+ R.I.P. Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. + (updated with funeral arrangements)

At about 9:00 AM this morning, Saturday, September 5, our beloved Superior, Brother Francis, M.I.C.M., went to his reward.

Brother had received Holy Communion in the morning, and a few hours later quietly slipped away with little warning. His death was very peaceful. We, his religious family, are greatly consoled by the fact that our teacher, guide, and friend died on the First Saturday of the Month, wearing the Brown Scapular to which he was so greatly devoted, with a candle burning before a nearby image of his beloved Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.

We are grateful to all those who prayed for Brother and had Masses offered for him during his final illness.

Brother Francis will be waked at Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire on Wednesday, September 9 from 2-4 PM and 7-9 PM. The funeral will be a sung Requiem Mass in the traditional Latin Rite, offered by the Very Reverend Father Daniel O. Lamothe at Saint Margaret Mary Church in Keene (where the Keene Latin Mass is offered). The Mass will be Thursday, September 10, at 11:00 AM. For a map showing the church’s location, go here. For directions to Saint Benedict Center, go here.

Please read Brother Francis’ Obituary and the Ad Rem, The Funeral of Brother Francis, in Thoughts and Pictures.

  • ED

    How beautiful of Our Lady to take one of her most devoted slaves to Heaven on First Saturday, the church has lost an intellectual giant today. He recieved the grace of a dying on Saturday due to the fact that thru the years he used the graces given to him to lead others to Christ and his Church.I’m sure Brother Francis is already discussing the Dogma with Our Lord and recieving the rewards he so richly deserved. May eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and may his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace!! Brother Francis, Father Feeney Sister Catherine, Brother Hugh and all the deceased Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary….pray for us!

  • John Chabot

    … finally, when my soul shall appear before Thee, and I shall behold for the first time the immortal brightness of Thy majesty, O cast me not away from Thy presence, but vouchsafe to receive me into Thy bosom, there forever to sing Thy praises, and then..

    MERCIFUL JESUS HAVE PITY ON ME! (from a prayer for a happy death)

    Thy tears dear Jesus! Pardon my own!

  • Don Flynn

    My wife and I are adding Brother Francis to the dead whom we commemorate during the Canon at our daily Mass. We also will attempt to gain a plenary indulgence for him, even though he undoubtedly bypassed purgatory, so the prayers and any indulgence gained will be applied to someone else.

    Brother Francis continues to be “in our home” since I continue to replay his recorded presentation of Philosophia Perennis. With every replaying, there is additional fruit. The legacy left by Brother Francis will continue to live for many years.

  • Bonifacius

    It is a privilege for me, and a humbling one, to say that I once was helped in my spiritual progress by a letter Bro. Francis wrote me. I will testify for his cause when it comes up. R.I.P.

  • I was wondering if the Center will publish any Memoirs he had? Or perhaps a Biography?

    Tempus fugit.

  • Tom

    From the Melkite Greek Byzantine Catholic Trisagion (Prayers for the Deceased):

    May his memory be eternal

    Eonee-ya aftou he mneemi (Greek)

    Le yakon dhikruhu mu-abbadan (Arabic)

  • Tom

    My late philosophy professor Dr. Larry Azar was a student of his at Boston and spoke fondly of him. Requiescat in pace.

  • btpcm

    It was my great pleasure to provide for Brother Francis a few years ago a sense of profound appreciation for his work. I managed to see him speaking to others about the moment I finally was able to meet him, after having studied his Philosophia Perennis by audio tape for two years. He did not know I was within earshot. I knew how important it was to him to be appreciated. The story of his practical banishment from the college where he had been a mathematics professor is a powerful testimony of our age of decline in higher education. Can you imagine a school of higher learning turning away his talents? But their loss was our gain! Now my dear daughter, Sister Maria Rosaria, is the recipient of the fruits of his life’s work, for she has the daily privilege of being at the Center with the sisters. May we not hesitate to share our memories of him, for he would be so proud of our appreciation. Good bye, dear friend, may we meet again!!! R.I.P.


  • Thank you, Brother Francis (and Fr. Feeney) for your great defense of the True Faith. I know that you had no layover in Purgatory. Rest in peace.

  • Bob & Bernadette Cohen

    Brother Francis, we thank you for the 30 plus years we were taught by you, worked for you. All these years were so helpful to us and our children. They all knew you and were taught by you. You fought the good fight and now it is time for us to carry on. We will pray for you and hope you will pray for us. Thank you, Brother Francis.
    Bob & Bernadette

  • Dear Bro. Francis,MICM Adieu!
    Ever since I received your email from ToPrefect on my Admission, I felt a deep sense of gratitude towards you. I also learnt to appreciate the people I am dealing with through the internet, knowing that I am lucky to have them, and this opportunity you have given me..unworthy really I feel I am.
    I know you are in HEAVEN for you departed on the 1st Saturday morning…early in the morning at Lauds. Your Requiem Mass is in Heaven…Please, O Superior intercede for me.Amen

  • Thomas Nelson

    May he rest in peace.

  • Sorry for your loss.

  • Natalia Dimitrovna

    I have just received the news of the Falling Asleep of Brother Francis. Memory Eternal!

  • Brother Andre Marie

    I would also like to tell you on this occasion that I apologize for all of my past rude etc. remarks. I was out of order many times, and I appreciate and thank you for your patience. Your site does have many excellent articles and I’m sure I will have much to learn from them in the future. Once again, sorry for the loss of Brother Francis.

  • Thank you for the kind sentiments, Mr. Sifdol. Your apology is accepted. I’m glad you like to read our articles. God bless you.

  • Dolores Lawless

    Brother Francis was surely one of the great leaders of the holy Church in the 20th century and will be sorely missed.
    God granted him a long life so that he could guide and inspire many of us. We will pray for him and beg his prayers for us until we meet again, hopefully, in Heaven.

  • My condolences to Sr.Bernadette and family and to all the
    members of your community. Brother Francis was a good friend
    of mine and I don’t like losing such a friend. I found out
    about his death after the funeral and I was sorry that I could
    not attend. My wife Emma and I will remember him in our prayers and have Masses said for him. I am thankful that I had
    a chance to know him in this life. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Kurt G. Kuemmerlein

    I am sorry for the loss of Br. Francis. I am disappointed that he is no longer with us. I feel he was a part of the total picture of New England which is now turning to Fall. God’s blessings on you all.

  • After receiving (as I call it) the Holiest of Holy Communions (the final one) that early morning and in a state of Grace; he was granted a peaceful death. He had a holy soul. I could never doubt his entrance into Heaven.

    Although I had never met him, I will still miss him. That is only part of the impact that he had on me.

    Deo Gratias,
    Carl Larsen