lost there 9 year old in bike acidident a long the road side. Please help the Family Cope with this Lose and also in our Small town we have a Young Boy of 19 a Four Wheel acceident, just hanging in there, We sure would like him to stay with us here on Earth, We know his family hasn’t been good to him and maybe this is your way. But you can push him ourway, we have plenty of room here in our home and in our hearts for him! You do as you need!
    Thank you for listening The Burns!!!!

  • Dear Brother Andre,
    I am so happy I found you. I picked up a book at St. Joseph’s Oratory last week. It was a story of your life. As I read page after page all the miracles you brought about through the intercession of St. Joseph I believe you may want to ask to have my son Darren healed. He needs so much intervention. First, please heal his soul and bring him closer to Jesus, to realize that he can’t make it through life without Jesus. I pray Jesus’ hand touches him and fills him with the Holy Spirit and guides him everyday.

    Secondly, his body is ravaged with sickness. Unable to hold food down (Barrett’s disease), severe colitis, in and out of hospital. Loosing weight, no sleep.

    He is seperated from his wife because of her drug addition and cruelty to their 2yr old son who may be autistic. I pray for a miracle for his wife Kara to be free of drugs and become a wonderful wife and mother. I pray for my grandson Ben (their child) to be healed of this disorder or any brain damage that he may have. I pray that he be shielded from anymore abuse.

    This family needs so much help from heaven to have a loving and peaceful life. If I could take on more pain and suffering to have them healed I would welcome it.

    Dear Brother Andre I am so happy that I found you. You are truly a Saint and you will always be in my heart and my prayers. Thank you.

  • Dear Brother Andre,

    I failed to mention another grandson Ethan, Darren’s other son through a first marriage, was recently diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes. The very serious form of diabetes. He is eight yrs old. Please look into his healing and may you bring about a miracle if it be God’s will.

    I thank you again.


  • Selma

    Brother Andre,

    I pray for healing from this undiagnosed neurological disease– please petition for my healing of body, mind and spirit so that I can serve the lord and my family– please take away the pain, give me a strong body, clear mind and restorative sleep and protect my vision and spirit–

    Thank you for your healing , Selma

  • luciana

    I asked for prayers in February/2010 for my husband. He was diagnosed with cancer. He had surgery in April and the doctors could not find the cancer. He’s fine, they tested the lymps and glands. All clear.

    Thank you Bro Andre for your prayers.

  • Anne Marie Riether

    I am a cousin of Brother Andre. My relatives emigrated from France and settled in Iberville on the Richeau River and attended St. Athanease Catholic Church. Mary Louise Roberts married Zephir Joseph Robert and had 12 children. They emigrated to Trenton NJ in 1900. Family oral history is that Mary Louise was going blind in her early 50’s and the doctors told her she would go blind as there was nothing else they could do. Mary Louise had a unyielding faith in St. Joseph and insisted that one of her daughters (Lucie Roberts) make the train and bus trip to Quebec to visit her cousin Alfred Bessette. They did, and Brother Andre welcomed them, blessed her eyes in the name of St. Joseph and anointed her with oil. She was instructed to stay devoted to St. Joseph and thank HIM (and Alfred) for the return of her eyesight. By the time the two have returned to Trenton, NJ my Aunt Lucie had full vision returned, and lived into her 90’s without any reoccurrence.
    My cousin Kim Riether (living in Boulder Colorado), and I are piecing together the family history for the rest of our family. I live in Atlanta GA, and plan to go to Rome with my children. Any help with our search would be greatly appreciated. Also I will be more than willing to share any information we have collected. Anne Marie Riether MD,
    E I am also on Facebook, and if you google my name you can find out some more information about me. God Bless.

  • Grace R of Montreal

    Dear Blessed Brother Andre,

    You are worthy to be a Saint. I prayed to you to spare me of a positive diagnosis for breast cancer although it came back positive I still have faith in you and oneday your miracle will come on me. As you always say and I quote “Do not seek to be spared of trials, ask instead for the grace to bear them well”.

    Praise to God and thank you St. Joseph for being a faithful friend of our Saint-to-be Blessed Brother Andre.

    Blessed Brother Andre, my friend and my Saint, thank you.

  • Grace R of Montreal

    To all,

    I know that God will do miracle on my cancer thru Blessed Brother Andre, the faithful friend of Saint Joseph. The whole world will know this miracle for the cause of the sainthood of Blessed Andre.

    Praise God Almighty.

  • Sean Donnelly

    Dear Blessed Brother Andre…please pray for my Mother who is losing her vision due to gloucoma

    THank You

  • Katie

    I pray through the intercession of Blessed Brother Andre Bessette for my family. I pray that I win the essay contest that honors his humble service. I pray that the drama of high school dies down as the year goes on. I pray that all my sibilings have the opportunity to go to a catholic high school, as I do. I pray for all the babies that have been and will ever be aborted, for their mothers do not know what a life they have taken away fron their child.

    amen. :)

  • marie kelly

    Blessed Brother Andre. Pray for my brother Brendan who has terminal cancer. Please take away his pain and suffering. He does not deserve to die as he has already suffered in his life contracting meningitus when he was 3 years old which left him completely deaf. Pray also for our mother who is through a terrible time accepting that her son is so very ill.

  • please helop my back

  • Please help my son to get work thank you and my pains

  • Karen

    Dear Blessed(Saint) Andre’Bissett,
    Please cure my family, Please cure my husband of polycystic kidney disease and remove the disease from our family and desendants. Please protect our jobs and give us good evaluations. Please heal my mother and send angels to protect her. Please help my children pass all classes and graduate from veternarian school and find placement in the profession. Please send them money to live and go to school.Please protect my son in MN and help him get a raise,a home and a Catholic wife. Please provide money to meet all our needs and obligations. Please take care of moms money problems.Please help me clean and organize my home and guide me in my computer lab/library curriculum and help mw with my comprehensive evaluation.Please keep my son out of trouble.Father Andre’ deepen our faith and devotion to Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph and our heavenly Father. I am thankful for my devotion to you and your help in my prayers.
    Thank you.

  • Lulu

    Dear Blessed Andre
    Pls watch over my daughter’s pregnancy, that she have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.
    Pls help my son-in-law get a good job.
    Pls heal the hurts that have risen between my sister and I.
    Pls help M and F, in their work endeavors, in order to save the company and make it profitable, that they may be debt-free and pay off all financial obligations. In turn, the employees may have the pride and dignity of being gainfully employed and also pay off their debts.
    Pls bless my children and the rest of my family, that they may continue to grow in faith and maintain good health.
    Pls help us with our daily needs. Amen.

  • Audrey Maksymchuk

    Dear Brother Andre (to be canonized within the next weeks)
    Please intercede through St. Joseph to our Lord to bring healing to my soon to be ex son-in-law who returned from Afghanistan with ptsd. Please help him find his way to be the man he was and the father he needs to be. I know he can never be the same, but he was a good man and we loved him dearly. Help him and his family find the healing and peace to move on with their lives. Thank you and bless you.

  • rj

    Dear Brother Andre,
    Please intercede with Saint Joseph to have my son cured of an uncurable lifelong illness.

  • Kathy

    Having just recently been introduced to the cause of Brother Andre I pray to him to intercede on my behalf to help my husband find the answers and solutions needed to help his business. Also to help my daughter who has health problems that she may learn to manage her symptoms and enable her recovery and build up her confidence and self esteem to help her to find her way in life. I also pray that she will come back to the faith that she was baptized into. I also pray that my aunt may find the peace of mind she so deserves. Kathy

  • diane preece

    dear brother andre , please pray for sister francis who has cancer and is terminally ill .and also for my husband children and family please pray that they all are proctected . and that we will have are prayers answered .thank you brother andre ,god bless .

  • adrienne

    Brother Andre: I just have discovered you lately. Please pray for me that I may serve God. Please pray for my family including my mother who died unforgiving of her father. Please pray for my grandfather who was so hard hearted.

  • Harriet

    Dear Brother Andre, Please cure my father. He is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and is spending his last days in a home. I pray that he can go back to his own home and regain his faculties and health to share the rest of his days with his loving family. Thank You.

  • Mary

    Thank you to Brother Andre our new saint . Our family first heard of him from a prayer card at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the University of Notre Dame where our sons were students . The Holy Cross there were asking for prayers for Blessed Brother Andre to be canonized. I took the card and prayed for him.

    More than four years later, my brother was diagnosed with cancer and began treatment . Our family began asking intercession of Blessed Brother Andre in Feb 2008. I found the website of the Oratory of St Joseph in Montreal, and asked for prayers for my brother.

