Asia Bibi Hoping to Relocate from Canada to France

UCANews: Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges in 2019, is seeking political asylum in France. The move comes only nine months after Bibi and her family were allowed to leave Pakistan and seek asylum in Canada.The Catholic mother, who spent almost a decade on death row in Pakistan after she was falsely accused of blasphemy against Islam, said she wants to live closer to French writer Anne-Isabelle Tollet, who played a key role in her fight for freedom and helped write her autobiography, Enfin Libre (Finally Free). Tollet is the only reporter to have met her during her stay in Canada.Bibi is currently in France promote the book, which so far has been published only in French [It is available in English under the title “Blasphemy”] and also to be made an “honorary citizen” of Paris, Catholic News Service reported. More here.