This poem is dedicated to judgmental people everywhere.1

Your virtues, they are vices;
Your deeds are each a sin.
Inside no tad of goodness;
Your bright veneer is thin.

Your thoughts must all be darksome
Your plans self-serving, too.
That smile masks all your malice —
But I see straight through you.

O sure, you look all sweetness
To those that are naive.
What tangled webs you’ve woven,
You’ve practiced to deceive.

I thank the Lord of Heaven
That like you I’m not now
— or ever: Wretched sinner!
I’m holier than thou!

All praise and laud and honor,
Be to the Holy Three.
But honorable mention,
At least should come to me.


  1. To those who might misunderstand, the sentiments of this poem are not recommended.