Another Anti-SPLC Article

This one from The New American. Excerpt:

Smells of a Smear

But nowadays the SPLC has become infamous for its commando-aggressive, slick campaigns against mainstream Americans who support constitutional government, the Second Amendment, sound money, traditional marriage, and legal immigration. For instance, John F. McManus, publisher of The New American and president of The John Birch Society, was featured on an ominous “Meet the ‘Patriots’ ” list that the SPLC puts out regularly. (Yes, in today’s leftist lexicon the word “patriot” is used as an epithet rather than an accolade.) McManus made the cut for observing, “The combination of the government and the Federal Reserve are destroying the dollar and setting us up for world currency, world control, world government.”

But he is hardly alone. The SPLC has also taken cheap shots at other articulate, accomplished Americans who don’t toe the politically correct party line, such as Iowa Congressman Steve King, Indian-born writer Dinesh D’Souza, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, and African-American law professor Carol Swain. After writer Allan Wall was a guest on Fox & Friends (being interviewed about Mexico’s tough immigration laws), the Montgomery crowd tried to smear him by implying that he was a racist and calling him “a longtime contributor to the racist website” — but really proving that SPLC minions have a one-track mind. Wall, who did a tour of duty in Iraq and is a respected school teacher, has lived in Mexico and is married to a Mexican.’s writers, which include Michelle Malkin and Rob Sanchez, are an eclectic bunch, unlike the collectivist liberal leadership of the SPLC.