Nepal: 50,000 Hindu Dalits Convert to Catholic Faith

AsiaNews, Christopher Sharma: “We have come together to convert to Christianity to save ourselves. We have all practiced Hindu faith for generations since it was mandatory, but today the country is secularized and Hindu faith can not save us. Those who torment and who humiliate us are Hindus like us.  By being named untouchables we are judged from the bottom down. We can not even touch lower caste people, can not enter their homes, we can not touch public drinking water and can not have access to public places. So what is this belief? Are we certain in this faith? We concluded ‘no’ and decided to convert to Christianity. ” “We are in danger everywhere,” he added, “and we are discriminated at any time, so we ask for the grace of Jesus because we have seen that there is no discrimination in Christianity. We believe that Jesus can protect us.” “The decision is made even if we have not yet contacted the Christian priest who can baptize us,” concluded Lal Babu BK, “we will do it and we hope the priest will welcome us.” Full report is here.