St. Pius X Ordered All Parish Priests to Spend 1 Hour Every Sunday Catechizing Children

The Catholic Thing: Pope Pius X is often criticized because in 1910 he demanded that all priests take an anti-modernist oath. It’s hardly known that in 1905 he ordered all priests around the world to do something else, perhaps even more challenging.  Did he call for greater commitment to the glory of Eucharist? Did he demand more emphasis on missions? Or did he rebuke them for their lack of holiness? Although he could have done any of these things, what he actually did was to call them to focus their attention on one simple task: he ordered them to spend an hour every Sunday catechizing the children of their parishes. Read Todd Hartch’s full article here.

  • Terentius

    Why can’t a priest set up a youtube channel and have the classes on that? I am currently taking a course that is something like that except it’s with the university. Then a local lay person can be the teachers aid. A discussion forum could be set up to discuss the topic for adult lessons.

  • CarlJMangine

    Now the priest at our parish has the teens over to “his house” and cooks them dinner and teaches them the liberal theology of Vatican II…and to facilitate this the parish finance council authorized the expenditure of $12,000.00 +/- to renovate the “media room” at the pastor’s home to provide for this brainwashing. We can only pray for the success of the Society of Saint Pius X.