Catholic Governor Chris Christie Rejects Church Teaching on Sinfulness of Homosexual Acts

It is rather pathetic that someone as astute as the NJ governor would neglect to distinguish between the non-sinful homosexual tendency (which can be cured) and the immoral act in deliberate thought and/or deed.

LifeNews: One of America’s top conservative personalities distanced himself from his Catholic faith’s teachings on homosexuality, saying that he believes homosexuals are “born that way” and therefore it is “very difficult” to call homosexuality sinful. More on this here.

  • Gregory

    The governor’s sexual preferences would seem to eliminate him from calling himself a Catholic.

  • John S

    We should disbelieve St. Paul, the tireless apostle and author of the most books in Holy Scripture, but we should give credence to this incarnate helium balloon.

    “someone as astute as the NJ governor” OH PLEASE!!
    “Have I not hated those who have hated Thee, Oh Lord”