Lesbian Nominee for EEOC Commissioner Ready to Prosecute Catholic Institutions and Commerce

If this woman’s appointment is ratified by Congress what is happening to Belmont Abbey College will happen to any institution or commercial enterprise that refuses to give homosexual couples  equal status with married heterosexuals.  As I noted in yesterdays post, Chai Feldblum, wants to go “Beyond” homosexual “marriage” and give equal recognition to a whole “menu” of other kinds of “kindred relations.”  Obama is unleashing an all out assault on the natural moral law with his radical appointees.  He is doing just what he said he would in his inaugural address: “Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America.” “Remaking America” apparently was code for undermining the Constitution and shredding whatever little was left of the moral fabric of the nation and replacing it with total hedonism.  The heavy chastisement of God’s wrath is upon us.

CatholicOnLine’s Deacon Fournier, who has studied constitutional law, has a sobering analysis of what lies ahead.