Advent Hymn: Drop Your Dew, Ye Clouds of Heaven

While I’m on the subject of Advent hymns, here is one written by Michael Denis in 1774 (the music that goes with is was probably written by Michael Haydn). The text is drawn from Holy Scripture, Old and New Testaments: Isaias 45,8; St. Paul to the Hebrews 10,9; St. Luke 1; and St. Paul to the Romans 13, 11-14.

Drop Your Dew, Ye Clouds of Heaven

Drop your dew, ye clouds of heaven,
Rain the Just One now to save!
With that cry the night was riven
From the world, a yawning grave.
On the earth by God forsaken
Sin and death their toll had taken.
Tightly shut was heaven’s gate,
For salvation all must wait.

To redeem our sad condition
Was the Father’s loving Will,
And the Son took the glad mission
His decision to fulfill.
Gabriel to earth descended,
Brought the answer long attended:
“See the Handmaid of the Lord,
Do according to thy word.”

Let us walk with right intention,
Not in drunkenness and greed,
Quarrels, envies and contention
Banished far from us indeed.
Fully now to imitate Him
As with longing we await Him
Is the duty of these days,
As the great Apostle says.