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Who Am I?

 As far as impurity is concerned, this saint may have been the worst sinner ever to repent. She was a prostitute. Her iniquity was so perverse that she joined herself to a group of pilgrims going to the Holy Land, … Continue reading

It’s All Hebrew To Me

It is an interesting thing to consider why certain words of the New Testament were kept in Hebrew or Aramaic by the inspired authors rather than translating them into Greek, if indeed they were translatable. Our Lord’s cry from the … Continue reading

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas take us from the Nativity to the Epiphany. The first to adore the Christ Child were His Mother and Saint Joseph. After them and with them, although unseen, were the angels: Let all the angels … Continue reading

The Holy Forties

When I was studying under Brother Francis and Brother Hugh we used to play a numbers game. Beginning with “One” we would proceed to “Two, Three, Four, etc,” naming everything we could about the Faith that had to do with … Continue reading

The Charity of Song

Saint Augustine famously said cantare amantis est, that is, “singing belongs to one who loves” (s. 336, 1 – PL 38, 1472). (Josef Pieper wrote a book on this, and Robert Hickson gave a talk on it.) Apparently, the Doctor … Continue reading

Saint Teresa and the Calendar

There was no shooting star, but Christendom needed a calendar readjustment the day Saint Teresa of Avila died. Legends and astronomical facts abound about shooting stars accompanying the death or birth of certain great historical personages, or that heralded major … Continue reading

Merry Childermas!

Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents, once known in the Anglophone world as Childermas. This curious word is an elision of “Mass of the Children,” that is, the liturgical commemoration of those little boys of Bethlehem who were … Continue reading