    More than 2 and a half years later, I have watched as Blessed Brother Andre passed the three commissions , and received the blessing of the Pope to be canonized a saint this coming Sunday, Oct 17, 2010. I have also been blessed to see my brother in wonderful health,without cancer, enjoying his family and his children as they grow up. Thanks be to God.

    My husband and I were able to visit the Oratory in September to give prayers of thanksgiving for the sainthood of Brother Andre and the health of my brother. We also give thanks to the Holy Cross order for allowing us to know of Brother Andre and for educating our sons to be men who know and love God.

    Does anyone at this site know how Brother Andre will be known once he is canonized on Sunday ? Will he be Saint Brother Andre or Saint Andre Bessette ?
    Thank you .

  • Janet Wilder

    Thank-you for all you have done Brother Andre. I feel that I have been blessed today.

  • Gail

    Please pray for my son who is ill and needs the intercession of St. Joseph.

  • John P.

    Brother Andre, I am marrying your niece’s grand-daughter on the day of your cannonization! Pray for us, give us good health to serve each other and our families. Give us the strength to carry on in the darkest times, to bring light to those around us. Watch over us, now and always. AMEN!!



  • Brother Andre – My mother was a very true believer and I remember my childhood memory having visited you at the Oratoire St Joseph. – Today, I come to ask you to heal my son emotionally and physically since he has so much problems. I no longer can help him so I am giving him to you. Help me to live a happy life.

  • Paula

    Dear Blessed Brother Andre. I have never been so touched to hear of a human being such as yourself. I pray to you for all that ails me, physically and emotionally. I pray for my children more than anything, if they are well, I will be well. In God we trust.

  • M G N

    Dear All,
    Peace and Grace.
    Thank you O Lord for all the Saints that you gave us.
    Send Your peace to all churches that glorify Your Trinity Name.
    M G N
    from the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church

  • Perfect timing for all of us ‘stuck’ on this planet we call home for now.
    This world is much in need of great examples of love, compassion, struggle, and yet filled with the human element.
    Brother Andre and Mother Theresa are more than we could ever hope for in all necessary areas of our meager lives.

    Today it’s almost unheard of to hear of greatness, and of those capable of giving without any motives or expectations of rewards, but give out of pure love a love built out of suffering and sacrifice.

    I feel renewed with hope today, thank you and God bless you.

    Diana (Simonae)

    If you talk to Father Guy at Saint Anne de Beaupré, tell him his cousin sends her love and warmest regards.

  • rj

    Dear Saint Andre,
    Please help my son as he battles with a medical condition that has no cure. Please intercede through St. Joseph to restore him to good health. Please help us also to cope with all these.

  • Dear St. Andre Bessette,
    Today you have been declared a saint if the Church. Praise the Lord! How happy I am for you. May Our Dear Lord, His Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph grant your every request on this day. I ask that you remember my brother Pat on what would have been his 59th birthday today, the 3 year old child of Annie who has bone cancer and all the requests which I ask of St. Joseph each night for my family, the Church, the world and all the holy souls. I trust in the power of your prayers.

    Jesus, have mercy on us!
    Holy Mother Mary, pray for us!
    St. Joseph, pray for us!
    St. Andre Bessette, pray for us!

  • Robin

    Dear St. Andre

    I love ye!!!

  • Evangelia

    Please pray for me to live a healthy and happy life. Take this sorrow and pain away. Let the man I love finally realize it and express his devotion to me. If it is not meant to be then let me find someone who I could spend my life with. Let me bear a child with my love and I will give him the middle name Joseph or her Maria. Please pray that I become stronger physically and mentally. I want to live in peace within myself. I promise to visit the oratory. God bless us all and thank you to all the Saints for spreading Gods word.

  • Ann

    On this the day of your canonization, please pray for our grandson,Andrew, who is almost two. He also cannot eat and is fed by a tube in his stomach. We pray that he will be healed from this disease. St. Joseph, pray for him.

  • Norbert

    Dear St. Andre,

    Thank you for finding me today so that I might know His love and mercy through healing. I am overwhelmed by your grace and the example of your devotion.

  • Sofia Paredes

    Gracias Padre Andre por el milagro mas grande de mi vida, que son mis hijos, fueron muchos los anos que pase esperando quedar embarazada y un dia despues de la visita de la Basilica de Saint Joseph en Montreal, mi Doctor me confirmo esa misma semana que esperaba a mi primer hijo, al que mi esposo y yo llamamos “Joseph” hoy es un joven de 25 anhos grande y fuerte y con un corazon tan noble, un anho despues nacio nuesto segundo hijo Alexander. Ahora te pedimos por el padre de ellos que encuentre paz y el camino hacia DIOS.

  • Dear Brother André,

    I have every reason to believe that you received and prayed for Papy before he came south. I remember Mémé and Papy telling me about you when I was a young boy. Much has changed among us here, just as much has changed in Montréal. As you and St. Joseph interceded for our ancestors when they left, intercede for us their descendants now, and for la belle province from which we all came.

    Pray especially for H.S. and A.H. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  • Élise

    Frère André,

    Aidez-moi à vivre.


  • Linda ortega

    Dear St. Andre,
    My daughter Elaine is sick of cancer and her son Marcus has asthma and allergy, please intercede to St. Joseph tha they be cured. Also, hardened not the heart of David for the best interest of Marcus.
    My mother Elena is having a hard time walking because of hre inh=jured knees, please cure her.Amen
    thank you St. Andre for all your intercession to St. Joseph andto our Virgin Mary Mother of God.

  • Dear St.Andre,
    I beg of you to intercede for me that St.Joseph will heal the sore on my arm .Jesus,Mary,Joseph & St.Ann grant that I will be healed!I know you are loving & forgiving & you will not fail me.Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my thrust in you!

  • julie

    I woke up in the middle of the night and as i always leave the tv on i had it on the religious channel and it was the story of br andre. his story so inspired me so humble and special Reading all the prays inspires me also I find it ironic that i happen to inquire more of father andre just a few days after his cannionization. I feel for all those prays and will pray to brother for all of you as well as my own but in the end we all have the same prayer Father help us through this life through the intersetion of our mother St joseph angels and now Brother Andre somehow i feel Brother andre will be an intricite part of my life. Thank you God for giving me the tools I need to see this life through one day at a time love you

  • McDonald Oguguo

    I only heard of Bro Andre yesterday that the Pope went to Montreal to Canonize the Blessed Brother. I then went searching the net and got suffecient information. I am happy and I pray to Beo Andre interceed for me and my family members and especially for financial freedom in my business.

  • Micki

    Dear Brother Andre — I have only recently become aware of you thru my repeated visits to St. Agnes Hospital. I pray to you, asking that you heal my dear friend Ardis, who has cancer, my friend Marian who is having repeated brain bleeds, and my precious dogs Liza and Kelly. May our Lord continue to bless you and keep you close. Thank you for your loving work. Love, Micki

  • Barb Finnegan

    Brother Andre is now SAINT ANDRE-Deo Gratias!
    I hope someday I can return to Montreal and St. Joseph’s Oratory. I’ve been there four times (1972, 1974, 1975, and 1994).
    Saint Andre, please pray to St. Joseph for me, that I can figure out what I am to do with my life on earth. Pray that my two sisters won’t bully and harass me, that I can still stay in our family home. Help me especially as the colder weather draws near, that I can keep my power on and have warmth.
    Pray for Canada too, that this nation which is under St. Joseph’s patronage will come back to God. Pray for your Province of Quebec especially, that the strong faith that characterized the Quebecois people will return.

  • Dearent Brother Andre;
    Please pray for me, I am caught in the middle of a law suit, Pray for Bernis and his lawyer for the love that he has lost within himself, and pray he finds the truth within himself and the situation that he is causing me such distress. Please pray for me that I am no longer in the position to justify who I really am…when I am only one of God’s children.

    This situation has caused me mental/emotional stress and financial stress. Please pray to St. Joseph that all will be well by Oct. 31, 2010. Amen.

  • Liz

    Dearest Brother Andrea- Saint Joseph please help me pray for Dan. That he may feel the comfort of his daughter who is with God. She was taken from him at the age of 12 and he is lost in the anger and can not find the love in his heart. He has alot of hate and I pray for him and remind him that he is loved and that is what we are here to give and receive. He believes that everyone and everything is out to get him one way or another. I pray that God helps me show him that there is love. His dad is 91 and in the hospital and this upsets him to see his dad wanting to leave this earth. I pray that Dan’s dad’s prays will be answered. I pray that everyone in this world will love and remember the love for each other. Saint Joseph please pray for me that I my financial situation will be abundant. Pray for us Brother Andrea and St Joseph. Thanks to be to God.Amen

  • Saint Andre please pray for me so that I can assist those who are in need of my help. I pray to Saint Joseph and ask that he guide my son in a path that will make him happy and content. I pray to Saint Joseph and ask for God’s blessings for my family, friends and those who are in need of prayer. Please bless father Tony Barol.


