Mach 20 Speed Aircraft Can ‘Strike’ Anywhere on Earth in Less Than an Hour! Halleluja!

CatholicOnline: The test flight of an experimental aircraft capable of traveling at 20 times the speed of sound was undertaken last August. The Pentagon has now released the results of the super-fast vehicle, boasting the capability of striking anyplace in the world in less than an hour. Read more here.

  • GeneDe

    Fascinating!  Or is it?  This from Catholic Online: “There aren’t any more flights scheduled for the Falcon program.”
    I think there will be more.  Remember the SR-71 Blackbird?   That baby flew at more than Mach 4 back in the ’60s!   No one knows the exact speed that the thing was capable of.  It could fly from LA to DC in less than an hour!   The super-secret Blackbird was only the beginning.  It was the successor of the X-15.   We also don’t know how many test pilots died before the thing was “perfected.”    

    Back in the ’80s, I was involved in highly classified projects for the government during the Reagan years.  One day, one of the “top secret” items appeared in the —- Readers Digest!

    The gov always says that no more flights or tests are scheduled for a aircraft or project that “failed.”   This is, of course, to throw folks off the beaten path thinking that the experiment is over.

    If anyone is interested in the UFO phenomenon, just do a little research on some of these gov projects — such as Area 51 (yes, there was (or is?) an area 51 in Nevada!)).   It may or may not be a coincidence that during the ’60s when many “sightings” were reported by honest folk, they were seeing some experimental aircraft, including the Blackbird.      

    But the technology has led to the current scourge of the military: the use of the unmanned drone that has been used in several countries, taking the lives of far too many innocent civilians all in the quest to get the bad guys, supposedly.