Abp Cordileone: Catholic Schools Must Aid Students to ‘Become Saints’

In an address to the Catholic High School Teachers Convocation, Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco said among other challenging things that:

“In the end, our Catholic schools exist to help young people attain holiness in their lives, that is, to become saints.  An outstanding career is not a sign of having reached or even drawn near to the goal.  Holiness is extraordinary, but it is usually achieved in ordinary circumstances.  The first place in which that happens is in the context of one’s vocation.  Fidelity and perseverance in one’s vocation is a sign of growth in holiness.  We speak of the four traditional vocations in the Church: marriage, priesthood, religious life and single life in the world.  But vocation also carries with it the sense of using one’s talents – especially any extraordinary talents that God may have given – for the service of God in the work that one does.  In this sense, one’s career can be part of that vocation, but not simply measured by material success.” Full report is here.