  • Ken

    Brother Andre, Please look down upon your faithful servant Donna and give her your blessings to fulfil God’s wishes in her cancer treatment. Only you, God, know what lays in store and I ask through Brother Andre for your intercession. St. Joseph intercede for her if it is God’s wish.

    Thanks be to God…Amen and Amen

  • Rosalinda

    Dear Saint Andre, we are coming back to St.Joseph Oratory tomorrow for the second time, but now this visit will have much more meaning because now I know who you are and how special St.Joseph has been in your life and should be in all of our lives. I ask you to intercede for my nephew Matthew. Please ask St. Joseph to pray for him to have the ability to speak as he is 8 years old and cannot communicate verbally due to his autism. I thank you and St.Joseph for your love-

  • Andrea

    Dearest St. Joseph, and Blessed Brother Andre – please watch over my father and mother. Bless them – I ask you.

  • Jen

    St. Andre, I would like to ask for your intercession to heal my mother from her metastasized endometrial cancer. Please be with her as she goes through treatments and her pain. Please I implore to also heal the hearts of the family from all grudges and griefs and to be united for the sake of the healing of our mother. I pray also for the soul of my husband who died and for continued good health and studies of my children. Thank you St. Andre.

  • Mary

    Dearest St. Andre’ Bessette, St. Joseph I would be so grateful if you would pray for my son. He is 24 years old and mentally handicapped. I ask for prayers because he has been having episodes of vomiting since last January and we can’t figure out why and he is non-verbal so he can’t help. I was given some Lourdes water and have been blessing him with it. I know our Mother will help us, but he can use many prayers as possible. Thank you St. Andre’Bessette and St. Joseph. Thank you.

  • Mary

    Dear St. Andre’ Bessette and St. Joseph, I pray that my parish church St. Patrick W.P will be reopened very soon. And when it is reopened please fill our church once again full of faithful parishioners. Please St. Andre’, please send us a good and faithful, vibrant pastor to atract all the people and reopen our once vibrant school. Please also send us a good and faithful Bishop who will listen to the people and not put them down. May my parish church once again give Glory and Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you St. Andre’ Bessette, St. Joseph, Our Blessed Mother and all the Saints and Angels.

  • diane

    Please, a miracle for my dear husband, who has had a massive stroke. Also, my brother who is suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis…..please, I beg you!

  • Karen Sandra H

    Brother Andre: I humbly ask for your intercession in the matter of my kitchen remodel. We have given the contractor alot of money and as yet have seen very little progress. My husband works very hard and I fear that we may be taken advantage of and the money lost. We took out a home equity line of credit to pay for this. I have been praying to St Joseph for his help. I know this will have a positive outcome. I love you and thank you and St joseph for all your help. Karen and family—Windsor Locks, CT

  • PK

    I am filled with joy and tears…and moved with compassion as I was reading about Blessed Andre amazing life story, what an awesome God we serve.
    Dear Blessed Andre, I thank God for the gift of you, for being our example of endurance, patience, perseverance, servanthood, and the love God above all things.

    Dear Holy St Andre intercede on our behalf to the lord our God, our blessed Holy mother and our beloved father St Joseph, on behalf of my family, my children, my husband, and myself for Gods will to be done in our lives, for total healing and restoration to my mom and dad’s health, for my ailing Aunt, for all the sick and dying, for all my friends, for those who do not know the Lord, for financial breakthrough, for peace in the world and especially in the Middle-East, to love God above all things, to serve others, to feed the poor, to comfort the lonely, for justice, for godly leaders, for married couples, for barren, for singles, for all who serves in public sectors to be guided by the Holy Spirit,for addicted people to set free, for prisoners, for the homeless, to those who lost their jobs, for those who are persecuted, to all who serve you, to our priests and nuns, and to our holy father Pope Benedict…
    I also pray that I will be filled with the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit, to know God more intimately, to live a holy life, and to do Gods will in my life and my family, Amen
    Thank you in advance, to God be the glory and for ever, Amen

  • Katherine Calleja

    Dear Saint Andre,

    Please watch over and pray for my family, especially my little brother Vinny. Please pray for the weak and vulnerable. And help to bring us closer to God.

    With Love from Kathy

  • teresa

    Please pray for my parents for better health to walk better and help find them a good neighbor. Please pray for my neurological disease to improve. Please pray for my entire family to keep them in good health.

  • Christina

    Dear Saint Andre,
    Please watch over my father as he battles cancer. Give him the strength he needs to fight this horrible disease. The doctor’s say he has less than a year to live, but through faith and prayer, we believe he will win this battle.
    Please also watch over my father in law. He is a wonderful man who is also battling cancer. Please help him keep the faith!
    Thank you!!

  • Teresa

    Dear Saint Andre,

    Please pray over my parents for better health.

    With love and thanks and I will praise you always!

  • Gaurav

    Dear, St Andre I was so touched to learn about your life… I believe my prayers will be answered by you. Praying here that god will grant us a child

  • Philippe Marchand

    Saint Andre,

    Pouvez vous aider on fils, Andre Philippe. Il as les neres malade, et il a peure d’aller a l’ecole. Pouvez vous prier pour lui? Mon fils Andre a besoin de l’aide. Je prie que vouse allez le guerir.

  • Madonna

    Saint Andre

    After praying to the lord Jesus to help me get a job. I received a perfect job the only thing is I am not sure i can meet there expectations. It is a factory job that requires great speed and i am experiencing some numbness of the fingers and so for not getting the speed i need .I also get very nervous when they stand behind me and watch me which they always will.I have applied saint Joesph’s oil to my hands and i ask you Saint Andre, Saint Joesph, Mary and Jesus to pray I can do this job better than expected and please heal my hands of all afflictions. I also pray to Jesus to stand beside me when I work and help me to be calm and not nervous or worried about the bosses watching me.The lord has helped me in so many ways. I am giving all my doubts over to the lord. Please pray for me and thank you all.I have great faith that my hand will be healed. Thank you I love you jesus and all the saints.

  • Estelle Darby

    Dear Saint Andre Bessette

    I believe we are 4th cousins, but would like to know for sure. My great grandfather was Moise Bessette born in 1848
    and you in 1845, were you brothers or 1st cousins? I pray
    with your help, someone will read this and let me know.
    Growing up you were always refered to as our cousin.

    Thank you

    See you in my prayers

  • Carol Kernusz

    Praise God Brother Andre has been canonized! I only learned of this today. I am writing to acknowledge a blessing and a healing through Bro. Andre’s intercession. My mother who is 98, has been suffering the terrible pain of shingles on her face since Oct.31, 2010. On Sunday Nov. 28 I annointed her with the blessed oil from Mount Saint Royal and asked now ‘St. Andre Bessette’ to heal my mother and to relieve her of the awful flare-ups of pain to her face and eye. Since my having prayed and using the blessed oil my mother has been free of the pain. God is very gracious to my dear mother.
    I felt that this grace should be acknowledged. Thank you St. Andre for this great blessing.

  • Rachel Borres

    Dear Saint Andre’:
    I would like to have my marriage back and the love we had for one another be restored as it was when we first got married. This is my greatest wish.
    I have caused my husband to file for divorce by helping our children financially and getting myself in a financial bind. I did not tell my husband about this and when he found out, he left me and filed for divorce. This is not what I want. My divorce will be final in January, and I am hoping for a reconsiliation before that. I know this is kind of late, but I am praying for this on a daily basis with the oil of St. Joseph on our picture.

  • Jean Mair

    Dear St. Andre Bessette, I humbly ask you to help my sister in law, Vickie, to be cured. Her stomach is severly messed up from botched surgery a few years ago plus she has a blood clot in her left leg, from her thigh to above her ankle. She cannot eat, drinks only Ensure. My brother Michael loves her so very much as do her children and grandchildren, Please pray for her to be cured, I ask you.

    Also, please pray that my son’s Daniel and Donald come back to God and the Holy Roman Catholic Church. My son Donald lost his oldest daughter, Gabrielle, aged 12, last June 2, 2010 and has not found spiritual healing yet. I know Gabrielle is in Heaven with her Saviour but my son has lost his faith along the way and needs spiritual healing as does his older brother. Thank you St. Andre Bessette and St. Joseph.

