Yoga, Door to Transcendental Meditation and Demonic Possession

Father Bill Kneemiller has an informative article in the Davenport diocesan newspaper on the dangers of the many faces of the New Age movement. He speaks from personal experience. The first step he took in the wrong direction of Hindu and Buddhist practices was the so-called “technique” of yoga.

“The topic of New Age movements, once a budding campus phenomenon, is now mainstream and as close to us as our local bookstore or DVD movie. New Age refers to forms of spirituality that draw from old systems of knowledge such as Zen, Gnosticism (secret knowledge) and Eastern meditation.

“New Age concepts and ideals are even becoming part of our vocabulary. I know this terminology well, as I had a former involvement with Eastern meditation practices before my reconversion to my Catholic roots. I have been steeped in both traditions. So, I may have some insights for Catholics who are dabbling in New Age practices.  I have not publicly written about this before because it has taken time to come out of this New Age involvement.” Read full article here.

  • Justin

    It’s sad that so many of these practices have crept into religious orders within the Church. what is also sad is when a priest passes the buck to someone else which is what happened to me. As you know I was a Buddhist for close to ten years but before that dabbled in Wicca and other neo pagan practices, plus was heavily into “death metal” music, some of it unabashedly Satantic. While I was getting ready to enter the Church I asked a priest if he could do some prayers for me in order to break any diabolic influence I may have had and he passed the buck, sending me to some charismatics. I never went because, well, I didn’t really want charismatics praying over me. To this day I have never had a priest pray for me any prvate prayers but I have broken all ties with my past and recieve the sacraments frequently. I never knew the power of daily Mass and frequent Holy Communion until I just decided to try it. There is a big difference in my life now and no desire for Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca or Heavy Metal.

  • Tiffany

    Excellent article. There are many who are going through this same thing. With how much metaphysical stuff is out there, I think we will continue to see this topic over and over. As a fellow revert, it would be fantastic to see something put together for the spiritually fragile. Particularly one that addressess the needs to those who have been involved in Eastern, new age, metaphysical trancendental, and pagan thought. Please count me in for any help if needed. Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls!

  • I’m 46yrs. old and I’m having a very serious problem.I’m a very spiritual person,but right now I’m very scared.I have several people praying for me,but that’s not taking the pressure off of me.Some-THING has attached itself to me,as crazy as that might sound.I have been trying to fight this for about 5 weeks now,but the feeling of wrongness only seems to feel stronger.Whatever It Is ,It’s been around for a very long time.I have many times in my life been afraid,but I have NEVER felt this confronted.Please tell me what to do.?!?!

  • Just please tell me if you believe what I’m saying is possible.If not ,I will never bother you again.

  • Carol Smith

    Hi Rhonda, I stumbled across this site and saw your post. I would advise you to pray yourself. Pray the Divine Mercy and the Rosary, go to confession, stop whatever sin you are involved in, be it living with a boyfriend, etc.. then go to mass. It will be okay. Those are the weapons to fight the demon. Stay in a state of grace and they will stay away. They may try to come after you through other people though so be ready.

  • ertyle (Ronda)

    Such things are very possible and very real. My grandfather three generations ago was likely perfectly possessed, as his mother before him practiced Santa Ria when he was a boy. He had a very successful and lucrative life as an international arms dealer during the Mexican revolution of 1915. He ended up murdering two American ATF agents in 1919. He buried the federal agents under the floor of a tavern, never to be caught.

    My great grandmother also practiced Santa Ria, (as she likely learned the practice from her family) and had similar issues. One of her sons was murdered by his wife. During her trial, it was disclosed that the wife had been forced by my uncle (great uncle?) to engage in sexual intercourse with dogs and livestock. This drove her over the edge mentally, so she shot her husband in the back of the head with a 22LR pistol and allowed him to bleed to death for five hours. Due to the extreme nature of the circumstances involved, the wife was sentenced to treatment in a mental facility. Upon her release, she disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. When my great grandmother died, a woman’s skeleton was uncovered under her home. It was likely the skeleton of the woman who had murdered her son. Voodoo dolls, names in salt, and other strange and unusual things were also found in the home.

    If you are genuine, and wish to obtain an exorcism through either the Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Church, you will need to get the consent of a Bishop in either institution. Many Bishops “know nothing and want to know less” about exorcism and possession. It may be wise to first seek the advise and treatment of a licensed therapist and also a medical doctor in order to rule out any other causes for your troubles. If these professionals are unable to help you deal with the issue, then take the matter up with your local parish priest.

    Also, remember that angels/demons are genderless, formless, matter-less, (thus body-less) entities that exist outside of the human conception of time and space. When a demon possesses a human being, it is not the human’s body they are attempting to control, but their will. Here is a good example of what this means: We all remember learning about that bad man Adolf Hitler. Through charismatic public speaking and playing off of peoples’ fears, Hitler was able to possess the will of 20 million Germans in the late 1930s. Hitler was never, nor could he have been, inside of or controlling their bodies. This is the exact type of control that a demon wants to gain over you. Since it does not have, nor has ever had, a body, the idea that it could “get inside of you and control you” is simply not possible or likely. Given this situation, your free will is what you need to concerned about the most.

