A Call for Prayer and Fasting for God’s Glory and the Cause of the Family, against the ‘Kasperites’

My friend “Aged Parent” at The Eye-Witness has issued a call for fasting in preparation for the October 4–25 Synod on the Family. We are urging our readers to join this effort, somehow. October 4 is the Sunday coming, so the Synod is fast upon us.

Traditional fast days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but one can fast on any day (except Sunday).

An old Italian proverb has it that Le meglio è l’inimico del bene — “the best is the enemy of the good.” Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking, because we can’t fast like the desert fathers or the Curé of Ars, that we should forgo the holy enterprise altogether. At least, in the spirit of Saint Thérèse’s “little way,” do a little. (Did I say Saint Thérèse? Her Feast day is Saturday! And Saturday is a traditional day for fasting. Maybe we can keep a little fast that day.)

One can fast in different ways. The desert monks of old ate nothing till sundown (every day!). Many saints ate nothing at all on certain days. Then there is the use of “light collations” with only one meal per day. Present fast rules (pre- and post-Vatican II) are lucidly explained at Fisheaters.

Do something. Consult the Blessed Virgin in prayer, muster up some Christian fortitude and generosity, and make a resolution. I’m going to join the Aged One in his call. And I’d hate to be all alone with him, although he is a pleasant chap to be with.

One last point, and it is intended to be sobering. The quote from the Gospel that Aged Parent gives at the beginning is apt: “But this kind is not cast out except by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:20). The agenda being advanced by the Kasperites is diabolical — and I mean that in the full, literal sense of the word. Let us not be blind to the machinations of the Most Wicked One and his minions, be those latter angelic or clerical.

Here is his full posting:

“But this kind is not cast out except by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:20)

Well, there we have it.  The words of Our Lord Himself on the value of fasting when it comes to casting out the demons.

We at The Eye-Witness are respectfully requesting that our comrades-in-arms, our good bloggers and websites, join with us in encouraging a special fast day, or days, to fight the machinations of those who will, at the upcoming Synod, attempt to radically change beyond all recognition the Catholic Faith, the one, true Faith out of which no one may be saved.

Our insignificant blog cannot do this alone; therefore we appeal to our colleagues to write about this initiative on their own blogs and websites, so that many in the Catholic world – and non-Catholic world, hopefully – will join us in this effort to do something the Devil despises and hates: fast.

A rather sobering reminder of what we are up against was succinctly stated by the editors of LifeSite News:

Those opposed to Church moral teachings, especially related to contraception, marriage and homosexuality, now appear to have lost all fear of being held accountable for their betrayals and infidelity. If anything, they have become bullies who are prouder and more determined than ever to force dramatic changes to the teachings of two millennia.

They have “lost all fear” of any reprisals.  Indeed.

The Synod will commence on October 4th and end on the 15th [sic; it’s the 25th].  If there are those who cannot do either a five, or seven or nine day fasting regimen for the intention of thwarting the Masters of Chaos, may we recommend one day at least: Saturday, October 3, the First Saturday of the Month of Our  Lady’s Rosary and the feast day of St Therese of Lisieux in the traditional calendar.  On that one day, the day before the Synod begins, perhaps many in the Church could fast, according to the traditional fasting rules of the Church.

There are many fine initiatives already going on: a 54-day rosary novena (which we are honored to be participating in), Masses being said, private prayers, petitions, the Children’s Crusade of Prayer (see side bar) and a number of others.  These are all good and necessary, and no one should abandon what they are already doing.  Many blogs have already made brilliant suggestions.  We add this one to the list because we know the efficacy of fasting, how it stops even The Evil One in his tracks.  And we hope that it may be an addition to other prayerful efforts now being made.

Prayer and Fasting casts out the devils, so Our Lord reminds us.  It is our hope that many will join us in using this tool, as well as others, to stop them from what many of them are trying to do.