In France the Faith Will Not Be Extinguished

The Imaginative Conservative, Joseph Pearce;

In a recent essay, “Is the West Lost Forever?,” I wrote the following:

What will be left when the secularist ‘West’ is dead will be the Permanent Things. Christianity is alive and well, and thriving and growing, in Africa, Asia, China–and yes, even in resurrected embryonic form in Europe and other parts of the ‘West.’ Europe and the ‘West’ might be committing collective suicide, but Christendom is always new, as it is always old, because it is the Permanent Thing.

In light of these words, a recent essay in America about the rise and renewal of Christianity in France illustrates all too clearly the “resurrected embryonic form” of the Christian revival in Europe. Full article is here.

  • Bob Wolfe

    Yes, Brian, I never worry about the final demise of the Church and the Faith, but we live in time, and at my age (83) time may be short. So I pray a lot and speak when it seems efficacious to do so, but I do have serious concerns about most of my children and family members who have all left the Church. And I am concerned about the catastrophic and continuing decline and shortage everywhere in the number of priests in the Novus Ordo Church, even in my own diocese. I look at the new and thriving traditional order seminaries producing many new traditional priests and wonder why these seminaries are ignored or even opposed by most Catholic bishops and even the Pope. What kind of faith does that imply? What kind of faith is being received by those in the “thriving” parts of the Novus Ordo Church. Is it the faith of Amoris Laetitia which can be understood as denying the words of Our Lord Himself? Can the Church really thrive without a return of the classic Roman (Latin) liturgy and the theology it embodies?