America “One of the Largest Moslem Nations in the World” ???

Well, maybe this was just an extemporaneous aside from our president, a slip of the tongue. But people are sure talking about it.  The fact of the matter is that, according to their own “guesstimation,” there are about six million Moslems in the United States.  Non-Moslem population experts consider that figure highly inflated, estimating on the average that the figure is about two million.  The American Muslim Council insists that there are seven million of their religion in the U.S.  When that figure was challenged the AMC claimed that they took it from the U.S. Census records for the year 2000.  Much to their embarrasment they had to be informed that the Census Bureau does not ask for religious affiliation.  In any event, even at six million, the U.S. would be home to only 1% of the world’s Moslem population.