Anne Boleyn’s Hatred of Saints

Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s immoral mistress, was so filled with diabolic
hatred for Saint John Fisher, that after the king had ordered the holy
Bishop decapitated, she took his head by the hair and slapped his face
cutting her finger on the saint’s teeth. The wound never healed. Her
punishment was condign for she later suffered the same fate of being
beheaded by order of her insatiable royal lover. The story reminds one
of the martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist. Remember how Herod’s
unlawful wife Herodias had asked her daughter Salome, whose indecent
dance had so pleased her father-in-law, to request as a gift the head
of the Baptist on a dish, because St. John had reprimanded the king for
his sinful relation with Herodias. The punishment of Salome was even
more graphically condign than Anne Boleyn’s for, while dancing on a
frozen lake, she fell through the ice and the water instantly refroze,
severing her head from her body.