Are There Catholic Clergy Speaking Like This? I’d Like to Know.

Dr. James Dobson, of Focus on the Family and Family Talk Radio, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. In his talk, he referred to Barak Obama as the “Abortion president.” He also challenged the President directly with the words “Come and get me … I will not yield to your wicked regulations…”. See the video below and more coverage at WorldNetDaily.

Dobson says a lot of good things in spite of professing a counterfeit version of Christianity. (The man is an Evangelical, i.e., a Protestant heretic. Read point 1 of his “Statement of Faith,” a clear enunciation of heretical sola scriptura.) I used to enjoy listening to him when I was in college — in the same state of which he is a native, by the way.

Are there Catholic Clergy speaking like this? I am not asking in jest or sarcastically. I recall a couple of priests who put YouTube videos up during the HHS Mandate thing was hot, but they were not exactly high profile. If anyone has links to writings or internet videos of priests or bishops speaking like this, please post them in the comment boxes. If you put a link to a YouTube video, the Disqus comments system will actually show the video in the combox.