Very Good News: a New Priest for SBC

All friends and supporters of Saint Benedict Center are hereby informed that Father David Phillipson has been appointed to serve at Saint Benedict Center, Richmond. Father has been granted faculties by the Bishop of Manchester to offer Mass and hear confessions at the Center’s Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel. Please join the Brothers and Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in our gratitude to Bishop McCormack for approving our chapel as a place of Catholic worship and for allowing Father Phillipson to serve here.

  • Eugene R. De Lalla

    Thanks be to God!!!

  • Robert J. Carbone, Esq.

    Deo gratias! I do not mean to offend and this is just my personal opinion, but this article should have been the headline for the web page, i.e., just above the Saint of the Day. The important news of the day belongs there, not six inches down on the page in a side column.

  • Eugenia Doucette ASA

    I agree with Mr. Carbone..This is awesome news and something our family has prayed for a long time even before Br. Andre went to Rome (his first visit). Deo Gratias, Semper Deo Gratias!! Welcome Father Phillipson!!

  • Timothy D. Whitney

    Allow me to add my Deo Gratias and my agreement with the comments by Mr. Carbone.

  • Tom

    Did Mariam Maluf play a role in getting Fr. Phillipson as your chaplain? She is the choir director for the Sunday afternoon traditional Latin Mass offered by Fr. Phillipson at St. Joseph’s Church in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, she has had a long-term (life-time?) affiliation with the St. Benedict Centers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

  • No, Tom. Mariam was not involved in the process. A mutual friend recommended him to us a long time ago, when Father was yet working in the Midwest.

  • Susan Sulmonte

    You are truly blessed! I have been attending mass by Fr. Phillipson here in Massachusetts. He is a gifted priest. He will bring much grace to you and your parishioners.

  • Barb Finnegan

    This is wonderful news. I saw it on Father Zuhlsdorf’s blog.
    Is Father Phillipson still with the FSSP? He came to Upstate NY to say the EF Mass several times in 2007 (and I think 2008, too, before the Fraternity was not allowed to come back).
    Maybe he will come to next year’s Auriesville pilgrimage, no?

  • Dear Barb,

    Father Phillipson is not an FSSP priest. He is a priest of the Santa Fe, NM Archdiocese. I cannot say whether he’ll be on Pilgrimage next year.

  • Barb Finnegan

    Brother Andre Marie-my mistake. I beg pardon.
    It’s just that there was an FSSP priest who had the same name.

  • Fred Moriarty

    Fr. Phillipson is an awesome Priest. I have had the privilege of knowing him for a year now and serving Mass for him, often as the MC. May God bless him in his new endeavor. Hopefully I’ll get up there sometime.

  • Beatrice

    I could be incorrect but, doesn’t the Roman Catholic Diocese place priests in churches? So I’m wondering why you would be advertising for a new priest when isn’t it the Diocese who does the replacing?

  • When Father Phillipson came here, it was because a very kind and charitable priest friend let us know that he was in need of a place to serve. We proposed him to the Diocese of Manchester and they approved him. Recently, I was directed by the Diocese to find another priest so that they could assign him.

    Please join us, Beatrice, in praying that we will find a good priest to serve here.