  • Dear Br Andre,
    First of all let me pray for a healthy body. It was noted from an X-ray that I have a bent in my spinal code.It is said that as a birth defect.But now i have some discomfort because of that. I humbly pray to you for clear it out.Now because of this I am mentally depressed and have a feeling of every thing will go from me. Doctors opined that their is no medicine and if needed there is some surgery but experts advised not to do such things but I am mentally depressed please please correct my defect. you have the power so that if you have the will to cure me you can so please cure my defect and allow me to walk normally.One day with my husband i will come to see you because my husband is working in Canada and I am trying for coming there so please make all the arrangements for getting migrated to Canada I mean for getting all the papers to get corrected.Once i come join my husband we will come there to see you. My husband only clearly say about you and make me interest in you.Once I had sald the Novena of you and Now I am telling a prayer daily. I have one more request is that to get a well paid job for my husbend thank you.

  • Marcia V. Carmona

    Dear St. Andre,
    I thought I was a healthy woman because I hardly get sick. But last Oct. 27, I had a freak accident in my classroom. One of my students accidentally bumped me from behind that I fell on my hips and fractured my left femur. I had surgery the next day and the seriousness of my injury alarmed the doctors. They said that the extent of the damage usually occurs to women in their mid-60s or those with osteoporosis, neither of which category I am. Subsequently, I had to undergo several tests (MRI, CT Scan, blood tests) and the prognosis was that I have cancer of the lungs. The orthopedic doctors said that my bone injury would take at least 3 months to heal before I can go back to work; the oncologist said that I would have to undergo chemo, and estimated life expectancy is 6 months.
    I have a friend who gave me your holy oil and I have been anointing it to my lungs and leg where I have the operation. I have been also praying for the intercession of Pope John Paul II and Blessed Therese of Calcutta.
    I pray for my husband and my kids for the strength and faith to accept God’s will through this time of trial.
    I pray that the Lord will cure me.
    Thank you,

  • Christina

    Dear St. Andre:
    I ask you to intercede to the Lord to heal my Aunt who has Ovarian Cancer, My 2 uncles who have Cancer, my mom who has breast cancer, my brother in laws mom who has spider cancer, and my husband who has degenerative disc disease, severe spinal problems giving him terrible back pains, arthritis through his body giving him pains in his back, knees and fingers, We will be visiting your site in Canada in 2011. I ask for your prays for all those in need.

  • Dear Brother Andre,
    Please intercede in the life of my niece, Maria, my son, Parker, my friend Cherrel, as they all three suffer from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. I ask this of you in Jesus’s name and of St. Joseph.

    I also ask that you pray for me to know what is God’s will for me is in my life. Thank you!

  • Thelma A. Ocampo

    Dear Bro. Andre, Please pray for your son Joel. Keep him safe, sound and healthy always. Protect him from all harm. Watch over him and bless all his endeavors. Find him a job that is best for him. Lead him to what is true, good and right for him.

  • cindy

    Please Brother andre help my husband fight his drug and alchol addiction and bring him to the lord for the good of our family. I pray this in your holy name.


    Today on the 5th of January 2011 I heard of Brother Andre for the first time(through ETWN).
    Right now I want to ask him to intercede for me since I have been diagnosed with Spinal Onset Of Motor Neurons.God,I need a healing badly from this awful and horrible disease.

  • Claire

    Dear St. Andre: Please intercede for us in our request that a son, T, will be successful in his attempt to find permanent and satisfying employment. We ask this in the name of Jesus and your good friend, St Joseph.

  • john

    Dear Br. Andre, please pray to St. Joseph for me that I be cured of my mental illness and be able to go back to work so I’m not a burden to my family. Please help me Br. Andre.

  • I wanted to write to express what a treasure this article is. Of course, the greater treasure is the life of St. Andre! I have written a short blog post entitled “The Virtues of St. Andre Bessette” and linked to the article. I think that more people need to hear about and imitate “Our Lady’s Porter.” I pray that God will bless the work that your congregation does. In Christian Virtue!

  • tina

    Dear Saint Andre I started the day sharing with others about your Feast Day. Yesterday I watched your story on EWTN online. I ask for your intersession, as we use the St. JOseph oil, to bring health in my family. For my family members ill. Help us with healthy choices. My son may achieve his goals – give him a gift of success. my daughte do well in her last semester of grad school. my husband and i grow closer. In Jesus’ name. Blessings to all.

  • DL

    Dear St Andre’,

    Please pray and intercede for me for help in coping with Depression and also the end to suicidal thoughts.

    Also, I’d like a good friend here too because I am not originally from this town.

    Thank you.

  • Joanmarie

    Dear St. Andre’, assist us in reopening our beloved parish church, ask God through the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph to intercede for us in Rome that they will hear and answer our appeal to reopen our parish church. When it is reopened please send us a good and faithful pastor to the Catholic Faith and Church so that we may grow and witness to God’s Glory and Majesty. Please bring back all the fallen away and downtrodden to the doors of our parish and please reopen our school, so that God and His Church will again be taught to the children. Please send us a new Bishop too who is faithful the the Church and the Faith. All Glory and Praise to Jesus our Lord. Amen.

  • Boyet

    Dear St. Andre Bessette, you are very close to St. Joseph who guided and protected his Holy Family; our blessed virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ. Help me to do likewise in protecting and guiding my family in the way, the truth and the life promised by our Lord Jesus Christ. Help me to persevere and find courage and strength in the face of storms and evil surrounding us. Please help my sons Patrick and Mikey to find jobs so that they will work for your kingdom; help my daughter Isabel to finish her college course; help my wife Ging that she may find peace in her heart amidst all the stresses and strains of our daily life. Help me to continue the work our Lord Jesus Christ have given me to spread His word and love to all people inspite of my defective character. I ask your help in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ through the intercession our most blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother and St. Joseph, Amen

  • tina tomasella

    Dear Saint Andre, The good Jesus has sent me a mysterious illness that no doctor can diagnose…..I can no longer bear it I humbley ask through your intercession for a cure, i am a nurse,,,,the sick can not take care of the sick….I will give to you one day in caring for my patients as caring for the crucified jesus …giving to you any and all graces I may receive to disperse as you wish..through your hands to present to our Lord……….

  • st brother andre, i have recently learned of your faithfull life and divotion to st joseph. bless you. thank you. please pray for me and my family.

  • T.C.

    Blessed Brother Andre,
    I pray that you heal my father who has just suffered a stroke. Please give him back his physical strength and his speech, which has been affected most. Please help him through the depression that has taken over him. I promise to visit your shrine to offer thanks. I will pray to you every day. Although my faith has been tested, I want to believe that God has a plan for us all, even for my father, a kind, gentle and generous man who does not deserve this suffering. Pray that my mother stays strong and makes it through this very difficult time. Pray for the health and well-being of the rest of my family. Please show me how to become a strong believer once again. Blessed Brother Andre pray for us all.

  • Fannie Jamison

    Dear St. Andre Bessette, please pray for my daughter and her husband, my dear beloved Saint, you know the problems in this family. I trust your intersession to St. Joseph in this cause, and pray for a complete healing of this marriage, as I know how much you loved him and like St. Teresa of Avila, He never refused her, as He has never refused you.
    I trust in your prayers for my family, each and everyone of them.
    I give thanks and praise to the Lord, for your glorification here on earth as you are in heaven.

  • I simply wanted to write and thank Brother Andre’ Marie for the wonderful article he wrote on the life of recently canonized, Saint Andre’. I was browsing for an update on his life and came across this website. What a great site for information on the Lord and his beloved and loyal followers.
    Anyway, my intention was to thank Brother Andre’ Marie for the very well-written piece that honors the life of a hero of mine. I am touched that Saint Andre’s life was selfless in his intentions; it would seem so many people today want the attention and acclaim for their own ulterior motives. Here was a man who became enraged when he was offered a chance to take credit for the miracles he delivered from Saint Joseph. So rare, so loyal, so pristine were his beliefs, that one must measure his or her own self by such faith.
    Thank you Brother Andre’ Marie!

  • Thank you for the kind comment, Kurt! God bless and Mary keep you.

