Metropolitan Hilarion’s Obsession Against the Uniate Catholics

Catholic Culture: The chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations delivered an address in Fribourg, Switzerland, to mark the first anniversary of Pope Francis’s historic meeting with Patriarch Kirill in Havana.

After discussing the significance of the meeting and reviewing ecumenical developments of the past year, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk had strong words for Eastern Catholics . . . More here with a link.

  • defeat_heresy

    As an eastern catholic myself i can only hope for their conversion to the catholic faith. Many Catholics today see the catholic and ” orthodox” churches as both being the true church while being separated by a two way schism. which leads them error, because they don’t actively seek to convert them to the catholic faith and hope for a false union to happen even when many “orthodox” laymen are anti latins and anti catholics who will never accept catholic dogmas unlike what their bishops did at the council of Florence. The eastern “orthodox” despise the eastern catholic churches because we hold obedience to the pope of rome just like how the early church did while keeping our jurisdictional and liturgical traditions.

  • Theodosius

    I can tell you as a former Orthodox convert FROM Catholicism (Now reverted BACK to Catholicism) that Orthodoxy, as alluring as it is, fails in several regards. It fails morally, with an institutionalized divorce system which makes for institutionalized sacrilege, with many spiritual fathers allowing artificial contraception, and by FALSELY claiming to be “Patristic.” Yet, ask them to describe their patristics. They’re all GREEKS and some Syrians. They ignore Ambrose, Augustine, Jerome, Hilary, Prosper, Fulgentius, Caesarius, Isidore, etc. They only adhere to a local and regional collection of fathers, focusing mainly on the Cappadocians, St. John Chrysostom, and Maximos and Damascene.

    What drew me back to the Catholic faith was that ALL the Catholic dogmas could be supported by an appeal to BOTH Eastern and western Fathers. The Filioque is not just in Augustine, it is substantially in Sts/ Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa as well.

    But conversely, the particularly Orthodox dogmas such as Palamism are attributable to who? Palamas and maybe an influence from St. Basil? Come on. It’s a very one-sided presentation of the truth that conveniently ignores oh, an entire half of the Church and dares call itself “One, holy catholic and apostolic”!

    It’s far more INcompatible with the Catholic faith than many realize because the entire spiritual philosophy is predicated on an anti-scholasticism. Thank Fr. Romanides for that as well.