Saint Cynthia (Cinthia) (249)

She was an Egyptian girl who was martyred under Decius.  Because she would not worship idols, her feet were tied to a horse and she was dragged through the streets.

  • Hello. I would appreciate any additional information on Saint Cynthia. Thank you.

  • Nassejje Bethany

    I would like to know when is the feast day of st. cynthia on catholic calender! Catholic priests in my parish cannot baptize the name, they will usually refer you to names on the calender and cynthia’s name does not appear. It does either appears in the bible. So what can we do?

  • Nassejje: St. Cynthia’s feast is February 8. She is mentioned in the Roman Martyrology. There is no reason not to name a Catholic girl with this name.

  • Onah aloy

    What is the meaning cynthia

  • The name is another form of Kynthos, and is the name of a mountain in Greece, on the Isle of Delos. Cynthia is another name for the Greek goddess Artemis. (source: )

  • Monica O.

    Does anyone know any additional information on St. Cynthia (feast day, date of birth, date of death, era of time in which she lived)?

  • cynthia

    more information on st cynthia

  • Cecilia Lia

    what the special about saint cynthia

  • Cecilia Lia

    what is the specil about saint cynthia…

  • What is so special about her is that she is in heaven and Church honors her as a martyr for Christ. All that is special enough.

  • She was martyred in the persecution of Decius, which lasted from 249 to 251. That’s as much as I can answer, Monica.