Saint Patrick Raised 33 People from the Dead: Here Are a Few Examples

Excerpt from Saints Who Raised the Dead, True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles, by Fr. Albert J. Hebert, S. M.

It has been said that St. Patrick (c. 389-c. 461) performed a thousand miracles. And why not? Many more (40,000) were prudently attributed to St. Vincent Ferrer, the Dominican missionary and “Angel of Judgment.”

Moreover, the author knows of no saint for whom there are claimed so many resurrection miracles during one apostolic lifetime as for St. Patrick; there were as many as 39 of these wonders.  Thirty-three are mentioned in one specific report:

“For the blind and the lame, the deaf and the dumb, the palsied, the lunatic, the leprous, the epileptic, all who labored under any disease, did he in the Name of the Holy Trinity restore unto the power of their limbs and unto entire health; and in these good deeds was he daily practiced.  Thirty and three dead men, some of whom had been many years buried, did this great reviver raise from the dead, as above we have more fully recorded.” Read more here.


  • Papasan James

    Is it any wonder that the glorious heavenly works attributed to St Patrick have been distorted and mocked by unregenerate and evil men influenced by the darkness of Satan in a vain attempt to deceive us with a spirit of decadence and revelry…turning St Patrick’s Day into a drunken festival for the lost and unrepentant!

  • Hello fellow seekers.

    I found this website and article while looking for good information about stories of resurrection.

    I have been searching for reliable stories across the world. Wonder of wonders…there are plenty of accounts of MODERN resurrection. My purpose is to create a series of articles, images and videos about people being raised from the dead.

    This is part of a larger series about MIRACLES.

    What I noted in the article on this website, and the link to the Story of Saint Patrick, is the careful mention of this great saint’s humility. We can only imagine what it would have been like to travel to a wild land and bring the message of the gospel.

    Thank you very much for the exquisite detail you’ve brought to this epic story…of Saint Patrick.