What Do You Expect From the Blasphemer Dirty Harry?

It was quite a long time ago, when I had a TV, that I heard Clint Eastwood, in a Dirty Harry movie, utter a particularly despicable and blasphemous line against Our Savior and His Holy Name. I clicked off the movie instantly.

Now the actor has signed a petition, along with one hundred other well-known Republicans, to have the Supreme Court declare the California ban on same-sex ‘marriage,’ — the vote of the people be damned — unconstitutional.

NBC News: Clint Eastwood has joined more than 100 Republicans in signing a brief to the Supreme Court arguing that gays and lesbians should be allowed to legally wed. More here.

  • schmenz

    The Libertarians (Lew Rockwell, etc.) all love him because he is…a Libertarian. And Libertarians are, as one wag once said, “Conservatives without the morals”.

    With this latest action, he is also something else: insane.

  • Mr. Brian Batty, O.P.

    First it was Medjugorje and watching many gradually embrace it; now it’s the political right’s latest shift to promiting perversion. All too often I feel I’m now living in an Ionesco play.

  • Brian: That’s absurd! :-)