  • Thank you St. Joseph and brother Andre for favors recieved

  • Nancy

    Dear Brother Andre,
    Please pray for Bill and Sandy while they stuggle with Bill’s cancer. We ask this through the intercession of Saint Joseph and Our Lady. Thank you

  • Kurt

    Saint Brother Andre’ Bessette

    What can I say that has not already been said about your blessed giving-spirit? After spending just several days in prayer and conversation with you, you have given me back much of my dignity. In such a short window, two rewarding part time jobs have been offered to me; also, a car has been provided for me with uncanny timing. I will not even pretend to doubt that these blessing come from you. I have applied to so many jobs and now, two appear after such a demoralizing struggle. Then, the car, how simply thankful I am to you.
    You have taught me more in these past few days than I can remember learning in a lifetime through my recent prayer:

    • Prayer can be conversation and need not be completely serious as you truly are a friend; spending time with you is cathartic. I understand now why you spent so much time conversing with your beloved Saint Joseph; you were friends.
    • Pray for “humility” and the “spirit of faith”; such as you stated yourself after tiring of people begging favors of you. To me, this means that you cannot grow closer to God until, you acknowledge your own fallibility. By realizing this humility, one then begins to open themselves to knowing the Lord. God will let you know that your faith is growing by strengthening your faith through his presence.
    • Faith is a great analogy to the power of positive thinking. It is a great wonder to see that when you truly believe, that this is when change comes and prayers are answered. I find even after it seems the prayer is not answered with a yes, it has simply yet to happen, then soon follows; just as though we are being tested. The nuns praying to you for the blind girl in Montreal will attest to this. I used to give up, and now doubt as to how much I truly believed before.
    • The Lord does not want people to live a boring life as so many people believe. I honestly think this is why so many people stray from God. The true blessing of being close to God and the ilk of Saint Brother Andre’ Bessette, is living with the closeness and enjoying the thrill of what awaits you the next day. I’m starting to get it…”I may be slow, but I will learn” (Eric Clapton)

    Thank you saint Brother Andre’ Bessette!

  • Kathy Mallatt

    Please St. Andre intercede for my dad Tom as he undergoes chemo. Please ask our dear Lord to strengthen his body against the negative effects of the chemo.May the chemo be effective in eradicating all of his cancer.Also please give dad peace of heart & freedom from anxiety.

    Thank you so much

  • Gloria Thomas

    Please pray for the spiritual and temporal needs of my family and friends and for complete healing of my knee,
    weight and thyroid problems.

  • DIane Alden

    Special intentions including Nathan, me, Andrew, Lisa, and the rest. Find a confessor and accomplish long term goals that have so far eluded me, focus on doing what it takes and following process with diligence. Get back to the Mass, find some kind of peace re the past along with forgiveness and understanding. Also problems with weight and thyroid, RA, asthma, recurring auto immune attacking organs, energy and focus. Finish interviews for book, finish books, find editor and publisher.

  • Christine

    Dear St. Andre – thank you for reminding us that you were there to support and pray for my father’s eyes on the day of his surgery. Thank you for your constant intersession through our Holy St. Joseph and for keeping my father close in your fervent thoughts and prayers – and thank you St. Joseph for your strong aid and presence. Please continue to Bless us with us with your intersession and prayer – and please continue to help my father to see again. With much love – and appreciation, I remain, Faithfully-in-Christ, Christine.

  • ST. Andre, I beseech you to intercede for me and my family. Please open up my mother and sister’s eyes to the evil doings of a family member. Please reunite my family, forgive them. I beg you to bring peace to our family, bring us to the way it was before the evil one came here. Please return to me my paintings my grandfather gave me and the evil one stole from me. Bring about a miracle, I dearly beseech you. Heal our entire family. I pray you will protect my daughter always. Ask St. Joseph to guide and protect her always. show me God’s will and help me to do His will. Amen.

  • Maureen Stetina

    Saint André-

    Please help Wendy with the severe side effects of chemo that she is currently having. Also please make the chemo effective and eradicate her cancer.

  • Constance

    Dear St. Frere Andre, please pray for our grandson’s recovery. He is need of your prayers to see him through this difficult period and on his way to full recovery. Thank you for your help.

  • charles

    Dearest Saint Andre,

    I heard and read about your greatness and the miracles you have performed. I prayed that you and St.Joseph will performed another miracle in healing my cancer and my mother of all her illness. I beg of of you Saint Andre and with the grace of God.

    Thank you so much

  • Hugo

    Brother Andre,

    Please pray for my son who was born with developmental delays due to being in the autism spectrum.

    Thank you

  • Saint Joseph and Saint Andre,

    Please pray for my teenage son that his SSA will be taken from him, that God’s bountiful graces will be poured upon him and that he receives these graces with a pure heart.

    Thank you.

  • Kathy

    My daughter has Behcet’s and I humbley ask through your intercession for a cure for her. Both of my daughters also have broken hearts due to the recent death of their father, please pray for them to overcome thier grief and please pray that this event does not destroy thier spirits. I also ask for a cure for my husband’s recent back injury. And finally pray that through your intercession that I can become a better child of God, wife, mother and employee. I have been failing miserably in all areas. Plese heal my spirit and mind that I can live my life doing good for others – Amen

  • Josephine

    St. Andre Bessette, I only found out about you recently and wanted to know as much as I can about you. St. Joseph is my patron saint as I had received the name Josephine at Baptism. St. Andre, please intercede for me asking for a full recovery of good health of mind and body after a massive heart attack. Please help me know God’s will for me and I ask your help to be able to do God’s will. Help me in my decisions in life. Please take good care of and help my sons and granddaughters and me love Jesus our Lord more and more and everyone else as Jesus loved us. St. Joseph, please help me and my family in all our needs. St. Andre, please pray for us and ask St. Joseph to bring my prayers to Jesus, his Son.

    Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen.

  • kenneth beck

    please brother andre help me not to feel sorry for myself i have problems with my esophagus i am always belching and what i am belching up is affecting my sinuses giving me ear pain and face pain also chest pain,,this may be GODS grace for my suffering and that is good,i pray to saint brother andre for me to overcome these problems and not to complain about them and to saint joeseph to help me be a better husband and father and to put my family first before me

  • Charles Robertson

    St Andre I beg your intervention on the behalf of myself and my family.

    Thank You

  • Barbara Pepe

    I recently sent comment but didn’t type the two words at bottom.I hope you received my e-mail
    Barbara Pepe

  • Barbara Pepe

    I sent comment about my sufferung fom dyspepsia and belching as many others have the same condition and saw on St Brother Andre website he suffered with digestive problems.I will pray for relief of thiscondition and other digestion problems

  • Marcin

    Dear Brother Andre,
    please intercede for doctor Mucha, my friend’s father, who has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.I believe that he may be completely healed as nothing is impossible to God; I beg you please keep him in your heart. Please also pray for all my family and friends, and my problem at work which is bothering me greatly. Glory be to the Lord for your love of people and your intercessions!

  • angela strano

    St. Joseph’s Oil – price – 1115 white horse pk, c9, haddon twp, n.j. 08107. thank you.

  • Gerardo Maratea

    Dear Brother Andre,
    I only pray for our family as we have lost my father two months ago. Our hearts are broken and I feel this is the time to get close to God more than ever. Please give me the wisdom and inspiration to see the Lord our God and to provide opportunities to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.

  • Michelle

    Please help my six month baby. He has been diagnosed with eye cancer and we have been fighting this for the past few months now. The drugs used are damaging his hearing and they have stopped the protocol. I take this as Gods intervention. Please let it be so that he is in perfect health. Love and Gratitude.

  • I would like to send a donation to Father Andre’. Where can I send it?

    Thank You

    Darlene Lake
    Delaware, USA

  • Darlene,

    I’m not sure to whom you wish to donate. If you wish to donate to the apostolate that runs this web site, please go here:

    If you wish to donate to the Oratory of Saint Joseph, the shrine built by Saint Andre Bessette, please go here:

    Thank you and God bless you.

  • Eve Kelly Corcoran

    Blessed Brother Andre and Dearest Saint Joseph hear my prayers. Bring Catholicity back to \Catholic\ healthcare administration. Continue to bless the many good people who work within the passion to continue the healing ministry of Jesus. Bless my husband and myself with employment that will glorify you always and in all ways. Return Zac and Kyle to the Holy Church with a glowing faith. Call Leonna May home to heaven so she may at last acheive peace and fullness of love with Jesus and be reunited with Everett. Forgive my many sins and cleanse my soul. Bring me always closer to Jesus. Thank you.

