Big Exposé of the Southern Poverty Law Center

The magazine Social Contract has dedicated the entirety of its Spring issue to the scam artists at the Southern Poverty Law Center. The issue is entirely online, and here are its contents:

A Note from the Editor – The SPLC: Poisoning Public Discourse

By Wayne Lutton (Spring 2010)

The Southern Poverty Law Center – An Introduction

By Peter B. Gemma (Spring 2010)

Fighting ‘Hate’ for Profit and Power: The SPLC’s Political Agenda Up Close

By John Vinson (Spring 2010)

Cooking the Books on ‘Hate’- A Closer Look at SPLC’s Famous List

By Steven Menzies (Spring 2010)

The Church of Morris Dees – How the Southern Poverty Law Center Profits from Intolerance

By Ken Silverstein (Spring 2010)

SPLC: America’s Left-Wing Hate Machine

By Jerry Woodruff (Spring 2010)

Bashing for Dollars The SPLC’s Predatory Game

By Brenda Walker (Spring 2010)

The Hidden Agenda of the SPLC

By Tom Tancredo (Spring 2010)

An Expert on Fringe Political Movements Reflects on the SPLC’s Political Agenda – An Exclusive Interview with Author and Researcher Laird Wilcox

By Laird Wilcox (Spring 2010)

The Practice of Ritual Defamation – How Values, Opinions, and Beliefs Are Controlled in Democratic Societies

By Laird Wilcox (Spring 2010)

The Southern Poverty Law (and Investing) Center – Will SPLC, a Beneficiary of Financial Swindler Bernie Madoff, Return Its Madoff Money?

By Patrick Cleburne (Spring 2010)

Good News: SPLC Loses $50 Million; Bad News: SPLC Can Afford It

By Patrick Cleburne (Spring 2010)

Power, Politics, and the New Proletariat – Race Extortion in the Age of Cultural Marxism

By Michael W. Masters (Spring 2010)

Prophet with Honor – The Enduring Relevance of Dr. John Tanton

By Alexander Hart (Spring 2010)

How a Rural Ophthalmologist’s Vision Changed Our Lives

By Donald A. Collins and Sarah G. Epstein (Spring 2010)

SPLC’s MO: Audacter calumniare semper aliquid haeret (slander boldly, something always sticks)

By John H. Tanton (Spring 2010)

Hyping ‘Hate’ – Understanding the Incestuous Relationship between the Mass Media and the SPLC

By Kevin Lamb (Spring 2010)