Alms Even From a Lapsed Catholic Can Free a Soul in Purgatory

Mary’s Blog: Among my friends who have a devotion to the holy souls, we joke that we must have a reputation among them, that they know we do for them what they cannot do for themselves: pray.

I used to think that holy souls in Purgatory only appeared to people who pray. I thought the holy souls had a vested interest in seeking out those who already ask God for their speedy passage through the furnaces or ice lakes, and then later of appearing to the same people and assuring them that their prayers had freed them. But I learned of an account in Schouppe’s Purgatory, which I re-tell below in a lexicon more fitting modern times, when a holy soul appeared to someone who had not prayed for him, but whose charity by way of a financial donation meant he got out of Purgatory. Read full story here.