Benedict Speaks of Papal Primacy

In his Wednesday audience, Benedict XVI spoke of St. Leo the Great and the Roman Primacy:

He was “a theologian and pastor, at the service of communion and a tireless promoter of Roman primacy, showing himself an authentic heir of the apostle Peter, and the Eastern bishops also showed in their awareness of this”. So it was in 451, when the Council of Chalcedon addressed the “Christological controversy”, affirming the union in the one person of Christ, without confusion and without separation, of his two natures as true God and true man. The principle was affirmed by Leo in an important doctrinal text that was read at Chalcedon and “welcomed with significant acclamation”. [From Rocco Palmo]

Also in this report comes news on Cardinal Kasper and a “delegation from Jerusalem” coming to Rome to discuss the new Good Friday prayer for the Jews inserted into the 1962 Missal.