  • Alexander John LeDoux

    My Grandmother (nee) Melvina Bessette was a first cousin to Saint Andre’ (nee) Alfred Bessette.
    A year ago my son was in a horrific auto accident that kept him in Intensive Care for six weeks. The doctors said with the amount of internal injuries he would need a minimum of six months of intense physical therapy. I prayed to Saint Andre’ constantly holding and rubbing his medal and prayer card in my hand every day while praying to him. I lost the prayer card and medal while at the hospital during the sixth week. On the first day of the seventh week my son walked out of the hospital un-assisted, and you would not have believed it was the same person that had been in this horrible accident.
    I thank you Saint Andre’ for answering my prayers.

  • Fr. Elbano, C.O.

    I wonder if you know how would I do (if it is possible) to get a 1st class relic of St. Andre? Do you know any one that could help me with this?
    Thanks a lot,
    In Christ and Mary,
    Fr. Elbano, C.O.

  • Father Elbano: You will have to inquire at the Oratory of St. Joseph:

  • Saint Brother Andre Please pray for my wife that her Alzheimers be put in remission, so that she not lose anymore of her memory. Also pray for the return of my children to the faith. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Tara

    Dearest Brother Andre and St. Joseph,
    I request your intercession in my life in regards to my health i’m experiencing numbness going from my shoulder down my elbow and my two fingers pls help my re-cooperate quickly without needing surgery or help from a physician as i have no insurance . i thank you in advance for help in Jesus name AMEN.

  • Janarthan Chandranathan

    Amazing Article


    St Brother Andre,
    I ask for your healing of my sister-in-law, Barb who is suffering with melanoma stage 4.Please return her to health and give her strength to heal physically,spiritually and mentally thru Jesus Christ.

  • Greg Robertson

    I pray to St Joseph that Br Andre is canonized and that his followers are gifted with the love of God the Almighty. May Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mary’s intercession in his canonization be forthcoming.
    Dear Br Andre, through your love and devotion of our Saint Joseph, please assist me to go forth into the next step of devotion to our Father by granting me my wish to be medically retired so I may follow my wish to serve Jesus Christ in working within our Parish. The medical infliction that I have I am willing to put up with so I may realize my dream and vocation.
    May the Lord be with you and all his flock, in Gods name, Amen.

  • Br.andre please correct my bend

  • eamon

    he was my relative

  • Bert

    Saint Brother Andre,

    Thank you for letting me know you and your saintly life. Let me realize to forgive and bring sinners back to the fold of the Lord. This will be realized through the intercession of St. Joseph and through the merciful supplications of Mama Mary.
    Bring healing to my Auntie Luz, Tita Mie and meaningful life to Tia Ter. Continously bring good health to Mommy Zo and Nay Arca.
    I pray for dear departed Dad Lean and Papa Jess, may they see eternal life.

    St. Joseph- you know our desire of migrating to Canada, you’ll be our intercessor, in Jesus name, Amen.

  • edlyn saringan

    St.andre of St.Joseph pls help my husband find a good job with a very good salary..and pls i’m begging to help me go to my cousin’s place of work..

  • Laura

    Saint Brother Andre,
    Pray for my son, Andrew, who suffers from a severe stutter and lives with autism. In his twenty years we have seen God’s hand at work and Andrew’s faith has grown. My faith is the strength that has kept me going to guide and assist him. He is very involved in our church and many people have been touched by his involvement. God creates all things perfect, and I truly believe that God gave Andrew to me so that I might be changed. I am.

    He is weary now, as am I. I ask only that God’s will be done, and I thank God for the many blessings He’s sent our way in the people and programs we’ve met and discovered. In my weariness I ask you to intercede that we may be strengthened and that Andrew’s stutter may disappear. If he could speak clearly, it would be a miracle, and people would notice – a true testament to the power and glory of God even in this day and age.

    I graduated from a college run by the Holy Cross Fathers. It was there that my faith developed and there that I met my husband. Now I have discovered your story and I feel God has led me in a full circle. God IS good…all the time! Blessed St. Joseph, pray for us.

  • Annemarie Amechi

    St Andre
    Thankyou for allowing me to visit Quebec in 02 even when i knew nothing of our darlin St Joseph.Yet, i came to the Oratory and felt a holy presence.
    Pls pray for a break through in my life.
    I am praying for so many things, good job, soul mate/life partner, childred, a good home.
    I am so poor an needy, i need the good Lords intervention in my life. Nevertheless, i thank God.
    I look forward to Gods calling.
    Thank the Lord for me for giving me a personal moment with the baby Jesus, on the arms of St Joseph, in St Edward the Confessor.

  • Karen

    Blessed Andre, Please pray for my husband. His bosses are not paying him what he has earned. They have been doing this for years. They are not following company policy & not paying him what he earns when he travels for the company. He has approached them about this matter but nothing gets done about it. He doesn’t want to loose his job over this so he really don’t know what to do. Please ask God to take care of this matter for us. Please pray for his bosses who take advantage of their workers. Please pray they do what’s right & pay my husband every penny of what he has earned.

  • A Rodrigues

    Brother Andre, beloved hound of St joseph I send these 2 requests that I have been asking for, over many years:

    In the matter of my ex husbands property matter, help him to vitory and solvency. I also ask for his inner healing

    In the matter of our fight with the State to keep our properties, may we prevail in Christ and gain victory

  • Dear Br Andre,

    Please provide your help and intercession to St Joseph for the healing of my health problems. Pray for my little sister, Noel, her daughter, Marley, and her husband, Marc.

    Many thanks for your assistance and prayers.


  • Maureen

    Dear Saint Andre please heal me of the serious health issue that I am currently having.

  • Beloved brother Andre, I ask for your intercesseion in curing my son and ask for love, forgiveness and kindness in my family. Please help me with my own afflictions also. I pray for thee and know you are happy in the palm of your God.

  • Laura bergeron

    Please return my former boyfriend to me as a friend.I respect his decision to remain celibate,but miss his pure friendship.

  • James

    Dear Blessed Andre’ ,please pray for my Dad,and for my back and neck to be healed. Julia to recieve a new heart,surviving family of Dennis M. , through the blessed oil of St.Joseph,miracles to flow in abundance.

  • Joan

    Please Brother Andre,
    Please intercede for me and ask our Lord to heal my father, keep my all my friends and family safe during this storm and help me through my financial struggle.


  • Carlos

    Dear Saint André,
    Help me to solve the problem I have created, I know you and Saint Joseph can solve it with grace and wisdom. Please forgive me for the all the pain I have done to the people who were near me, I really don’t know why I did it. Help my family to be healthy and rebirth the joy in my life through the blessed oil of Saint Joseph. Thanks for your prayers and for helping the people who need you.

  • Carlos

    Saint Brother Andre,
    Please help me to solve the problem I created and be friend with everybody again, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Forgive me for the pain I created to the people who love me. I ask your intercession and St Joseph to bring harmony, peace and health to my life and the people I love. Thanks for all the blessings you already gave me. Thanks for your prayers and for always help the people who need you.

  • Carlos

    Saint Brother Andre,
    Please help me to solve the problem I created and be friend with everybody again, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Forgive me for the pain I created to the people who love me. I ask for your intercession and St Joseph to bring harmony, peace and health to my life and my family, and bring miracles through the blessed Saint Joseph oil. Thanks for all the blessings you already gave me. Thanks for your prayers and for always help the people who need you.

  • Tina DaSilva

    Dear Brother Andre, with all my faith I ask you to ask Saint Joseph to cure my son, Matthew. I believe in you always and forever. I ask you this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  • Catherine

    please pray for my marriage that it becomes strong with positive communication, no more lies no outside disturbances, and most of happiness. I can only pray and believe that our marriage will last, and his heart and love is never ending. I pray that we remain married for anthor 50 years to death do us part. I pray for good health for me and that I have no more issues with my health. I pray for my husband to find and get a better job with set hours, better benefits, more pay, and closer to home. I pray for a positive money flow coming in, and all bills and outstanding debts are paid off.I pray for his happiness, and my happiness. I pray to feel love and wanted again from him. I thank you Brother Andre in advance and believe in you and continuous faith.

  • Saint Andre,
    Please heal my ankle and interceed for me to St.Joseph.
    Thank you!

  • Andre

    Saint Andre – as my namesake, please pray my new grandson Thomas David


  • Wafik

    My patron is Saint Joseph. On earth he commanded the virgin and Jesus our Lord. He carried God in his hands, cared for him guided and nourished him. Does such value merit the meaning it deserves among christians around the world? I am not sure it does, otherwise Saint Joseph would have been invoked every time we pray to the virgin Mary cause no other Saint is even close to him. Together with Jesus and the virgin they represented an earthly trinity with Jesus as the common factor in both heavenly and earthly trinity. May God choose us as recipients of the wisdom to understand his greatness and abilities to command on earth and in heaven and respond to all our petitions as he chose brother Andre.

