Apostrophe to Saint Joseph

(whose name means ‘increase’)
Blessed are you, O man of benediction
May the treasures you guard be ever multiplied.
God the Father to you, his Son entrusted,
God the Son, his Mother, the Holy Ghost, his Bride.
Joseph, the keeper of God’s house for ever,
May your name be praised, may your fame abide.
You taught the eternal Word our utterance,
Our ways and manners, our human art.
You were in Jesus’ mind on the mountain,
For he honoured your way, and He blessed your part:
Blessed be Joseph, who is poor in spirit,
Blessed be Joseph, who is clean of heart.
You filled our earth with fragrance new,
Unknown to our flowers and to our trees.
It is you consecrated virgins cherish
And Christian knights to please.
O Prince of valor, Father of chivalry,
May your shadow on the Earth increase!

— From Divine Alchemy