Allowing Polyandry in China: A Development of Doctrine and of Mercy

At a recent unashamedly Catholic Traditionalist Conference in New Hampshire (a part of which was held concurrently with the 5-19 October 2014 Synod in Rome on Marriage and the Family), I began to write my own Retractationes (Retractations), in imitation of Saint Augustine (the Bishop of Hippo), since I discovered at the Conference reliably that Pope John Paul II made none, nor did Pope Benedict XVI, at least not yet. (John Paul II at least apologized for his predecessors.)

One of the things I immediately proposed to retract was my lifelong writings against, and even formidable moral resistance to, Polyandry: i.e., “the state or practice of having more than one husband at the same time.” That is to say, a Woman’s concurrently having more than one Man as a Husband. It is sort of the converse of traditionalist Islamic Polygamy (i.e., Polygyny) and the Historical Turkish Harem. In other words, after my Retractation, my New Proposal to be discussed at the 2015 Follow-Up Synod in Rome would be a sort of consolidated (or even well-distributed) Male Harem this time, with a Real Woman on top!

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