Archbishop José Gomez Censures Hilary Rally

Archbishop José Gomez, the archbishop of San Antonio, Texas, takes issue with Senator Hilary Clinton speaking at St. Mary’s University, a Catholic institution.

In an official message from the communications office of the archdiocese, Archbishop Gomez said, “I was surprised to learn of Senator Hillary Clinton’s appearance at St. Mary’s University. I was neither advised nor consulted by the university before the decision was made to have Senator Clinton speak at the university.”

The prelate affirmed: “Catholic institutions are obliged to teach and promote Catholic values in all instances. This is especially important when people look to our Catholic universities and colleges to provide leadership and clarity to the often complicated and conflicting political discourse.

“It is clear that the records of Senator Clinton and some of the other candidates for president on important life issues are not consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church.”

See also coverage by the local TV news, WOAI. Thank you, Archbishop Gomez!