The 2nd Order: Religious Sisters

To the Second Order members — the sisters — can be applied all of what has been said regarding the brothers mutatis mutandis. Notable differences of the sisters’ life are as follows:

Our work consists of study, publishing, teaching, public evangelizing, and domestic work (cleaning, cooking, sewing, etc.).

The religious habit without the veil is taken when the candidate enters the postulancy. Upon entrance to the novitiate, the sister receives the habit with a white veil and a five-decade Rosary. If the novice is admitted to vows, she receives the full habit with a black veil and her fifteen-decade profession Rosary, which is worn on the right side of the habit. When she professes her final vows, she receives a ring as a sign of her perpetual espousals to Christ. The sisters always wear their habits.

Ladies interested in a vocation as a Slave of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are encouraged to contact the sisters. To make an appointment to visit, serious candidates are invited to write or call. Contact information is provided in the front of this booklet.

The Sisters — March, 2009