  • Lila

    Brother Andre,
    Please intercede before St. Joseph and our Father so that my petitions be answered according to Gods will. Please heal my mother of her illness and protect her from harm. Please help my marriage stay strong and bond more each day. Please help my father in law with his illness. Please help us have another child if its Gods will. Please help me lose more weight, Im stuck, and please heal my eye. My husband and I are going through trying times right now and we must stay strong. Please help us and hear my prayer. Amen.

  • D.M.

    St. Andre, I leave before you my troubles and miseries, please intercede before St. Joseph and our Father so that they may be resolved if it be Gods will. Im having a hard time bearing these trials on my own. I need help, and I have faith that you can help me. Please hear my prayers. Amen

  • D.M.

    St. Andre, please pray for my mother, and see that she gets healed from her illness so she may lead a normal life.

  • D.M.

    Thank you Brother Andre for hearing my prayer for my friend Amanda and her father. We have just found out it is not pancreatic cancer, thank you and St Joseph for hearing my praying. Thank you!

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please intercede for me to St. Joseph, I need help. Please strength my marriage and help us to never be apart again. Please heal my mother illness so she can live a normal life she has been suffering for so long. Please help me get thru this storm as strong as possible. Thank you and Amen.

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please intercede for me, I am desperate and need your help. My mother is very ill and has been suffering for a long time. Please come before St. Joseph and ask him to pray that my mother makes a full recovery. Thank you.

  • Paul Rolfes

    Dear Brother Andre, this is your Brother Paul, who left the Congregation of Holy Cross before taking my vows. I pray that you will intercede with St. Joseph to bring my children and grandchildren closer to Christ. Also help my wife to overcome her materialism. I am happy to live with my pain if it is the will of God, but please pray to St. Joseph for me so that I may be relived of some of my pains.
    Thank you Brother Andre,
    Brother Paul

  • Saint Andre de Montreal,
    My cousin gave me a mini statuette in your image and told me about all the miracles you have made happen. I have faith and truly believe in the power or prayer. I have never prayed as much as I have in the past 10 months. I pray now that you will please heal the cancer that is ravaging my husband’s face and throat and to please make it possible for him to swallow without choking and to keep the liquids from seeping into his lungs everytime he tries to drink.
    Thank you
    Thank you

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please answer the prayers requested here and please hear my prayer. Please intercede for me and help my mother be strong to be able to get through this divorce from her cruel husband, you have seen what he has done to her and our family. Please help my sister open her eyes and try to understand the situation. Please help us stop this man from hurting my family again. Please just make him go away peacfully. Thank you.

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please help me stop being so hateful. Thank you

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please pray for me and my family. You know why. Please help us. Thank you.

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please help my mother get the help she needs, we are desperate.

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre,
    Thank you for hearing my prayers and interceding to St. Joseph and our Father. Things are looking better. Please continue to pray for us. I dont know what I’d do without your help. Thank you.

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please pray for me and my family. You know our needs, please pray for us and bring us peace. Thank you.

  • St Andre, Please pray for my wife Elaine. Thank you

  • D.M.

    Brother Andre, please continue to intercede for my petitions. Thank you so much.

  • Frere Andre we are asking to heal my precious mom from that dreadful illness and replace it with something else that we would bring our mom home with her family.

    Monique Gagne

  • D.

    St. Andre,please hear my prayer, my marriage needs help. please help us to be the best we can be for each other. Help us be forgiving and loving. Im desperate, please pray for us. Thank you

  • D.

    St.Andre, please pray for me so that my husband and I can reconcile and never seperate again. We both made mistakes. Please help us reconcile. Im desperate. Thank you.

  • D.

    Brother Andre,
    please help me, im so devastated. I dont know what to do. please help me. please pray for me and help heal my heart. Thank you.

  • Linda

    Saint Andre,

    Please pray that all my family members will find Jesus and the Cathilic faith.

  • Luciew

    Saint Andre,
    Worker of miracles, please heal the cancer that has spread to my husband’s bones. Please keep him from the terrible pain he is suffering.
    Thank you

  • Wmdml

    Pray for the soul of Nicholas Peterlin who will be buried from St. Andre Bessette Church on November 19, 2011. May he reap every eternal reward. We are lost without him.


  • Jansdesigner

    please pray for Jim he has lost 77 lbs. can’t eat solid food. Pray for Heidi has diverteculitis. Kurt head aches. family emotional pain

  • Jansdesigner

    Dear St. Joseph thru the intercession of Brother Andre, please pray for Heidi for deliverance from Alcohol. Rejection and self-destruction and unforgiveness. ermotional healing. Ruth needs restoration of brain connections. Mary from demonic attacks since childhood. Nancy to be restored emotionally Ann and mark, also. other healed from emotional pain of the past. all family members. St. John’s Catholic pray for members.

  • Mariann M

    As a child my parents took us, my brother & myself, to St. Joseph’s Oratory. I was so impressed & moved by the Church & Brother Andre that my husband & I went there on our honeymoon. We went again just a few years ago. Thinking of the Church & Brother Andre brings tears to my eyes & makes my heart swell with love. With the local churches being combined & some changing their names, I came across one that I pass nearly every day on the way to work. I noticed a banner on the front of it. The face on it was familiar—it is Brother Andre!!!! I ended up going there for confession at Christmas. The church is small but it has a certain presence of holiness. That is why I went on this web site. If I can so humbly ask St. Andre to help my family know, love, & serve God & to help my husband feel better. He has diabetes & arthritis. May God bless us all. Thank you.

  • Mariann M

    St. Andre, please help all in our family get well. It seems that everyone has some sort of health problem. And please help Tara’s family through the loss of her brother-in-law. He left behind his wife & 2 young children. Give us the strength to endure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. LOVE.MM

  • Lydia

    Please keep me  and these intentions in prayers to St. Joseph and Brother Andre.
    That Fifner Attorneys drop probate court case and any case against me. That they soon send me letter telling me that probate court hearing is cancelled.
    That nursing home resubmit bills to Medical Mutual and Medicare and that this debt be paid off in full soon by these insurances.
    Thank you and God bless you and loved ones.

  • Fr. Martin Nyland

    Please pray through the intercession of St. Andre for my complete healing.  My concentration and memory issues are so compromised that I cannot fulfill my priestly duties, which I so ardently desire to do.  Thank you. Fr. Martin

  • Bnlkngjac

    Saint Andre,
    Please pray for my Mother who has suffered so much in the last few months.  St. Joseph, pray for her.

  • EVE


  • EVE


  • Cfbarra

    St. Andre’ please pray for my son to find his way back to Christ.

  • Damianr2006

    Dear St Andre, we are told St Joseph never fails to grant any request. Please ask the foster father of our Lord for a complete healing for me.(eti ad joseph)
    Thankyou St Andre.


  • Dmh2325

    St Andre performer of miracles through St Joseph please stop my son from having seizures release him from his dependence of medicine and defeat the need for brain surgery. Thank you for healing my good friend’s cancer.

  • Guest of Life

    I have asked.  You know.  Give me the faith to believe it to be so. 

  • Clausing53

    Eighteen and a half years ago I had breast cancer and that is when I found St. Andre.
    I somehow found him and felt much comfort on reading about his life and works.  Every year as I approach my annual mammograms, I pray to St. Andre along with Padre Pio., St.  John Neumann, Venerable Solanus Casey and St. Benedict.  Knowing we have such powerful friends in heaven  gives me great comfort.  I once again ask St. Andre for his intercession as my tests will be this Thursday the 16th of February.
    Thank you, dear St. Andre and all our friends.

  • Clausing53

    Eighteen years ago I had breast cancer and that is when I found St. Andre.  Reading about his life and works gave me much comfort.  Every year when I have to have my tests I pray to St. Andre, St. John Neumann, Prade Pio and St. Benedict.  This Thursday I will have my annual mammogram and once again I pray that St. Andre and all my friends in heaven pray for a good report. 
    Thank you, St. Andre

  • Clausing53

    Thank you dear St. Andre for your intercession!  My mammogram is normal.  My prayers were answered.  All praise, honor and glory to Our Lord.  

  • Suzanne

    My twin sister Mary had polio before she was 2 years old. Doctors did what they could. Then my Mother and Father took her to St. Joseph’s Oratory for a miracle. She came home and has been fine ever since. Now I have cancer with a not very good prognosis. So my brother Ed and his wife Carol took Mary and I to St. Joseph Oratory in January. What an incredible holy experience. We went to the Mass for the Sick held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. Now I continue to pray for a miracle. I am a member of St. Andre Bessette parish in New Hampshire and feel very close to him, St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother.  Praise God for giving us these great saints to help us through this life and into the next.