    Also, read the following website for more information:

    Hope this helps.
    God bless you.

  • Dan

    Meditation has nothing to do with demonic possession. have the hindus ever invaded us or attacked like the catholics have done to India and Africa? Science has proven that transendental meditation indeed works and has to do with the right side of the brain which seems to be spoken about over and over in the Bible. In an allegorical sence meditation in the eastern scence is clearly in the Bible or would you rather believe God would kill the first born and allow other horrible events and animal slaughter? it is better to do meditation with guidance. I have been tought all kinds of negative and false things as a Catholic about other religions and they simply do not practice the way Catholics describe them as. I am scandalized by the Church; they have backed off some but have a ways to go. If you keep attacking others unfairly you will reveal what you do not know!

  • The Real World

    Please tell up about how Catholic have invaded and attacked India. I would love to be educated about this lost and unknown history. While you’re at it, maybe you should brush up on the agressive violence by Hindus against Christians in general in modern day India.

  • jdumon

    If the SCIENCE demonstrated that transcendental meditation works, then we have to shut up. But the HISTORY tells us that the people who invaded India were not at all catholic people but prot britishs. Sorry

  • cyp

    actually hindus had killed and kill many christians even today. No they did not invade us except on a cultural level. They even put a bounty. they pay real US dollars for each christian killed . I read somewhere it was 25$ for a priest, but this is just speculation. You put your hands before your eyes so you will not see the truth.

  • Chris Paynter

    Fr Gabriel Amorth, the Chief Exorcist of Rome states that Yoga is Satanic.
    I think he well qualified to say so after exorcising so many due to their practice of Yoga.

    I myself practised Eastern Meditation for 12 years, and even now I have bondage due to it.
    I experienced 4 years of sharp, needle line pains when I prayed or tried to sleep, and this only stopped after I renounced it and confessed it. I never knew what I was doing was wrong, I did not use any mantras or even know it was Eastern Meditation, I was simply doing what I thought was harmless. I was prayed over by a lady in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and most of the pains went away. I rarely get them now. I still have other negative things that occur, but it’s a lot better.

    To those who practise Yoga or any Eastern Meditation (whether disguised as Christian or not), I warn you that what you do with have consequences. It took 7 years for me to know I was in bondage, shortly after I gave my life to Christ, but the needle like pains kept coming for the next 5 years.

    Don’t risk it, don’t be as foolish as I was for 12 of my years.

    God bless
    Chris Paynter

  • Chris Paynter

    Excuse the typo, that should be 4 years in the last main paragraph, not 5.

  • John

    Chris Paynter:
    Father Gabriele Amorth is hardly qualified for what you allege, although he may be correct by accident in this instance. Father Amorth shows his incompetency to discern spirits by his assessment of Medjugorje. An alleged private revelation must first be judged by its absolute fidelity to the Deposit of Faith; it cannot contradict one single defined Dogma. We have heard for thirty plus years how all religions are pleasing to God. That is not Our Lady speaking. You may still have a problem. If the sin was not confessed in a sacramental confession and your suspected demonic problem addressed therein, you may have been granted a species of natural relief and be mistaking it for what is genuine. The “charismatic lady” sends up warning flags to anyone who knows the truth about the devil. Find a solid priest who believes that the devil is the father of heresies including the heresies issuing from Medjugorje. The charismatic group is notorious for: no faith but a whole lot of emotion. They are very flesh-centered even if it is not the flesh-centeredness as we perceive it in hugh hefner. FAITH IS SUPREME and in Its purity and entirety is absolutely necessary to please God.

  • LS

    The link is no longer active but I’d love to hear more about how yoga is bad! Do you have the original article somewhere else??

  • Anon

    That yoga stuff you did,, what kind of meditation or what kind of stuff you do while you’re doing a meditation. Like breathing properly, doing what the ‘instructor’ said? i thought it helps you relaxed and focus more on your being / be calm and content. So its all just a sugar-coated lie that they make to cover all the ‘satanism’ in it?

  • Mark30339

    There is a powerful reality beyond what we casually see, touch, hear, smell or taste. And we probably have just a small inkling of how our formation as children dominates our subconscious and sways the choices we think we make rationally. I dabbled in yoga briefly and have profound respect for how the postures become so ingrained in the body that the mind both welcomes and yields to them. We think of new age as having an image of universal good will; yet it is always about developing self and always about deactivating how we let our neighbor’s concerns come inside. It is totally incompatible with a Christian life of having Jesus dwell in me while I dwell in the Body of Christ. New age thinking is a prime culprit in today’s moral relativism that makes it fashionable to be proud of pro-choice logic, proud of legally sanctioned suicide, proud of terrifying drone strikes to fight terror, and proud of anything goes intimacies that fill the world with unfathered children who will build on the oppressive majority that insists on truth being relative.