  • dave

    Saint Andre,

    Help me this day to ask St. Joseph to hear me to:

    1. Get a good job

    2. Move to a home of my own

    3. Find my life-partner and marry this year

    I trust that St. Joseph wants to bring this about and that
    I should ask you.

    I know he would grant it if you ask!! Amen.

    Heal me also of all my infirmities both physical and spiritual.

    Thank you.


  • Barth

    Saint Andre,

    I have been making arrangement to go to Canada, but I am not too sure if it is God’s Holy will. Speed up everything for me to go there and live including my health and infirmities. If it is and I go, help me to visit St. Joseph’s church and your tomb to pray.

    Thank you so much

  • ogueji

    Saint Andre,

    I am facing very critical family challenges at this time. Please help me to resolve all of them and bring unity ad togetherness in the whole family and their conversions. I entrust to you my own peculiar problems as well that you speedily resolve them and save me from shame. May your name be more known in Canada, USA…and the whole world to the glory and honor of God , Our Lady and St. Joseph!! Amen! Amen!!

  • ogueji

    Saint Andre,

    Help me to obtain from St. Joseph an increase in faith so that I may always grow intensely in holiness and spread the kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth.

    Help me so that I may do my Masters, if possible in Canada/USA and live and work there, doing a lot of apostolate in furthering the kingdom of Our Blessed Lord here on earth! Take care of my health since Canada is quite cold.

    I trust in your intercession with St. Joseph and I await a quick answer to my prayer! May God be praised always!!

  • Damian

    Dear Saint Andre, you have the ear of St Joseph-please ask him for my intercession.
    St Andre-A Saint, A Brother, A Friend. Ite Ad Joseph.
    Thankyou. D

  • Kamoor2003

    For my daughter’s best friend who has cancer. Nothing is working for her and she had two surgeries.

  • Lprobyn

    I read your message and tears flowed with the honesty of your message. I sincerely hope you are going to be okay and that you know that God loves you so much and all of Gods creations are filled with love for you.

  • A. Gloria

    Blessed Saint Andre, I know many who are sick, many who are suffering numerous ailments. I pray for them all. But I especially pray for one 15 year old girl, my friends daughter who has a very rare form of bone cancer. Despite aggressive treatment for almost a year, it’s spread throughout her body, her spine and more. I implore you to come to her side and help bring her to full health. Please pray for Zoe and her family. Thank you.

  • Lucia

    Blessed Sainte Andre:
    Heal my friend Anthony from bladder cancer that has metastasized to the bone. He has much more work to do on earth and has a heart filled with love. Merci beaucoup


    Dear st. Andre
    Please cure my wife, she has suffered too many years. St. Joseph, have mercy on her. Both of you will be in my prayers for ever. Her name is Sofia. She is 76 years old. Please grant me this miracle,

  • Yvette

    Saint Andre – worker of miracles, please intercede for our friend Rob Guilford. He has been ill and received a liver transplant last month. He has had many health complications since his transplant. During transplant, the splenic artery and left gastric artery were tied up and a vessel created from his aorta to supply blood to the liver that was working beautifully but now occluded. It appears that he has poor blood flow to other organs and will need another liver transplant. Saint Andre, pleas intercede for Rob and his family. Pray for Rob’s arteries to be free from occlusion, so that the blood may flow. Pray for his health to improve so that he will not require another liver transplant. Pray that his body will heal so that he will be able to return to his life here on earth and do the good deeds for Christ.

  • eblyn

    Saint Andre, Thank you for re-introducing St. Joseph to me. Let me choose God’s will for my life, career, financial, health and partner. Don’t let God test me anymore, I had plenty. Thank you for your work. Amen

  • Susan

    Saint Andre,
    I believe that whoever come to your aid like Jesus will be cured. Please convert my husband to believe in Jesus, Mother Mary and Saint Joseph that he will be cured from his pain ( all over his body ).May his neck operation ( 5th vertebrae) on Feb 28,2013 will be successful, and he will able to work again. Blessed the doctor,nurses and other staff who’s performing the operation. I wish my husband will developed his FAITH and come with me to the church after operation to thanks our God.
    Thank you .

  • Reenie

    Saint Andre,
    Please pray for our mom who is sick, we are all praying for her too. Her 4 sons,4 daughters. and her husband need her. we all love her so much. She is such a strong person for her family. we will know more this coming week with visits to her doctor(we hope). please be with her and help her get well again in all the miracles you have done. Even though she is not feeling well she keeps telling us it is in Gods hands, one day at a time she says. She has so much love for all her family and friends, never anything bad to say about anyone. I went to church with her last night and spoke to Father Hynes about mom and he told us to pray to you and he is also saying prayers for her. She can use all the prayers from anyone. So please pray for her and give us a miracle.

  • Patricia Gilchrist

    Saint Andre, please heal my niece Stacy, who is sufferring with ALS.

  • cmfcj

    St. Andre please help me with this depression. I have health issues also please intercede for me.
    Our family needs peace and forgiveness. I have a problem with forgiveness please help me. Thank

  • Mary

    Saint Andre, I ask for your intercession for healing of my twin sister from stage4 kidney cancer. She is so good and faith filled…and inspiration to many. Thank you

  • Gloria

    Dear St. Andre,
    Please pray to St. Joseph for a successful second interview on Friday at l0 am for Patti & that
    she gets the job she wants.

  • Karen

    Please bless my parents and keep a good roof over their head. Please guide me in making proper decisions. Please help Wayne be cured of his illness.

  • Patty

    Saint Andre,

    Please pray for my mother Sara that her legs and spine pain get better and, she can

    walk again,please free her of the pain.
    Thank you

  • Chris

    Please heal my marriage St Andre. Make it glow with the Holy Spirit’s light.

  • Joanne

    Saint Andre with the help of St Joseph please intercede on my behalf that I may be healed of this cancer. I have not completed my life mission and still have much to do in His Holy name.
    Thank you for your intervention and praise and thank God in advance. Miracles happen and I need one.

  • Lisa

    Brother Andre,

    Please help my Uncle Gary who has lost all hope in his battle with Cancer. We need your prayers and your guiding light.


  • Ann Marie

    Saint Andre
    Please work your miracle, heal the cancer my husband has been told in kidney and urinary tract. Because of heart disease, doctors feel surgery is a risk. please help rid him safely and successfully of this cancer.

  • Saint Andre,
    I am asking that you will intercede with St. Joseph for the sale of our canyon property, as quickly as possible. Please heal our family. I also ask for you to intercede and heal the heart and spirit of my dear friend who has lost her beloved dog. She is devoted to you.
    Thank you.

  • janice bolio

    Saint Andre, please pray for my husband Jim. He has copd, and asthma. Thank you in Jesus name amen.

  • lindascrusades

    we are a close relative according to the family tree. i need you to please intervene in the cancer in my daughter in law. she has already lost her leg metastasized to the lung, both were operated on and now it is back. the end of this month the doctors want to operate again.she is but only 40 with 4 children,. my son her husband is the only one working and is going crazy with hart ache . i know you will be there for them and thank you so much and to thank you i will always help anyone who needs help, thank you lord for my brother andre

  • Rachelle

    Dear Holy Father, I do not ask for healing, I do not ask for riches I ask of you to please cleanse
    and protect my soul and spirit, please guide me through the coming times of my life so that I may
    find the peace and solace that I crave, for God has blessed you with the greatest gift of all, the gift
    of faith, truth, when we look around us there can be no denying that our true God exists yet with
    all the evil forming in the world it is easy to lose our way, Dear Dove of God please give me the
    strength of faith to accept what I cannot change. your servant Rachelle.

  • Anna

    Saint Andre and Saint Joseph,
    Please heal my mother of advanced cancer. That she may see her grandchildren grow old and teach them the faith. Thank you in advance, for I have faith that she will be cured and healed.

  • Leann Doyle

    When I was 17 I had my right ovary and fallopian tube removed due to having a cyst, I have been trying for a baby for the past 8years and nothing has happened ,my partner and i have undergo ivf but it doesn’t work, until i saw some lady comment here how she got pregnant by the help of a spiritualist named oduma who did a pregnancy and a cleanse spell for her, i then decided to give a try 2months ago and contacted the same prophet oduma and did the spell , and my doctor just confirm it that am pregnant , thanks every1 for the support and for putting the email of the spell caster that helped me , you can also contact oduma for what every situation you are on or call him 2347O5517884.